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Chubby 12-year-old Chantal finds life difficult; she has few friends and receives little support at home, apart from her stepfather. Only in the local pool, training intensively for an upcoming swimming competition, does she truly feel at home. When Chantal needs a new pair of goggles, she does ... Read more
Sex, crime, religion and flavoured lube - the interview subject of Errol Morris's new documentary possess a personality as outrageous as the story she tells. ... Joyce McKinney was just an ordinary, everyday former beauty-queen-turned-bondage-call-girl. That is, until she kidnapped, bound and ... Read more
"A masterfully controlled piece of work on every level... impeccable craftsmanship and breathtaking imagery." - Hollywood Reporter ... A psychological thriller and a disturbing portrait of paranoia and madness, Take Shelter is the devastating sophomore effort from writer-director Jeff Nichols ... Read more
MIFF regular Richard Tuohy continues his exploration of textures found in the Australian bush through a series of overlapping images of tree branches. Richard Tuohy is a guest of the Festival. ... D/P/S Richard Tuohy L no dialogue TD 16mm/2010 ... Read more
"Few antiwar films register with the disturbing immediacy and visceral terror of Tears of Gaza." - Variety ... Documenting the human impact of the 2008 - 2009 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military, director Vibeke Løkkeberg has made use of local Palestinian crews to provide footage of a ... Read more
“Exquisitely layered, Teenage Paparazzo moves beyond personal documentary, charting a cultural revolution of celebrity obsession.” - Sundance Film Festival ... At an age when most kids are in the classroom, 13-year-old Austin Visschedyk is earning an adult paycheck by elbowing away men three ... Read more
Timelapse cinematography in the fulldome medium offers a unique view on reality. It creates a detached perspective on our familiar world, but at the same time draws the viewer back into the image by the immersive power of the dome. is utilizing this concept to create an unusual ... Read more
The Accordion tells of the human drive for material survival against a backdrop of religious intolerance. Two young street performers in Tehran, a boy and a girl, have their accordion confiscated following an incident, which they must learn to accept in order to survive. ... In 2010, dissident ... Read more
Achromats are hypersensitive to light and cannot see colour. Sofie Thorsen's gorgeous The Achromatic Island reimagines achromatic perception as a cinematic essay on sight. ... Not in competition. ... D/P/S Sofie Thorsen WS SixPackFilm TD HD Cam/2010 ... Read more
A droll comedy and understated drama about a lonely young real estate agent discovering 'perfect balance' while attempting to repair his grandfather's car. ... D/S Federico Actis P Maria Elia Rodríguez L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2010 ... Read more
Some evils can only be repaid in kind. ... 1966, East Berlin. Three Mossad agents, Rachel (Helen Mirren), David (Sam Worthington) and Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) succeed in a daring mission to capture Dr Vogel, one of the Holocaust's most vile war criminals, an operation that saw the three agents ... Read more
On a journey to find materials for their son's tombstone, a family's repressed feeling of loss come to the surface. ... --- ... D/S Shai Miedzinski P Shai Miedzinski, Amir Armel L Hebrew w/English subtitles TD HDCAM/2010 ... --- ... D/S Shai Miedzinski P Shai Miedzinski, Amir Armel L Hebrew ... Read more
A haunting depiction of loss and loneliness, channelled through the eyes of a child. ... When his father dies, with his mother long absent, ten year-old Xiang is alone. Caught stealing from other people's lunchboxes by the school janitor, social services track down Xiang's long estranged mother and ... Read more
A cinematic tour through the Communist party headquarters in France, designed by modern architecture pioneer Oscar Niemeyer, exploring the building's architectural, historical and political significance. ... D/P/S Sasha Pirker WS SixPackFilm TD 35mm/2010 ... Screens with Detroit Wild City. ... Read more
Even a hungry fox in the henhouse has to sing for his supper. But if he succeeds will it be worth it? ... --- ... D/S Elena Pomares P Poss Kondeatis WS National Film and Television School L no dialogue TD HDCAM/2010 ... --- ... D/S Elena Pomares P Poss Kondeatis WS National Film and Television ... Read more
“An operatic, sensuous social satire that dares to be different from the original classic.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Controversial Korean director Im Sang-soo (A Good Lawyer's Wife, MIFF 04; The President's Last Bang, MIFF 05) reconfigures and modernises a classic of Korean cinema into a ... Read more
Corruption in modern Iran comes under fire in The Hunter, a neo-realist drama that veers into thriller territory. ... In the icy woods outside of Tehran, security guard Ali lets off steam by hunting wild animals. Working night shift means he doesn't see much of his family - but when his wife is ... Read more
A nostalgic trip back to the golden days of vaudeville. ... Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville) brings his meticulous brand of hand-drawn animation to a hitherto unproduced Jacques Tati script from 1959. ... This bittersweet homage to a fading music-hall tradition sees an illusionist ... Read more
Clerks meets The Shining in this slacker ghost story from indie trailblazer Ti West. ... West delivered a shot in the arm to horror fans everywhere with his much-acclaimed The House of the Devil in 2009. This highly anticipated follow-up is a character-driven take on the classic gothic ghost film ... Read more
“A generous, nearly note-perfect portrait of a modern family.” - New York Times ... For live-in lesbian couple Jules (Julianne Moore) and Nic (Annette Bening), life with their two teenage children in suburban LA is quiet and a little too comfortable. But when the kids go behind their back and ... Read more
Fuelled by cheap alcohol and teenage bravado, Steph and Aimee jump into an impossible situation and find that sometimes there's no way out. ... --- ... D/S Ashlee Page P Sonya Humphrey WS Sacred Cow Films TD digibeta2010 ... --- ... D/S Ashlee Page P Sonya Humphrey WS Sacred Cow Films TD ... Read more
Nostalgic black and white cinematography recalls the rapturous style of French icons such as FranÁois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard. ... Twenty-five-year-old Arthur is an apprentice in the tailor shop of elderly Albert, who views Arthur as both son and successor. Attending the theatre one ... Read more
A Scandinavian coming-of-age comedy about the hardest lesson of high school - learning to take a risk. ... Twelve-year-old Jo is terrified of all the usual stuff: bullies, soccer practice, girls, crossing the street... Some might call him a little anxious, but he's just doing his best to survive ... Read more
A lively coming-of-age story set in 1968, when the West's 'summer of love' finally spilled into conservative Israel. ... An avid reader of crime fiction, 16-year-old Arik can't believe his luck when he lands a summer job doing detective work for Yankele, a Holocaust survivor who makes his living as ... Read more
A comedic and surreal portrait of human and animal behaviour in the springtime. By In A Pig's Eye (MIFF 2010) animator Atsushi Wada. ... D/P/S Atsushi Wada L no dialogue TD digibeta/2010 ... Read more
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