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Films Screened In 1999

Nocturne (Peggy Ahwesh, 1998)
The final installment of Peggy Ahwesh's loose trilogy on sexuality and violence (The Deadman [1990], The Colour of Love [1994]). Pilfering plot elements from Mario Bava's What! (1963), and appropriat… Read more

OF FREAKS AND MEN (Aleksey Balabanov, 1998)
Turn of the century St Petersburg: two respectable families come under the scrutiny of Johann, a malicious pornographer, and his sinister, grinning accomplice. Johann's discreetly perverse spanking p… Read more

One Day A Man Bought A House (Pjotr Sapegin, 1998)
One day a man bought a house in the city of Kampen. But someone was already living there... ... Read more

One With Everything (Daniel Reeves, 1998)
Described by Daniel Reeves as "an iconoclastic and manic romp through the dream fields of spiritual materi­alism", One Wilh Everything attempts to lay to rest several perennially unanswered quest… Read more

OPERA FANATIC (Jan Schmidt-Garre, 1999)
Compacted with as many layers of pathos as its subjects' make-up. Opera Fanatic dives right into the heart of the opera divas of yesteryear. Stefan Zucker. himself a singer and art philosopher (noted… Read more

Opus 66 (Lionel Delplanque, 1998)
Frederic Chopin's piano piece from 'Opus 66' is heard playing as a man and a woman drive through the night on a secluded road framed by a thick forest. The man places his hand gently on his pregnant … Read more

ORIGINAL SCHTICK (Maciej Wszelaki, 1999)
Meet Robert (Bob) Fischer... and then wish you never had. This rivetting expose of the art world and celebrity follows an American (con) artist on his forest fire tour of Melbourne. Bob, a colourfull… Read more

PAPER AIRPLANES (Farhad Mehranfar, 1997)
Hakemzadeh is commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to travel with a mobile open-ait cinema through the mountainous green north of Iran. Trekking from one remote spot to the next, traveling with hi… Read more

Paradise (Ilana Shulman, 1999)
Life in paradise is not what you might expect. A man spiils out of a washing machine. A woman tightens the stiches which run between her thighs like a seam. A girl dances wildly. This not your averag… Read more

PASSION (György Fehér, 1998)
A chilling Hungarian adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice. Deeply grained monochrome images combine with a seething undercurrent of sex and murderous plotting to create a dark and sinister at… Read more

Peep Show (Charlie Call, 1998)
It's a simple premise, the eponymous peep show is for women. And, yes, there's only one gag, but Damon Jones and Bob Kirsh play it for all it's worth, with their tongues stuck firmly in their cheeks.… Read more

Pentuphouse (Cate Shortland, 1998)
An uncomfortably intimate portrait of a decaying relationship between Delia an aspiring jazz singer, and Dale, her petty thief boyfriend. Pentuphouse offers us a glimpse at the moment when Delia's ch… Read more

Piglets (Luc Feit, 1998)
A couple making love in one room whilst Grandmother makes trouble with a power drill in the other. Not much in itself but the film is refreshingly irreverent in its style and the humour is original a… Read more

Plastic (Matthew McCulloch, 1998)
This humble and poetic claymated student him has a simple yet powerful beauty. In a dark and oppressive world we observe, Evan, who works at a plastic animal factory in which he is in charge of quali… Read more

Please! (Paul Black, 1998)
A novelist, desperate over his lack of literary success and his subsequent marriage breakdown, turns to drastic means in an attempt to get some attention, only to be punished by the same means that h… Read more

Pleasures of War (Ruth Lingford, 1998)
Ruth Lingford is one of England's most respected and acknowledged independent animators. This, her latest film, is also her most powerful. Devised in collaboration with the English novelist, Sara Mai… Read more

POINT BLANK (John Boorman, 1967)
Walker (Lee Marvin) and his colleagues plan a cash robbery on the former prisoner island of Alcatraz but he is double-crossed by his colleague, Mai, who shoots him and leaves him for dead. Walker, th… Read more

Pop (Gregory King, 1999)
Possibly the most extraordinary short film at MIFF this year, in Pop the viewer is the main character as we take a candid journey from tourist to drag queens and some startlmgly real stuff in between… Read more

Porter Springs 4 (Henry Hills, 1999)
Porter Springs 4 is a bizarre and sometimes disturbing collage of strange family moments, shot over 20 years on summer vacations. Several generations of the Hills family contribute to this cinematogr… Read more

PRIPYAT (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 1999)
In 1986 116,000 people were evacuated from the contaminated area immediately surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear reactor after it became critical. This number was far too few. Eventually this catastrop… Read more

Process of Becoming (Tina Gonsalves, 1997)
Produced on a low budget using Photoshop, Illustrator and Macromind Director, Process ot Becoming is an exploration of symbolic forms based on the body. Shapes resembling body parts, insects and mand… Read more

PUNITIVE DAMAGE (Annie Goldson, 1999)
On 13 November 1991, Helen Todd received the phone call that every parent dreads. Her 20 year old son, Kamal, had been injured, shot on an island of East Timor. The nightmare of the next few days int… Read more

REGRET TO INFORM (Barbara Sonnebron, 1998)
"My young husband, Jeff, came home from the war in Vietnam in a flag-draped casket. For those soldiers who made it home alive, many were greeted by America's rage. I had to ask. 'What did Jeff die fo… Read more

RENZO PIANO: PIECE BY PIECE (Christopher Tuckfield, 1998)
Arguably the most famous architect working today, Renzo Piano is renowned for his work on such prestigious projects as the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, the Kansai Airport on Osaka Bay in Japan a… Read more

Rex the Runt (Richard Goleszowski, 1998)
Rex and his pals need to make some money and fast. Their best hope is to win a music talent contest but they face stiff opposition from a mean bunch of rabbits. The latest installment of Rex the Runt… Read more

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