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Under the Black Mask (J. van Raemdonck, 1959)
Based on his art, the film interprets the soul of the negro in The Belgian Congo. ... The material is divided into three parts: "The Birth of Man" covers the life of man, from birth to death, as it a… Read more

Une Partie de Campagne (Jean Renoir, 1936)
Jean Renoir produced this delightful little cameo, adapting it from one of Guy de Maupassant's short stories. It is the story ol a French family picnicing in the country. A typical Parisian family se… Read more

Untitled Folder (Bénédicte Ronfard, 1998)
While playing in a sand pit, a little boy unearths a shiny, black machine gun. He begins to explore the workings of the gun with a natural, fearless curiosity and know-how. A brief juggernaut of even… Read more

Upwards To Mount Everest (Ulrike Rosenbach, 1983)
Moving feet in a mirror-like space. This tape shows the desire of a heroine to get to the top. ... Read more

Victor Hugo (Anthony M. Roland, 1964)
The great French writer, Victor Hugo was also a remarkable draftsman. The film is based on a selec­tion from 400 of his little known drawings. ... Read more

VILLAGE ON THE RIVER (Fons Rademakers, 1960)
The film is set in a small Dutch village at the begining of this century. The central figure of this macabre and Rabelaisian story is the doctor who, when off duty, prefers, the friendship of the loc… Read more

VINCENT AND ME (Michael Rubbo, 1990)
Jo wins a scholarship to study art at a city art school, where she hopes to learn to paint like her hero, Vincent Van Gogh. One day she meets a mysterious art dealer, who buys some of her drawings. H… Read more

Violent Hands (Christine Rogers, 1991)
A quietly chilling and sinister portrayal of a family living with a terrible secret: an abused child. (JB) ... Read more

VIOLETS ARE BLUE (Peter Refn, 1975)
Peter Refn's first feature-length film bears a strong resemblance to Eric Rohmer's contes moraux. It centres on the conflict between a romantic view of love and a more basic, sexual conception. ... M… Read more

VIRGIN OF LUST (Arturo Ripstein, 2002)
Winner of a Special Mention at last year's Venice Film Festival, Virgin of Lust is a deliciously sordid work from the father figure of Mexican cinema, Arturo Ripstein (Ruination of Men, MIFF 2001). .… Read more

Vivante (Marjut Rimminen, 1971)
In this commercial, a man and a woman in a bath have fun with bath cosmetics. ... Read more

WAITING FOR FIDEL (Michael Rubbo, 1974)
In 1974, an interview was arranged between two Canadians and Fidel Castro, and Michael Rubbo tagged along to make a record of the conversation. While waiting to be called by Castro, the Canadians wer… Read more

Features new footage of Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and what may be the earliest known film of The Velvet Underground. In 1966, Danny Williams, Andy Warhol's lover and a permanent fixture at the Warhol Fa… Read more

War Story (Randelli, 1988)
Although War Story is in some respects an intensely personal videotape, it is true to say that my task would have been impossible without the practical assistance and advice offered by others I can o… Read more

WATCH YOUR CAR (Eldar Riazanov, 1966)
Watch your Car is about a Robin Hood of our times and a Russian one at that: a gentle car thief who steals not for personal gain but for a children's home. Innokenty Smoktunovsky, remembered for his … Read more

Water And The Milk, The (Celso Garcia Romero, 2006)
A woman tries to retrieve her sole companion in life: her cow. ... --- ... D/S Celso Garcia P Iván Ávila WS Mexican Film Institute L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/col/2006/12mins ... Read more

Way Out (Red Rockley, 1975)
How not to kill yourself. ... Read more

WE ARE THE LAMBETH BOYS (Karel Reisz, 1959)
Shot in and around a youth club in Kennington, a London suburb, pitched between the dry discipline of social documentary and a toughly optimistic personal impression, We are the Lambeth Boys approach… Read more

Ten visionary cinematic dispatches from two of contemporary experimental film's most uncompromising artists.Ranging from mind-blowing psychedelia to trance film documentary to Scottish hermit ethnogr… Read more

We the Living (David Rittey, 2005)
An ultimately uplifting story of 2 people who find comfort in each other and their desire to live in a world filled with disappointment and despair.---D/S David Rittey P Amanda Jenkins WS New Zealand… Read more

WE'LL LIVE TILL MONDAY (S. Rostotsky, 1968)
Teaching in Russia, they would have us believe, is a matter of labour inspired, labour creative. There are mediocre teachers, of course, hard­hearted and dead-handed, but they are only the hammer… Read more

We're Hanging By A Thread (Jorgen Roos, 1962)
A warning to members of pampered communities against shutting their eyes to what is going on outside their own country. Motto: Even if you take no interest in politics, be sure that politics take an … Read more

WELCOME TO L.A. (Alan Rudolph, 1976)
Alan Rudolph has had a long association with Robert Altman, as assistant director on The Long Goodbye, California Split, and Nashville, and as co-writer of Buffalo Bill and the Indians. His film, Wel… Read more

WENDY AND LUCY (Kelly Reichardt, 2008)
A girl and her dog hit the road, in Kelly Reichardt's follow up to her indie favourite Old Joy.Wendy (Michelle Williams, Brokeback Mountain) is on her way to Alaska in her beat up car with her best f… Read more

WET EARTH AND WARM PEOPLE (Michael Rubbo, 1972)
Glimpses of life in Indonesia, in and around Jakarta. This film is a chance, unscripted view of people in the city and a nearby village, in this crescent of islands, nothing goes by the book. ... Read more

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