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AMOUR (Michael Haneke, 2012)
Winner of Cannes' coveted top prize, the Palme d'Or. ... Unfolding largely within the protective shell of a Parisian apartment, filmmaker Michael Haneke's (The White Ribbon MIFF 09, Funny Games MIFF … Read more

Angelika Urban, Salesgirl, Engaged to be Married (Helma Sanders-Brahms, 1969)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Animal Friendships Under the Sea (Wiehelm Siem, 1954)
One of the most charming chapters from the life of underwater creatures are the strange friendships of animals such as the lifelong friendships between crabs and anemonies who dwell off the shores of… Read more

ANTICHRIST (Lars Von Trier, 2009)
The most controversial film of Cannes 2009. The latest feature from Lars von Trier (Dancer in the Dark, Breaking the Waves) is a harrowing depiction of marital breakdown starring a grieving couple, W… Read more

Antigone (Ula Stöckl, 1964)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Arkanum (Monika Stellmach, 1997)
In the dungeon many things stir. A creature waits for something to be hatched while trying to rid itself of the scuttling spiders which also inhabit the dungeon. A claymation piece exploring the tens… Read more

Art in Our Time: Painting (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1960)
The film illustrates the development of modern painting, using the most important artists from Klee to Pollock. ... Read more

Art in Our Time: Sculpture (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1960)
The situation of sculpture in the middle of our century as shown by the works of the most famous international artists. ... Read more

ASPHALT NIGHT (Peter Fratzcher, 1980)
The story of a night in Berlin. The story of an encounter. The story of a song. The meeting of two generations. The film opens with the group MC 5 playing Kick Out the Jams, one of the political hymn… Read more

ASTERIX AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES (PG) (Frederic Forestier & Thomas Langmann, 2007)
Gallic mischief-makers Asterix and Obelix once again take on the entire Roman Empire in their third live-action adventure. ... With the Olympic Games approaching, Brutus has hatched a plot to overthr… Read more

AT ELLEN'S AGE (Pia Marais, 2010)
Eat, pray, whatever. ... Idling through her forties, Ellen's life is about to hit the brakes. Losing her job, partner and mind all in the same week, she embarks on a bizarre anti-journey of self-disc… Read more

Au Auto (Jochen Reimer, 1971)
Aiming at the prevention of acci¬dents, the film presents an ironical expose of man's relationship with the motorcar. ... Grand Prix, Industrial Film Festival, Amsterdam. ... Read more

Auto Auto (Haro Senft, 1964)
The whole world is just cars, cars, cars. ... Read more

AUTOMAT KALASHNIKOV (Axel Engstfeld, Herbert Habersack, 2000)
"I wanted to make the world a better place by inventing a perpetual motion machine. At the front during WWII I realised that there is only one perpetual motion machine: the weapon"—Michail Kala… Read more

Autumn Thoughts (Peter Pewas, 1950)
No synopsis available ... Read more

AYURVEDA: ART OF BEING (Pan Nalin, 2001)
"Filmed largely in the south-western Indian state of Kerala, Pan Nalin's (director of MIFF 2002's Most Popular film Samsara) film offers glimpses of several different practitioners of traditional hol… Read more

B-52 (Harmut Bitomsky, 2001)
A fetishistic, slyly humorous history of one of America's great war machines, the B-52 bomber. Director Harmut Bitomsky is as fascinated by this gargantuan jet's place in the global power structure a… Read more

Bad Blood for the Vampire (Li-san Tibodo, 1985)
Story of a lonely vampire living in Berlin and his search for mortality. One day his White Angel of Hope will come and they will live happily ever after. ... Read more

Balance (Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein, 1989)
Five figures move upon a floating platform trying to maintain their balance. This breathtaking short won this year's Academy Award for Best Animation.- (TB) ... Read more

Ballad of the Little Soldiers (Werner Herzog, 1984)
This documentary was shot in the spring of 1984, on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. Herzog does the voice-over himself. The film is set in a village on the north-east Atlantic coast which … Read more

Ballet in Chile (Jorge Dilauro, 1961)
A report on the outstanding Ballet of the Chilean National Theatre at rehearsals and at a performance of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana". ... Read more

Bananen (Hans Peter Boffgen, Harry Reinen, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

BARBARA (Christian Petzold, 2012)
Winner of Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival. ... In the paranoiac nightmare of East Germany, 1980, Barbara - a physician from Berlin - has been sent to a small country town as punishment for … Read more

Barlach (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1950)
Ernst Barlach-1870-1938, sculptor and poet. "His forbidding, clean and beautiful works portray the modern man in his nakedness, truth and plight." ... Read more

Bells From The Deep (Werner Herzog, 1993)
Near the border between Russia and Mongolia, the nomadic Yulas tribe attempts to reach an altered state of consciousness by making strange, deep, frog-like croaks. Elderly people living by Lake Kites… Read more

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