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CHARULATA (Satyajit Ray, 1964)
Charulata is based on a novel by Rabindranath Tagore. The setting is Calcutta in 1880, where the upper-class Bengali milieu, though strongly rooted in tradition, is nourished by English liberal ideal… Read more

chased by dreams (Buddhadeb Dasgupta, 2004)
Dreams and disappointment lie at the heart of Buddhadeb Dasgupta's moving [Chased by Dreams], a meditation on hope in the lives of three ordinary people. ... Paresh is a projectionist who takes educa… Read more

CHEMMEEN (Ramu Kariat, 1965)
She was only a fisherman's daughter, but when she got hooked she got netted. A Hindu in Southern India, she grows up to love her father's partner, a Muslim. So the fisherman catches her a sturdy Hind… Read more

Chetana (W Haque, 1970)
In this Student-made film, a girl comes to stay in the home of a shy college boy. Before long, young desire causes complications. ... Read more

CIRCLE OF GOLD (Uday Bhattacharya, 1988)
A personal essay that entwines the filmmaker's conflicting sense of birthplace Calcutta and home, England The paradoxes of memory, personal and political history are synthesised by a complex montage … Read more

Claxplosion (P. Pati, 1967)
An experimental film on family planning, putting over the notion that two children in a family are enough. ... Read more

Cloven Horizon (Kantilal Rathod, 1965)
The film is based on coloured crayon paintings by a 14-year-old Indian girl, Sundaravalli. ... The All India Certificate of Merit, Government of India. ... Read more

Creations in Metal (Homi D Sethna, 1971)
A documentary about the age old art of the Indian craftsmen working in metals. ... Read more

Creative Artists of India - Satyajit Ray (B. D. Garga, 1964)
Satyajit Ray shown making The Big City speaks about his attitude towards film-making His work is illustrated by excerpts from three parts of Ihe Apu trilogy. ... Read more

DANCE OF THE WIND (Rajan Khosa, 1997)
Voted audience favourite at both the London and Nantes Film Festivals, Rajan Khosa's magnificent debut, Dance of the Wind, probes the dynamics of the Indian oral tradition. Pallavi, a successful sing… Read more

DEATH SENTENCE (Prakash Jha, 1997)
Sunset. A wide-screen expanse bathed in a blood red glow. Two women, their colourful saris almost luminous, crest a hill bathed in the last fiery rays of dusk. The scene is stunning, gorgeous for a f… Read more

DEVEERI (Kavitha Lankesh, 1999)
In her debut feature, Indian filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh tells the story of a 12-year-old boy Kyatha (Manja) who lives with his sister Deveeri (played by prominent Indian actress Nandita Das) The pair … Read more

DISTANT THUNDER (Satyajit Ray, 1973)
This is Satyajit Ray's second film in colour, and the Grand Prize winner at the Berlin Festival. The film is set in 1942, and its subject is the impact of war on an isolated Bengali village. ... The … Read more

EARTH (Deepa Mehta, 1998)
The second part of a trilogy (preceded by MIFF 1997 smash, Fire) whose theme is the elements, Deepa Mehta's Earth examines the subject of India's partition as a means to deal with land literally and … Read more

ENGLISH, AUGUST (Dev Benegal, 1994)
Dev Benegal's blackly comic story of a mod­em, English-speaking, city-born young Indi­an who comes up against a different India when he works as a trainee civil servant in a small rural town.… Read more

Face to Face (T. A. Abraham, K. S. Chari, 1967)
A cinéma vérité style inquiry into the reactions of Indian people to democracy. ... Read more

FEARLESS - THE HUNTERWALI STORY (Riyard Vinci Wadia, 1993)
"HEYYY!" she would belt out her trademark cry, and briskly proceed to whip men, toss them over her shoulders, and punch them in their collective solar plexuses. She would swing from chandeliers, thro… Read more

Festival Time (V. R. Sarma, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Film Four (Rahat Yusufi, 1969)
In India, as everywhere, there is a generation gap. The older people of the family studied in this film are religious, orthodox and conventional, but a daughter has been exposed to modern thought... ... Read more

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR PART 1 (Anurag Kashyap, 2012)
“A Bollywood-influenced gangster epic, part Western, part documentary.” - director Anurag Kashyap ... Set in the titular district around the north-eastern Indian city of Dhanbad, Gangs of Wasseyp… Read more

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR PART 2 (Anurag Kashyap, 2012)
“A brilliant collage of genres, by turns pulverizing and poetic in its depiction of violence.” - Variety ... The second instalment of Anurag Kashyap's incredible crime saga, Gangs of Wasseypur Pa… Read more

Gift of Love (Meera Dewan, 1982)
Documentary on the sufferings of two young Indian brides whose dowries were considered insufficient by their husbands and in-laws. ... Read more

Glimpses of India I (Arun Chaudhuri, 1967)
Born from the belly of the Himalayas, India has been nurtured by two great rivers which have their source in them: the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. The course of either leads through Eastern India, th… Read more

Glimpses of Indian Cinema (B. D. Garga, 1966)
A brief survey of Indian cinema from its inception to the present day. ... Read more

Glimpses of Old Calcutta (Swapan Sahan, 1985)
A documentary which lovingly portrays the lost architectural glories of old Calcutta tracing their links with the historical and social evolution of the city. It ends with an appeal for the preservat… Read more

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