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Animoses (Mose, 1973)
A circus menagerie is used by this animated film to comment on the history of mankind. ... Read more

End of a Revolution (Brian Moser, 1967)
When Che Guevara's body was found dead in the, mountains of Bolivia and later exposed to public view. the world took another unexpected lurch into a new era. This is a piece of reportage, mainly reco… Read more

Out Of Love (Birgitte Staermose, 2009)
The children of Kosovo survive in the aftermath of war, each with their own gripping, surreal and sad stories of memory, loss and fear. ... --- ... D Birgitte Staermose P Jesper Morthorst S Peter Asm… Read more

Sophie (Birgitte Staermose, 2006)
A man and a woman walk down a street in the red light district of Copenhagen. They are happy but soon their conversation takes a strange turn and comes to a head. Is it the surroundings that provoked… Read more

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