Films By F. W. Murnau

One of the most powerful films made in the opening decades of cinema, master filmmaker Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's 1922 silent Nosferatu (deliciously subtitled A Symphony of Horror) introduced the world to its initial terrifying image of a movie vampire. Distorted, elongated ears and fingers, a wizened, skeletal face and rat-like fangs made Max Schreck's creature of the night the model for all to c... Read more
... ... It's hard to imagine a more unlikely pairing than that of F.W. Murnau and Robert Flaher­ty. Mumau was a mystic, theoretician and fatalist; Flaherty, an optimist, a dreamer, an authentic naif who believed that man, to be free, must remain basic and simple. One thing they did share was disillusionment with Holly­wood, Flaherty alienated from it, Murnau ban­ished. ... ... ... However, in 1929... Read more
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