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Films Screened In 1955

The Snowline is their Boundary (Oxley Hughan, 1954)
In the lee of New Zealand's Southern Alps the High Country sheep stations have the snowline as their boundary. This film shows something of the difficulty and hard work in the lives of the sheep farm… Read more

The Stone and the Sea (Veljko Bulajic, 1953)
From the mountains of Yugoslavia the rocky shores meet the sea in wonderful landscapes and towns. Old towns, lonely castles and mountain spurs wrapped in cloud confront the traveller on every journey. Read more

The Story of Light and Mankind (, 1954)
Made for the General Electric Company to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the invention of the incandescent lamp by Edison, this film traces the advancement man has made in artificial lighting fro… Read more

This is the A.B.C. (Shan Benson, 1955)
A comprehensive survey of the many services provided by the Australian Broadcasting Commission to its local and overseas listeners, presented in the form of a tour of a typical day's activities both … Read more

TIME IN THE SUN (Based on material by Sergei Eisenstein, 1940)
In 1931 after an abortive attempt to work at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Eisenstein went to Mexico where he planned to make “a living history” of the country and native Indian people. ... The… Read more

Tonight in Britain (Gerry Dupont, 1954)
A short survey of British entertainment and London attractions photographed at Edinburgh, Stratford and in London; Eileen Joyce, Natalie Krassovska and the Festival Ballet, Claire Bloom, Michael Hord… Read more

UMBERTO D (Vittorio de Sica, 1952)
With this film it would seem that the so-called ‘neo realist' movement in Italian film production reached its zenith. Political influence and the growing concern of the Italian film industry with m… Read more

Visit to Picasso (Paul Haesaerts, 1950)
A film essay on Picasso's development as a painter and a potter combined with an interview with the artist at his studio in Vallauris. Awarded the International Documentary prize at the Venice Festiv… Read more

Without Fear (Peter Sachs, 1952)
A ... brilliantly executed cartoon emphasizing the importance of freedom and the need for co-operation among European nations in order that people may be strong and prosperous, and free from poverty … Read more

Workshop for Peace (, 1954)
At the midpoint of the century there arose a new landmark in New York City. People who had seen war twice in their lifetime were prepared to make the effort now to prevent another war. This new build… Read more

Yoke Heng's Story (Brian Salt, 1954)
The story is of Yoke-Heng, a small boy from the crowded areas of Singapore, whose parents are required to enter hospital at the same time. The hospital almoner is able to help the family secure one o… Read more

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