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Submission FAQ

When is the next festival?

Melbourne International Film Festival 2014 will run from Thursday 30 July to Sunday 16 August, 2015.


When are the submission deadlines for MIFF 2015?

We have three submission deadlines for the festival:


Early Bird submissions:

Open Thursday 13 November 2014

Submission deadline: Thursday 11 December 2014


Regular submissions:

Open Friday December 5, 2014

Submission deadline: Thursday February 26, 2015


Late Submissions:

Open Friday 27 February 2015

Submission deadline: Friday 27 March 2015


All DVDs/links must be received within two (2) weeks of the deadline in which they were submitted, to be considered for MIFF 2015.


What are the entry fees?

Early bird entry fees:

Shorts AUD$65                                 

Features AUD$75


Regular entry fees:

Shorts AUD$70

Features AUD$80


Late entry fees:

Shorts AUD$90

Features AUD$100


Am I able to have the entry fee waived?

No, we’re unable to waive the entry fee as we rely on these fees to administer the large numbers of entries we receive.  Sorry, no exceptions.


How do I pay the entry fee?

You pay online when completing your application using VISA or Mastercard. If the full amount is not paid, we will be unable to process your film and you will be notified by email.


I have completed the online application, what should I do now?

If submitting via Withoutabox:

Once you have successfully entered your film to the MIFF Withoutabox profile, your film will be assigned a Tracking ID.

If you are sending the film on DVD, please clearly label it with this number and send it to the MIFF Submissions Department.

If you are sending the film via a secure online link please email it to the submissions department and include the Tracking Number in the subject line of the email.

If you need help with your Withoutabox submission, please contact


If submitting through MIFF:

If submitting a DVD – please send to the submission department and clearly label the disc with the film title and director’s name.

If submitting an online link – please email the link to the submission department and include the film title and director’s name in the subject line of the email.


Does MIFF have a competition?

Yes, for short films – for more information on our shorts competition refer to our Submissions regulations.

MIFF does not have a competition for feature films.


How does MIFF define a ‘short’ and a ‘feature’?

Short films are 40 minutes or less.

Features films are 41 minutes or more, for entry and categorisation purposes.


Which film category should I choose?

You are not required to choose a category for feature films, only short films.

When submitting a short film you will need to select one of the four categories – fiction, animation, documentary or experimental. Please ensure you select the correct category for your short film when submitting to ensure that your film is appropriately considered. Choosing the wrong category my adversely affect how your film is evaluated.


I can’t choose documentary feature as a category. Do you accept feature documentary film submissions?

Yes. There is no need to select a category for feature films, narrative or documentary


Does the film have to be shot with specific equipment?

No.  What matters is that the film preview and exhibition formats adhere to our requirements (below)


Which format should the preview copy be?

Preview screeners must be on DVD (we accept both NTSC and PAL formats) or secure online Vimeo or YouTube link.


Please test your DVD on a stand-alone DVD player before sending it in, as technical problems may delay/affect your submission. If the DVD does not play due to damage or technical errors then you will not be contacted and MIFF may not be able to consider the film for selection.

Please ensure your DVD is set to ‘all regions’. 

Make sure your DVD is clearly labelled with the title.


Secure online links:

Due to the volume of submissions we receive it may be a long time between the date of your submission and when the film is viewed.

Please ensure the password used to protect the link is unchangeable and does not expire until June 2015.  If the password expires or is changed before this date, or if the online screener is removed, you will not be contacted and MIFF may not be able to consider the film for selection.


What formats do you accept for selected films?

If your film is selected, MIFF will accept the following formats:

•          35mm print

•          16mm print

•          DCP (DCI Compliant)

•          HD CAM

We DO NOT accept HD CAM SR.


What else should I include with my submission?

All we require, once you have completed the online submission process, is your preview DVD or secure online link and the Tracking ID (if you have submitted through Withoutabox).

Please do not send any press kits or publicity materials unless your film is selected and the festival expressly asks for it.


Will you return my DVD preview screener?

No, we do not have the resources available to return the screener.


What is the shipping address for submission packages?

For secure online links send to:


If you are sending your package by post, please send to:

Melbourne International Film Festival Submissions

GPO Box 4982


VIC 3001



If you are using a courier, please send to our street address:

Melbourne International Film Festival Submissions

Level 3, Block Court

290 Collins Street


VIC 3000       



Will you notify me once you have received my film?

Due to the volume of submissions the festival receives, we do not confirm receipt of submissions. We recommend you choose the registered mail option to keep track of your package. However, you may email with your film title and director’s name to confirm receipt.


I have made a mistake on my online form. What should I do?

Please email with film title, director’s name, Tracking ID (if applicable) and the correction/s to be made, and we will update our database.


How many films can I submit?

You may submit as many films as you like providing each of the films meets the submission criteria, you have completed an online submission form and paid the entry fee for each film.

Please ensure that each film is on its own DVD or secure link. MIFF will not accept compilation DVDs.


Can I resubmit a film previously submitted to MIFF?

No.  MIFF does not accept films previously submitted, even with significant changes.


Can I submit a work-in-progress or a ‘rough cut’?

MIFF encourages filmmakers to submit films that are as close to finished as possible.  Please read the conditions in the regulations document carefully with regards to eligibility requirements for Works in Progress. Please note that if the film is not selected it cannot be submitted to MIFF subsequently.


Can I submit my film if it has previously screened at other festivals?

Yes, as long as the screenings weren’t within the state of Victoria, Australia.


Can I submit my film if it was released theatrically, on DVD, or broadcast on TV or online before the festival?

No. Any films broadcast on Australian television, released theatrically or on DVD for sale or rental, or available online prior to 1 July 2015 are ineligible for entry. This includes films on YouTube, Vimeo or any video-on-demand sites.


If my film is not in English, do you require English subtitles?

Yes, your film will be ineligible for selection if it is a foreign language film without English subtitles.


When will I hear if my film is selected?

All applicants will be notified of MIFF’s programming decisions by mid to late June 2015 via email. Please ensure that the email address provided is correct and operational at that time. If your contact email changes it is important you let us know.


If my film is not selected, may I speak with a programmer for feedback?

No, unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive we are unable to correspond with each applicant in these circumstances.


If my film is selected, does MIFF provide screening tests prior to the film’s screening?

No. We do not have the facilities available to us to provide any screen tests. If you are concerned about your film, please check the print/tape/DCP prior to sending it to the festival.


If you need further assistance after reading this information, please email the Submissions Department,