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MIMI THE METAL WORKER (Lina Wertmuller, 1972)
Mimi is a somewhat timid Sicilian who, weary of being told what to do by others, rejects the control of the omnipotent Mafia in his public life, and of his wife in the privacy of his home. He is, how… Read more

MIRACLE IN MILAN (Vittorio de Sica, 1951)
De Sica has described his film as “a fable for children - especially of the grown-up variety - a comedy with an undercurrent of tragedy”. The title he originally wanted was The Poor are Disturbin… Read more

MOLESTED LOVE (Mario Martone, 1995)
... ... 70-year-old Amalia fails to arrive for a visit to her daughter Delia's home Missing for 48 hours, she is finally discovered drowned on a beach in Naples wearing only an exotic red bra. Delia … Read more

Mr. Rossi Buys a Car (Bruno Bozzetto, 1966)
Mr. Rossi's driving career is not a long one. . . . ... Anica Cup, Venice; Speical Mention, Cannes; Special Mention, Locarno; Golden Mesal, Milan; Award, Bordighera. ... Read more

Mr. Rossi Goes Skiing (Bruno Bozzetto, 1963)
The loveable little Italian cartoon character now tries his hand at the intricacies of winter sports - with the usual disastrous results. ... Special Award, Trento Festival. ... Read more

Mr. Rossi on the Beach (Bruno Bozzetto, 1964)
The misadventures of Signor Rossi during his holidays at the beach. ... Award, Festival of Tourism, Venice; Televisuion Award, Venice. ... Read more

My Bow Breathing (Enrico Maria Artale, 2011)
An archer uses her skill and discipline with the bow and arrow to extract a violent revenge on those who wronged her. ... D/S Enrico Maria Artale P Elisabetta Bruscolini L Italian w/English subtitles… Read more

MY NAME IS JOE (Ken Loach, 1998)
This tale of working class characters caught in a down­ward spiral of their own and society's weaknesses could be considered amongst Ken Loach's best work. As befits his reputation, this is a no … Read more

NEDS (Peter Mullan, 2010)
Some people need to be taught a lesson. ... In the urban wastelands of 1970s Glasgow, 12-year-old John McGill is an outlier. Quiet, studious and uncommonly intelligent, he exists in contrast to his a… Read more

NEROLIO (Aurelio Grimaldi, 1996)
At the conclusion of Aureiio Grimaldi's Neroiio a title appears stating that: "The events and characters described in this film are the fruit of the director's imagination." For Grimaldi, whether the… Read more

Night Thriller (Alessandro Furlan, 1986)
Through the hunt for a mad killer, a private detective ends up discovering the truth. By playing with the conventions of the genre, this tape becomes an amiable tribute and homage to thrillers and th… Read more

NINA (Elisa Fuksas, 2012)
"Beautifully shot and winsomely appealing … Nina is an artfully elegant and sweetly playful film." – Screen ... It's August and Rome's citizens are deserting the city for cooler cli… Read more

Nocturnals (Hi-Tech / Vritti Opera, 1985)
A mix of fashion music painting and computer graphics shot in a 16th century Roman pavilion, during a parade of Roberto Capucci's collection. A fashion video compilation of material from the Mecca of… Read more

NOSTALGHIA (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1983)
Gorciakov, a young Russian professor, journeys to Italy to retrace the career of 18th century composer Pavel Sinovsky. Exploring Italy's museum culture, Gorciakov begins to suffer 'nostalghia' and th… Read more

OCEAN (Folco Quilici, 1971)
A South Sea islander, Tanai, sets out on a pirogue to find a sackful of earth on another island, where he could plant a cutting of the "uru", the breadfruit tree, and settle down to raise a family. .… Read more

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA (Sergio Leone, 1984)
*Due to forces beyond MIFF's control we are going to have to pull Once Upon A Time in America from this program. ... “The movie has a pulse; it's alive. But not now. It's alive in some golden-brown… Read more

OPEN DOORS (Gianni Amelio, 1990)
At the start of the somberly handsome Italian thriller Open Doors, a calm, neatly dressed man returns to the office from which he has recently been dismissed. He is armed with a long sharp knife. Wit… Read more

OPEN MY HEART (Giada Colagrande, 2004)
Open My Heart (Aprimi il Cuore) Italy Sexual obsession and forbidden passion is at the core of Open My Heart, a bold and potent tale from talented newcomer, director-actor-writer Giada Colagrande.Cat… Read more

OPEN YOUR EYES (Alejandro Amenábar, 1997)
Alejandro Amenábar's follow up to the phenomenal Tesis, his 1995 debut which scooped seven Goyas (the Spanish Oscar). From a darkened cell in the psychiatric wing of a high security prison, César r… Read more

Opera (Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli, 1973)
An animated short, made of many crazy gags, tied by a common theme —music: from classical to opera, nothing gets spared from irreverent and affectionate observation. Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Pa… Read more

ORLANDO (Sally Potter, 1992)
The welcome return of provocative film director Sally Potter teams her with festival favourite Tilda Swinton in a grand tour de force. Acquiring centuries, continents and sexes in a sweeping flourish… Read more

OSSESSIONE (Luchino Visconti, 1942)
Luchino Visconti's first film was based on James Cain's thriller 'The Postman Always Rings Twice', which was also made into a French film in 1939, and was turned into the celebrated Hollywood movie b… Read more

OUI NON (Jon Jost, 2002)
Celebrated experimental director Jon Jost has created an arresting and challenging film that plays with the form of the burgeoning digital medium and its content, for Oui Non is not easily categorise… Read more

PADRE PADRONE (Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, 1977)
Set in the mountains of Sardinia, Padre Padrone explores the childhood and adolescence of boys who are compelled to leave school and spend years in isolation as sheep-herders. ... Gavino is at school… Read more

Paradise Lost (Luciano Emmer, Enrico Gras, 1948)
A filmic synthesis derived from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. An ingenious and disquieting production which traces the impact of sin from its first appearance in the Garden of Eden. ... Read more

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