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Films By Koji Wakamatsu

A radical biopic on the life and death of a Japanese icon from veteran provocateur Koji Wakamatsu. ... On 25 November 1970 one of Japan's most celebrated writers, Yukio Mishima, committed ritual suicide after staging a failed right-wing coup with his private militia that had attempted to reinstate ... Read more
“This masterpiece has the blunt force of a tank rolling over naked flesh.” - Hollywood Reporter ... When Lieutenant Kyuzo Kurokawa returns home from WWII a hero - minus his four limbs - he is praised as a ‘god of war' in his village, a true patriot who made a worthy sacrifice for his country ... Read more
On its release, a mass media campaign was waged against the release of Ecstasy of the Angels accusing the film of inflaming ‘random terrorism'. ... Known as the ‘Pink Godfather'- referring to his pioneering efforts in the pinku eiga genre - Koji Wakamatsu anticipates the real-life violent ... Read more
Filmmaker Wakamatsu's contact and training with the Red Army found him investigated by Japanese authorities and considered an undesirable alien in the US. ... Somewhere in the Lebanese mountains during the late 60s, the Japanese Red Army trained with Palestinian revolutionaries, fighting against ... Read more
“From breathless history lesson to grueling chamber piece to tense action thriller.” - New York Times ... One of Japan's most controversial filmmakers, Koji Wakamatsu (Ecstasy of the Angels and Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of War, both showing in this year's Eros + Massacre section) reconstructs ... Read more
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