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DESPAIR (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1978)
Fassbinder is the wonder-boy of the performing arts, turning out fully developed plays, films and television productions of his own with insistent regularity, and still finding time to appear in othe… Read more

devil's miner, THE (Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson, 2004)
It's believed that eight million workers have perished in the mines of Cerro Rico, Bolivia, since it opened in the 16th century. Each day the miners sever their ties with God upon entering the mounta… Read more

DIARY OF A LOVER (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1977)
This is the latest film from Iranian director Sohrab Shahid Saless, who is now based in Berlin. The protagonist of this film is supposedly the boy from Coming of Age (seen in last year's Festival), m… Read more

DIDN'T DO IT FOR LOVE (Monika Treut, 1997)
Don Juan '67, an obscure Mexican sex and espionage film. A bird's-eye crane shot of Eva Norvind, dressed in matching pop art checked mini and shades roars through the streets in a Cadillac convertibl… Read more

Die Pistole (Wolfgang Urchs, 1963)
Animated objects are the actors — with the pistol in the lead — in this tragi-comedy, with the theme of the use of violence in the subduing of violence. ... Read more

Dienstag (Volker Anding, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

DISTANT LIGHTS (Hans Christian Schmid, 2003)
The winner of the FIPRESCI prize at this year's Berlin Film Festival, Distant Lights is a tender humanist portrart of a group of people finding their way in a world of moral ambiguity. ... The German… Read more

DOL: A traditional Kurdish tambourine, which is used for festivities in the Middle East, as well as for funerals. On the border of Iran and Iraq sits a small village, Balliova, which is controlled b… Read more

DON GIOVANNI (Joseph Losey, 1979)
Unlike other Mozart operas, the action of Don Giovanni is played out in a brief 24 hour period. It has its fair share of doors slamming and women running through corridors dragging long skirts—… Read more

Donnerstag, 7. August in Hamburg (Kurt Wolfes, 1958)
The film shows in a realistic as well as romantic manner the inhabitants of Hamburg over the period of one day. Simple human scenes are shot against the background of the interesting town. ... Read more

DRAGON FOOD (Jan Schütte, 1987)
"A modest enterprise of surprising impact, Jan Schutte's first feature film may remind veterans of the refugee stories by Erich Mana Remarque. The difference being that Remaique was writing about exi… Read more

DRAGON GIRLS (Inigo Westmeier, 2012)
"A fascinating look into a world many of us don't understand." – Toronto Film Scene ... Of the 20,000 pupils at the illustrious Shaolin Tagu Kung Fu School (located next to the famous Shaolin T… Read more

Dragonblood (Thomas Ruge, 2002)
Marianne works late nights in a 24-hour supermarket. She finds an ingenious and surreal way of escaping the drudgery of her job. ... Read more

DREILEBEN - BEATS BEING DEAD (Christian Petzold, 2011)
The first of the 'Dreileben' television series, a collection of three stand-alone films created by three prominent German filmmakers about a fictional small town plagued by an escaped criminal. ... W… Read more

"Unexpected connections between strangers and friends, and the past and present, are the motor of Dreileben: Don't Follow Me Around." - Variety ... Police psychologist Jo is brought to the town of Dr… Read more

DREILEBEN - ONE MINUTE OF DARKNESS (Christoph Hochhäusler, 2011)
"Beautiful, chilling and tragically ironic." - Hollywood Reporter ... Hunted by police after escaping captivity, sex offender and killer Molesch is on the run in the woods on the outskirts of Dreileb… Read more

Driving Alone (Rosangela de Araujo, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

DRUMMER, THE (Kenneth Bi, 2007)
An original melding of spiritualism and action starring Jaycee Chan, son of martial-arts legend Jackie Chan, rounded out with spirited drumming sequences. ... When Sid (Chan), the son of a triad boss… Read more

DUST (Hartmut Bitomsky, 2007)
"Wherever we go it has beaten us; wherever we turn, it follows us. We're surrounded by it, it gets inside us, we shed it... it nestles right into the despair of its own existence" - filmmaker Hartmut… Read more

EAST SIDE STORY (Dana Ranga, 1997)
Films showing workers singing in fields, teenagers dancing on the beach, or glam­orous working women are not widely associated with socialist European countries. This may change with Dana Ranga's… Read more

EASY MONEY (Daniél Espinosa, 2010)
“It is smart and sexy and thrilling and shocking.” - Twitch ... Based on the best-selling book (the first in a trilogy) by practising Swedish defence lawyer Jens Lapidus, this tautly directed cri… Read more

Eat (Moritz Krämer, 2012)
On a break from a photo shoot, a fashion model discovers everything is edible: the furniture, the TV, the walls around her… ... D Moritz Krämer P Markus Kaatsch, Tara Biere, Nick Warnecke … Read more

ECHO (Merlin Flügel, 2012)
People, animals and buildings create a visual echo in this surreal, hand-drawn animation. Obtuse, atmospheric and engaging. ... D/P/S/WS Merlin Flügel L no dialogue TD DCP/2012 ... Read more

ECHOES OF HOME (Stefan Schwietert, 2007)
Who would imagine that Swiss avant-garde yodelling could bring so much joy? Well, it does. Enter the wondrous sonic world of three exceptional Swiss vocal artists whose universe of sound extends far… Read more

EGON SCHIELE (Herbert Vesely, 1985)
The Austrian painter Egon Schiele entered the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1906 aged 16. Coming into contact with the avant-garde he exhibited at the second Kunstclmu of 1909. Schiele met Gustav Kl… Read more

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