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COMING OF AGE (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1976)
Iranian director, Sohrab Shahid Saless, whose memorable Still Life was shown at the 1975 Melbourne Film Festival, and who is now working in Germany, traces the painful maturing of a ten year old boy … Read more

COMRADES IN DREAMS (Uli Gaulke, 2006)
“An entertaining world tour of small-town movie houses and the dedicated cineastes who maintain them.” - Variety Bringing together cinema exhibitors from North Korea, America, India and Africa, … Read more

CON MAN CONFIDENTIAL (Alexander Adolph, 2006)
Peter sold tickets for seats on a moon landing. Marc sold holiday homes that he didn't own. Torsten impersonated a diplomat to organise a NATO security conference. Four pathological liars who lived … Read more

Concertant Music (Ernst Reinboth, 1972)
Inspired by Boris Blacher's composition, the film assigns visual motives to the four themes of the work. The natural objects shown are playfully alienated through the manipulation of exposures and co… Read more

CONGRESS, The (Ari Folman, 2013)
The only way Robin Wright can succeed in Hollywood's technicolour cesspit is to sell herself... literally. ... Ari Folman's follow-up to the heartrending rotoscoped war meditation Waltz With Bashir (… Read more

COSI FAN TUTTE (Peter Sellars, 1990)
In 1990 stage director Peter Sellars shocked the opera world by staging three Mozart operas in typically contemporary American settings. The three operas toured worldwide and were filmed in 1991, the… Read more

COUP DE GRÂCE (Volker Schlöndorff, )
Coup de grace is set in an unnamed Baltic State, in 1919 After the Russian Revolution, the defeated Germans sent volunteer troops to join the Expeditionary Forces fighting the revolutionaries At that… Read more

Covered with Chocolate (Ansgar Ahlers, 2000)
A confectionery appeal for greater tolerance and understanding. ... Read more

Cow Tipping (Marc Brummund, 2005)
In the spirit of Rebel Without A Cause, this coming-of-age hybrid tells the story of Jan who races against his abusive elder brother in an illegal moped race.---D Marc Brummund P Florian Gees S Fabia… Read more

Crash 2030 - The Anatomy of a Catastrophe (Joachim Faustich, 1994)
It is not Germany in 1945, but the year 2030. Dead forests stretch from the Alps to the North Sea, devastating floods inundate the coastal towns. In the summer months the Rhine is a parched river bed… Read more

Cut the Crap (Annette Ernst, 1999)
Henry and Nick, two small-time gangsters aspiring to higher things, meet up with Maria, a Columbian drug smuggler. As soon as they can do the deal, they're off to the Caribbean. As the saying goes, i… Read more

CymaSonics - Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1 (Jan Zehn, 2010)
The fulldome movie CymaSonics - Matrix Optimizer 1.0.1 was produced as a first audio-visual demonstration of some of the most elementary immersive audio-animation possibilities of an allopspherical s… Read more

Dance to Freedom (, 1954)
Two of the leaders of the Hungarian State Ballet, lstvan Rabovsky and his wife Nora Kovach, decide to escape to the West. They subsequently appear with several leading American and European ballet co… Read more

DANCING DREAMS (Anne Linseln, Rainer Hoffman, 2010)
The awkwardness of adolescence is put on show - literally - as a teen dance troupe prepares to stage a confrontingly physical production. ... Raging hormones add an electric charge to a classic dance… Read more

Darling (Izabela Plucinska, 2013)
A woman wakes up having lost her memory and can't even remember her husband, who is lying next to her. A sensitive portrayal of mental illness, loss, intimacy, helplessness and hope. ... D/S Izabela … Read more

DARWIN AND HIS FABULOUS ORCHIDS (Eduard Thomas, Dr. Martin Nickol, Ralph Heinsohn, 2009)
Aesthetic, unique, impressive - this introduction to the largest and most varied family of plants and to the research carried out by Charles Darwin will be an optically intense, but at the same time … Read more

Das Bronzetor (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1955)
The story of the Bible as depicted on a bronze door at the Cathedral of San Zeno at Verona. The straightforward presentation of an important medieval monument allows one to observe some of the princi… Read more

Das Lied vom See (, )
Events of a day in the life of a beautiful German lake &ndash: Chiemsee. The face of the water changing with the play of the elements, the boats, people on the shore, the old buildings. ... Read more

De Occulta Philosophia (Gabor Body, 1984)
A journey into the occult world of the 16th century via the computerised editing and synthesizer technologies of the 1980s. ... Read more

DEADLY MARIA (Tom Tykwer, 1993)
Director Tom Tykwer's debut feature is a fresh shot in the arm for recent independent German filmmaking. A macabre mix of the hyperreal laced with a dose of black humour, Deadly Maria is a psychodram… Read more

DEADLY MARIA (Tom Tykwer, 1993)
Director Tom Tykwer's debut feature is a fresh shot in the arm for recent indepen­dent German filmmaking. A macabre mix of the hyperreal laced with a dose of black humour, Deadly Maria is a psych… Read more

DEEP END (Jerzy Skolimowski, 1970)
An adolescent's initiation into the turmoils of love is expressed by the tragic pursuit of a woman by a young boy. ... A 15-year-old boy becomes obsessed with a girl several years older, with whom he… Read more

DELAY IN MARIENBORN (Rolf Hädrich, 1963)
A sealed American military train leaves Berlin nightly for West Germany with every passenger accounted for, thus is not subjected to Russian inspection en route. On this particular night the routine … Read more

Der Karibische Western (Christoph Dreher, 1984)
The Berlin band, Die Haut, in a bizarre drama of love and deal friendship and horror. ... Read more

DESERT FLOWER (Sherry Hormann, 2004)
The remarkable story of a Cinderella-like transformation from rags to riches - and it's all true. ... Based on the best-selling autobiography of Waris Dirie, Desert Flower is the inspirational true-s… Read more

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