Films By Alireza Amini

Letters in the Wind (Namehay Bad) IranOne of the hallmarks of Iranian cinema is the ability to present a seemingly simple premise and infuse it with a depth of feeling and startling clarity of ideas. This debut film from Alireza Amini, whose latest film, The Riverside, is also screening in the Festival, is a striking example of new Iranian cinema. Minimalist in its approach and with a documentary-... Read more
The Riverside Iran During the recent Iraq'US war, a newly-wed bride steps on a mine in the sparse, sun-scorched desert on the Iran'Iraq border. If she moves her foot, the mine will detonate. Pleading for her husband to help, the young woman is hysterical. Urging his beloved to remain calm, the man sprints off in search of assistance.Meanwhile, a number of displaced and wandering Kurds traverse the... Read more
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