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Films Screened In 1960

THIS IS THE B.B.C (Richard Cawston, 1959)
This impression of the B.B.C. at work covers a 24 hour period: from the last news bulletin at midnight to an experimental colour television test just after midnight on the following night. News bulle… Read more

Tip Top Slide Lecture (Pat Matthews, 1959)
An animated commercial for Tip-Top Bread. ... Read more

TRAIN WITHOUT A TIMETABLE (Veljko Bulajic, 1959)
In the spring of 1946 a great migration of landless peasants took place in Yugoslavia, organised by the government; a movement from the arid, rocky areas to the fertile plains of Voyvodina. Owing to … Read more

Tumanu's People (John Morris, 1960)
The problems of assimilating the aborigines in the Northern Territory are shown, with something of what the Commonwealth Government is doing to help these people, through the N.T. Administration's We… Read more

Under the River (R. K. Neilson Baxter, 1959)
An account of the engineering feat, carried out by Thomas A. Walker between 1872 and 1886, as a result of which the unique pumping system was established which still keeps the Severn Tunnel free of w… Read more

Visual Squeeze - I.C.A (P. Dimond, 1959)
Using photo-animation techniques, this publicity film advertises Shell petrols that contain I.C.A. ... Read more

Wakefield Express (Lindsay Anderson, 1952)
Wakefield Express was commissioned to celebrate the newspaper's fiftieth anniversary. It tells something of the history and the current operation of the paper and devotes itself to the subjects which… Read more

WE ARE THE LAMBETH BOYS (Karel Reisz, 1959)
Shot in and around a youth club in Kennington, a London suburb, pitched between the dry discipline of social documentary and a toughly optimistic personal impression, We are the Lambeth Boys approach… Read more

West Coast Cargo (David Evans, 1960)
Across the world on a variety of ships go the products of the I.C.I. Nobel plant on the Scottish west coast. We see, to the accompaniment of jazz music, their manufacture by automatic machinery. With… Read more

WHEN PARENTS FORGET (Amilcar Tirado, 1958)
This film, which has participated in the Borgama, Venice and Edinburgh Festivals, is about the inquietude of youth in a rural community lacking recreational facilities. ... Luciano cannot understand … Read more

WHEN THE MIST IS LIFTING (Iulian Mihu, Manole Marcus, 1959)
One of the few Rumanian films shown in Australia, When the Mist is Lifting, like Stars, deals with the theme that each person must make a contribution to the prevention of wars. ... The story is set … Read more

WORLD OF APU (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
So much has already been written about Pather Panchali and Aparajito that Ray's trilogy was destined for classic status even before the release of the third instalment, and the various influences - R… Read more

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