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Dedicated to the victims of the Black September murders, this film is a thoughtful impression of the Olympic Games 1972. ... Read more
A captivating documentary and the result of thousands of hours of painstaking time lapse photography. With superstar architect Renzo Piano at the helm, Berlin's Potsdamer Platz between 1990 and 2001 was the worlds largest building site, a startling and innovative design. Director and photographer Manfred Walther has compressed over a decade of progress into 55 minutes, his camera moves through thi... Read more
A film poem based on sculptures of the Madonna in Gothic art. ... Read more
This candid documentary gives account of the Chereau-Boulez production of ' 'The Ring of the Nibelung'' in Bayreuth. ... Chereau, the “enfant terrible'' of French theatre, insisted that the Wagner cycle must be good theatre, taught his singers to act, transferred the story into the industrial age, and firmly broke with the traditional approach to Wagner's trilogy. Boulez himself had clashes with t... Read more
Typical example of a recent German teaching film, designed for university level. Detailed close-up views of the methods used by the spider, showing the technique of "spot- welding" individual strands of the web. ... Experiments on destruction of the web show the repair work undertaken. Finishes with interesting sequence of spider eating the web. ... Read more
Adolf (Hitler) sees a film starring Marlene (Dietrich), and falls in love with her. Josef (Gobbels) invites the star to visit Adolf, but the meeting ends in frustration, as Marlene refuses his advances. Not one given to forgo his dreams easily, Adolf makes a secret trip to Casablanca, to see 'his' Marlene . . . ... Marlene Dietrich, who despised Hitler and became an ardent anti-Nazi after 1933, is... Read more
While Duerer's fame outside Germany rests mainly on his graphic works, his paintings, mostly found in German museums and churches, represent a large portion of his artistic output. This film presents a fine selection of the master's paintings, ranging from his lesser known portraits to his large religious panels. ... Read more
German director Wim Wenders was represented at iast year's festival by The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty Kick. His later film, Alice in the Cities, is a chronologically ordered film about an extensive trip through America, Holland and Germany. Rudiger Vogeler plays a journalist, almost thirty and a bachelor, who is in the United States on a vague assignment from his newspaper to collect impress... Read more
Sometimes, jail is the only place you can be free. ... In Russia, 15-year-olds convicted of criminal acts get sent to adult prisons; for anyone younger it's reform school. Alone in Four Walls takes us inside one such complex in rural Russia, packed to the rafters with 10- to 14-year-old boys convicted of very adult crimes, from petty theft to rape to multiple murder. Almost without exception the i... Read more
One of the most charming chapters from the life of underwater creatures are the strange friendships of animals such as the lifelong friendships between crabs and anemonies who dwell off the shores of Sicily. ... Read more
No synopsis available ... Read more
In the dungeon many things stir. A creature waits for something to be hatched while trying to rid itself of the scuttling spiders which also inhabit the dungeon. A claymation piece exploring the tension between captivity and release. ... Read more
The story of a night in Berlin. The story of an encounter. The story of a song. The meeting of two generations. The film opens with the group MC 5 playing Kick Out the Jams, one of the political hymns which in 1 968 symbolized the rebellion of a generation. The opening scene is black and white. Twelve years have passed since then. ... Listening to the music is a 30-year-old musician who calls hims... Read more
Eat, pray, whatever. ... Idling through her forties, Ellen's life is about to hit the brakes. Losing her job, partner and mind all in the same week, she embarks on a bizarre anti-journey of self-discovery that finds her wandering through endless hotel-room corridors, living in squalor with self-righteous animal activists and, later, performing nude street theatre. ... Pia Marais' follow-up to her ... Read more
Aiming at the prevention of acci¬dents, the film presents an ironical expose of man's relationship with the motorcar. ... Grand Prix, Industrial Film Festival, Amsterdam. ... Read more
Sergei Loznitsa's compelling and insightful vision of how Nazi concentration camps – in this instance, Dachau and Sachsenhausen – have been reconstituted from sites of one of the 20th century's greatest atrocities to Meccas for selfie-stick-wielding 21st century tourists. ... What happens when a place of solemn remembrance becomes a must-see destination for thousands of tourists annually? In the s... Read more
"I wanted to make the world a better place by inventing a perpetual motion machine. At the front during WWII I realised that there is only one perpetual motion machine: the weapon"—Michail Kalashnikov. ... Automat Kalashnikov is a documentary portrait of a weapon which, unlike any other, has become the embodiment of a global political ideal. The AK47 is cheap, extremely reliable in all conditions ... Read more
No synopsis available ... Read more
Tumble down a kaleidoscopic sex- and drug-fuelled teenage rabbit hole in this stylish Sundance award winner from German wunderkind Helene Hegemann. ... Twenty-five-year-old playwright and author Helene Hegemann's debut novel – written when she was just 17 – caused considerable controversy when it appeared in her native Germany, and now the precocious talent brings her work to the screen in this ma... Read more
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