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Films In 1937

CAMILLE (George Cukor, 1937)
"Like parents crowing over baby's first steps, MGM announced 'Garbo talks!' (for Anna Christie) and 'Garbo laughs!' (for Ninotchka), but they missed out on this one, when they should have crowed 'Gar… Read more

CHEATED BY THE WINDS (Douglas Sirk, 1937)
La Habanera was the last feature Sirk made in Germany (he shot several short films with students in Munich after he left Hollywood). In Jon Haiiiday's book-length interview with him, Sirk describes i… Read more

LA GRANDE ILLUSION (Jean Renoir, 1937)
This film of Jean Renoir made in 1937 is a pacifist picture pleading like Pabst's Kameradschaft for toleration and co-operation between nations and arguing that divisions of rank and class, like the … Read more

PEPE LE MOKO (Julien Duvivier, 1937)
It has taken eighteen years for this classic of the French screen to reach Melbourne film-goers. Widely admired and copied, it has influenced adventure film makers ever since its issue. Hollywood has… Read more

That's the Spirit (Frank Hurley, 1937)
When the Independent Oil Company reduces the price of petrol by four pence per gallon to the lowest level on record, prosperity - as the song goes - is on its way. ... Where is the Independent Oil Co… Read more

THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (Michael Powell, 1937)
... ... In his autobiography A Life In Movies, Michael Powell describes The Edge Of The World as his first significantly personal work. The project took many years to finance and was to undergo a dif… Read more

TO DISTANT SHORES (Douglas Sirk, 1937)
For those familiar only with Sirk's later American work, Zu Neuen Ufem will come as something of a surprise. Like most of the other films he made in Germany (particularly Stutzen der Gesellschaft (19… Read more

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