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"Poignant and energetic … turns a potentially bleak subject into a warmhearted study of genetics, gender and the true meaning of home." – Hollywood Reporter ... Seventeen-year-old Pierre lives with his working-class family in Brazil, plays in a band, has sex at parties and occasionally tries on women's clothing and makeup in secret: like most 17-year-olds, he's exploring his identity in all its fa... Read more
Durval is 45 years old and spent the best years of his life in the 70s. Looking like a Latin version of former Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman, he runs an anachronistic vinyl record store in a rundown Sao Paulo suburb. Durval's store is in reality the front room of the house where he lives with his overbearing, meddling mother. ... Durval's days are spent trying to hit on the chain-smoking ice cream par... Read more
"Regina Casé delivers a stunning performance in Anna Muylaert's riveting drama." – Hollywood Reporter ... Convention and chaos collide in this incisive crowd-pleaser from director Anna Muylaert (Durval Records, MIFF 2003), a film that resonates as both a warm family drama and a humorous look at Brazil's class system. ... Middle-aged Val is a housekeeper for an upper-class São Paolo family, to whom... Read more
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