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Submission FAQ

When is the next festival?

Melbourne International Film Festival 2017 will run from Thursday 3 to Sunday 20 August 2016.


How do I pay the entry fee?

Once your online submission form has been completed you will be prompted to make payment. Please note, we only accept payment via Visa or MasterCard. We are not able to accept payment via PayPal or Amex.


I have completed the online application, what should I do now?

If submitting via Withoutabox:

Once you have successfully entered your film to the MIFF Withoutabox profile, your film will be assigned a Tracking ID of which you should should take note. If you need to contact the festival at any point about your submission you will need to include this tracking number. Please upload your screener to the Withoutabox website

If you need help with your Withoutabox submission, please contact


If submitting through MIFF:

Please email the screening link and password to the submissions department:  and include the film title and director’s name in the subject line of the email. Please also advise if the film is a short (including category) or feature.

Please do not send any press kits or publicity materials unless your film is selected and the festival expressly asks for them.


Does MIFF have a competition?

Yes, but only for short films – we do not have a competition for feature films.

For more information on our shorts competition refer to our Submissions regulations or visit our website.


Which film category should I choose?

If your film is a feature film you are not required to choose a category. The festival accepts submissions of feature narrative and feature documentary films of any genre.

If your film is a short film you will need to select one of the four categories – fiction, animation, documentary or experimental. Please ensure you select the correct category for your short film when submitting to ensure that your film is appropriately considered. Choosing the wrong category may adversely affect how your film is evaluated. If you have made an error, simply email and we can update this information for you.


I have made a mistake on my online form. What should I do?

Please email with film title, director’s name, Tracking ID (if applicable) and the correction/s to be made, and we will update our database.


How many films can I submit?

You may submit as many films as you like providing each of the films meets the submission criteria, you have completed an online submission form and paid the entry fee for each film.

Please ensure that each film is on its own secure link.


Can I submit my film if it has previously screened at other festivals?

Yes, as long as the screenings weren’t within the state of Victoria, Australia prior to August 21, 2017.


If my film is not selected, may I speak with a programmer for feedback? 

No, unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive we are unable to correspond with each applicant in these circumstances.


If my film is selected, does MIFF provide screening tests prior to the film’s screening?

No. We do not have the facilities available to us to provide any screen tests. If you are concerned about your film, please check it prior to sending it to the festival.


If you need further assistance after reading this information, please email the Submissions Department,