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The lyrical and spare storytelling that Makhmalbaf applied in Gabbeh (MIFF 1996) is utilised again to tell another personal story, this time it is the director's own, told from two differ­ent points of view. Blending the present with the past, and fusing reality and remembrances with recreations, Makhmalbaf and an ex-policeman come to a better understanding of a real life inci­dent they were both ... Read more
... ... A ... ... ... According to many observers (your humble servant and Werner Herzog amongst them), cinema is alive and well in two countries: China and Iran. Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Gabbeh is incontrovertible proof of this claim and positions him beside countryman Abbas Kiarostani, at the frontline of world cinema Makhmalbaf's off-the-wall Once Upon a Time Onema screened at MIFF in 1993 and his l... Read more
Once Upon a Time, Cinema almost defies description, as the complexity and imagi­nation director Makhmalbaf brings to it pro­duces a dazzling visual roilercoaster, which sweeps the viewer along. From the opening shot, we are hypnotised by this film-within-a-film in which characters jump in and out of the screen, time leaps back and forth, and film footage from the whole history of Iranian cine­ma i... Read more
... ... Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, Mohsen Makhmalbaf s Salaam Cinema is the Iran director/activist's typically offbeat tribute to a century of cinema. Such is the popularity of the cinema in Iran that a modest press ad for a film audition can result in a street riot! Looking for 100 actors for his new film, the director is overwhelmed when 5000 people turn up. In recording ... Read more
Moshen Makhmalbaf's feature films have long followed the Iranian tradition of blurring the line between fact and fiction. His 2001 film, Kandahar, documented one woman's heartbreaking journey through war-ravaged Afghanistan. For his latest work, Makhmalbaf has stripped away any artifce and produced a short feature documentary following the trails of Afghan refugee children who live in villages on ... Read more
Khorshid is a ten year old blind boy who lives alone with his mother. He uses his exceptional hearing to bring extra cash into a needy household that subsists on his mother's fishing. Khorshid employs his gift as a tuner of traditional musical instruments, but, like most boys of his age he is easily distracted. A song, a pretty female voice, a rhythm or a conversation will waylay Khorshid on his w... Read more
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