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Films Screened In 1960

Nyal Toothpaste (Geoff Pike, 1960)
An advertisement for Nyal toothpaste. ... Read more

OLD MAN MOTOR CAR (Alfred Radok, 1957)
It started at the turn of the century. In those days the first cycles were launched on the roads, cycles "which went under their own steam even uphill". These were the first motorcycles and soon afte… Read more

One Morning (A. Crottorn, 1959)
A charming tale, told without words, of how one morning a young boy follows the flight of a pigeon and of how he attempts to save the bird when it is menaced by a cat. ... Read more

PASSION FOR LIFE (Jean-Paul le Chanois, 1948)
Monsieur Pascal, a young school-master, arrives to take up his duties in a little Provencal village. He revises the oldfashioned authoritative methods of the retiring master, M. Arnaud, and sets out … Read more

Pesta (, 1956)
synopsis not available ... Read more

Portugal, Country of Cork (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1959)
The film tells of the extended cork oak forests in Portugal, of the peeling of the cork, its industrial processing and the production of pressed cork. We see how cork affects the economy of all count… Read more

Praise The Sea (Herman van de Horst, 1959)
Van der Horst, like Haanstra, has made his name with distinguished short films such as Shoot the Nets and Houen Zo. This his latest film is about the Netherlands and its dependence upon the sea. ... Read more

Private Life of a Cat (Alexander Hammid, 1954)
The animal's outlook on life. The camera lens has been treated as the eyes of another cat, observing the daily details of life in a feline family. Thus, an ordinary room becomes an immense foreign en… Read more

Radha and Krishna (J. S. Bhownagary, 1959)
Among India's legends one of the most poetic is the story of Radha and Krishna. Krishna the cow-herd god - the divine Lover; Radha, the beautiful milk maid symbolising the Heart of Man yearning for t… Read more

REKAVA (Lester Peries, 1957)
Rekava is the first Sinhalese feature to come to Australia. It tells the story of a young boy, Sena, who saves from thieves a travelling entertainer who prophesies he will become a great healer. A li… Read more

Serenal (Norman McLaren, 1959)
Norman McLaren salutes the West Indies, etching and painting the spirit of fiesta - fireworks and all - in response to an Island tune. ... Read more

Shakespeare and Kronborg (Jorgen Roos, 1950)
A description of the Castle of Kronborg as Shakespeare and his actors must have seen it 300 years ago if they even visited the castle, interwoven with scenes from a performance of "Hamlet" in the cou… Read more

Short and Suite (Norman McLaren, 1959)
The film is an expression of a mood, a heady recollection of an evening on the town rendered in rhythmic flights of light and colour. The alternation of the music's mood - gay or sad - is echoed by t… Read more

Short History (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1957)
In the beginning, there was the Sun, handsome with features composes of the present planets. The Sun's nose was the Earth which, being wet, gave the sun a cold. A cataclysmic sneeze - and all the fea… Read more

Sixty Years of Fashion (S. Napier Bell, 1960)
A review of women's fashions in Britain during the past sixty years, showing the influence of historical events and social changes upon dress design. Opulent Edwardian ballroom gowns and sports wear … Read more

Skyscraper (Shirley Clarke, Irving Jacoby, Willard Van Dyke, 1959)
A lyrical narration about the changing city of New York which centres around the erection of a skyscraper. A case history of this singularly American architectural form, it highlights the story of th… Read more

Stadium (St. Jedryka, 1959)
A curious essay about the romantic musings of a young girl sitting alone in a vast empty arena waiting for her beloved. A new experimental film from Poland. ... Read more

STARS (Konrad Wolf, 1959)
Set in a small Bulgarian town in 1943, Stars is the story of a strange, unhappy love affair. This is what happened in the foothills of the mountains . . . A sergeant of the German Wehrmacht, a clever… Read more

Steel (J. Lomnicki, 1959)
A documentary description of a steel factory at Nowa Huta near Crakow, made on the tenth anniversary of its foundation. ... Read more

Story in Rocks (Han van Gelder, 1959)
A simple introduction to palaentology - the scientific investigation of extinct creatures, the animals and plants that have perished on land or in the sea since life on earth first began. The evoluti… Read more

SVEN DUFVA (Edvin Laine, 1955)
Sven Dufva is a historical epic from the Finno-Russian War 1808-09. The story starts a few months before the war breaks out and shows us Sven, a simple, good-hearted farmer boy, who seems to be haple… Read more

Taj Mahal (Mushir Ahmad, 1959)
This film conveys the beauty and grandeur of one of the world's most visited monuments. It tells the story of the fulfilment of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jehan's dream of building a great mausoleum to e… Read more

Taming the Yellow River (Chen Chien, 1959)
The Sanmen Gorges are one group of many gorges along the vast length of the Yellow River. This district has been called "Impassable Sanmen". This film shows the course of the water conservation proje… Read more

The Biological Control of Insects (S. T. Evans, 1960)
The film shows some aspects of the entomologist's work in his attempts to control insect pests by the use of their natural enemies. ... Read more

The Black Man and His Bride (Tim Burstall, 1960)
By using camera movement and editing techniques the film animates the series of paintings "The Black Man and His Bride" by Arthur Boyd, which tells the story of an Aborigine and his half-caste bride. ... Read more

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