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Films Screened In 1955

Power to Fly (Bob Privett, 1954)
A cartoon history of aviation; early experiments; the achievements of famous pioneers; and a survey of modern developments. ... Read more

Progress in Kojokrom (Sean Graham, 1954)
Intended primarily for local exhibition in African communities, this simple object lesson tells in story form how a local council works, how it can help the people of a small township, even though th… Read more

Proud Ships (Philip Armitage, 1954)
Across and around the world from oilfields to refineries and from refineries to consumers, oil tankers carry crude oil and its refined ... products. Proud Ships is the story of the tankers and the me… Read more

Rembrandt: Poet of Light (Benjamin Berg, I. A. Black, 1953)
A review of the great Flemish painter's life illustrated by his own paintings, drawings and etchings. ... Read more

Remnants of the Stone Age People (Louis Knobel, )
A factual record of the remnants of a primitive bushman tribe in the arid Kalahari Desert. The film shows their mode of living, customs, usages, and shooting of game. ... Read more

Riches of the Earth (, 1954)
A coloured cartoon illustrating how Canada's underground resources took shape through geological ages. ... Read more

Running for Sheriff (William Hines, 1954)
A special film made for children three to eight years of age. The story has been put into the child's idiom of a wild west playland, populated entirely by children and their animal friends. ... Read more

Snows of Aorangi (Brian Blake, 1954)
A short survey of the beautiful scenery of the mountains of New Zealand's North and South Islands and Southern Lakes District, with an accent on the magnificent facilities for skiing enthusiasts. ... Read more

Speeding Skis (, 1953)
A record of the International Ski Championships on some of Switzerland's most famous skiing grounds. ... Read more

The Bagpipes Play (Ladislav Rychman, 1953)
Almost forgotten people's songs and dances of Bohemia performed by the younger generation. ... Read more

The Charms of Life (Jean Grémillon, Pierre Kast, )
Utilising the canvases of the painters who have won the Prix de Rome from 1860 to 1914, the film follows the Seven Ages of Man as these painters might collectively have seen them. ... Read more

The Dead Town (Velimir Stojanovic, 1952)
A poetical impression of the ancient city of Perast, formerly a rich port on the Adriatic but now solitary and dead, its wonderful architecture overgrown with grass and ivy. ... Read more

The Dragon of Cracow (Z. Wasilewski, 1948)
Based on an ancient legend, this film is the ... story of a great dragon who preyed upon the ... people of Cracow. The king offered the hand ... of his daughter to anyone who could slay the ... drago… Read more

THE EMPEROR'S BAKER (Martin Fric, 1952)
This lavishly mounted and richly decorated Czech colour film is a blending of many diverse elements - fantasy, legend, satire and even political allegory. The film is linked with the Czech theatre th… Read more

The Hungry Miles (Jerome Levy, Keith Gow, 1955)
This is the second production of this newlyformed film unit. Their previous film, Pensions for Veterans, was screened last year at the Festival. The present film is a dramatic presentation of the uni… Read more

The Interwoven Tracks (Velimir Stojanovic, 1953)
Montenegro is intersected with roads; they meander in harmony with the countryside, making queer and fantastic arabesques. This film is an attempt to give a visual impression of these patterns. ... Read more

The Life and Death of 9413 - a Hollywood Extra (Robert Florey, 1928)
One of the earliest of experimental films produced in America showing the influence of the expressionistic technique. The film was produced as a private venture by a group of film technicians &ndash:… Read more

THE LITTLE FUGITIVE (Morris Engel, Ray Ashley, Ruth Orkin, 1953)
This film was made by a semi-professional unit and although directed by newcomers to the film world has a simple charm and directness of observation that is refreshing in these days of highly polishe… Read more

THE NAVIGATOR (Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp, 1924)
Perhaps the most successful film at the Festival last year was The General. Many Festival members were amazed at the freshness of this silent classic and its comic inventiveness and we feel that it i… Read more

The Open Window (Henri Storck, 1952)
The countryside of five lands as their great painters have seen it during five centuries of landscape painting. ... Read more

THE QUIET ONE (Sidney Meyers, 1949)
Acclaimed abroad as a film classic, The Quiet One is an unforgettable drama about an unloved child lost in loneliness, who drifts into delinquency. Powerful in its pathos and poetry, yet documentary … Read more

The Sea (Edrick Radage, 1955)
This art film is the newest of the productions of the famous Halas and Batchelor Studios, makers of Animal Farm, Britain's first full length animated cartoon. The Sea is a study of the paintings of t… Read more

The Seasons (Christopher Chapman, 1953)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE SECRET GAME (Rene Clement, 1952)
Adapted from a novel which Francois Boyer wrote originally as a film scenario, this film won the Grand Prix at the Venice Festival in 1952. ... Remarkably original in conception, it is impossible to … Read more

THE SENTIMENTAL BLOKE (Raymond Longford, 1919)
It will come as a surprise to most filmgoers to realise that this Australian feature was made in 1919 just three years after Intolerance in America. Scenes from The Sentimental Bloke, a straight inte… Read more

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