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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (PG) (Jean Cocteau, 1946)
"Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time." - Jean Cocteau ... Screening at the very first MIFF in 1952, Beauty and the Beast comes from one of the finest exponents o… Read more

FARREBIQUE (Georges Rouquier, 1946)
Farrebique is the name of a farm in the Aveyron district in central France. The farm is worked by grandfather who owns it, his wife, their two sons, Roch and Henri, and Roch's wife Berthe with her gr… Read more

Fragment of Seeking (Curtis Harrington, 1946)
A revelatory episode from the life of an adolescent Narcissus, in which he discovers the true nature of his desire. The world of the mind and that of exterior reality are fused so that they become in… Read more

Instruments And The Orchestra (Muir Mathieson, 1946)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Isle of the Dead (Norman McLaren, 1946)
The spectral island wakes to mysterious life, flickers in a corpse &ndash: candle light and fades again into the dark. ... Read more

IVAN THE TERRIBLE, PART I (Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1946)
Following the critical triumph ot Alexander Nevsky in 1939, Eisentstein's next film project was the monumental Ivan the Terrible, conceived as a three-part epic about the life and times of Ivan IV, t… Read more

Journey of a Nation (John Heyer, 1946)
A propaganda film for the unification of railway gauges between the stages. ... Read more

LA BELLE ET LA BETE (Emile Darbon, Jean Cocteau, 1946)
Jean Cocteau's version of the traditional fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, this film contains some of the loveliest photography ever seen. The simple folk legend written in 1757 by Madame le Prince … Read more

NO REGRETS FOR OUR YOUTH (Akira Kurosawa, 1946)
The theme of the film is based on the famous Takikawa Incident of 1933, which forced the resignation of Professor Yukitoki Takikawa from the faculty of Kyoto University for his supposed "communistic … Read more

THE BIG SLEEP (PG) (Howard Hawks, 1946)
Starring Bogart and Bacall, this 1946 film noir classic is a staple of Greatest Movies Ever lists. ... Uncompromising private investigator Philip Marlowe follows a convoluted trail of murder, decepti… Read more

THE MAN I LOVE (Raoul Walsh, 1946)
... ... Known for his intuitive direction and sheer physical artistry in the realm of action cinema, Raoul Walsh's forays into other genres were largely undervalued. A magnificent and moody |azz infu… Read more

The Pale Horseman (Irving Jacoby, 1946)
This now famous film is a compilation of library material. It is a realistic presentation of human suffering as a result of war, explaining how hunger and exposure have caused the spread of tuberculo… Read more

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