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As well as new Wallace and Gromit works (see Animation Gallery), MIFF presents new installments of some Aardman favourites: Angry Kid and The Presentators. With trademark humour and characterisation, the five episodes from these senes will not disappoint. ... Read more
Made by children from 8 countries. ... Read more
A selection of short films featuring state of the art computer animation. Titles include The Third Millennium - A User's Guide (Canada), In The Time Of Angels (UK) and The Infinite Tree (Australia) (approx 40mins). ... Read more
In celebration of the its 15th anniversary last year, the National Film Board's Women's Unit; Studio D, chose 16 women from dozens of applications to make a film reflecting "what was on their minds and in their hearts." Equipped with five rolls of film stock and $10,000 to turn it into a movie ... Read more
An anthology of the best independent Italian video clip productions from the Bolognese electronic rock of the Stupid Set, to the refined dance music of N.O.I.As; from the ambient atmospheres of the Catanese Denovo, to the exquisite black and white imagery of the Florentino Diaframma. ... Read more
As the name suggests, Mirrorball / Animation delves into some creative yet twisted animated clips… ink paintings morph into dreamlike imagery, Viking warlords kick it with guitar solos in a sea-faring battle of the bands… Steve Barnes & Yvette Klein, All the Things That Make Me Happy ... Read more
Highlighting the most impressive music video and promo work to come out of the US and the UK over the past 12 months, Mirrorball / Fresh Tracks stretches from veteran masters to new kids on the block. The Willowz, Ulcer Soul, dir. Ace Norton Boards of Canada, Dayvan Cowboy, dir. Melissa ... Read more
Looking at the current mini-boom of clips and promos from Japan, many rarely seen outside their homeland, Mirrorball / Made in Japan includes such treats as Polysics' wee robo-schoolgirl, Strong Machine2. Polysics, My Me Mine (Strong Machine2 version), dir. Yuichi Kodama Polysics, Electric Surfin' ... Read more
The theme of this collection of animations illus­trates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. ... Read more
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