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#37 (Joost Rekveld, 2009)
Joost Rekveld's propagation and diffraction of light through holes and grids creates the ultimate visual music for the eye. ... Not in competition ... --- D/S Joost Rekveld P Gerard Holthuis WS Filmb… Read more

$9.99 (Tatia Rosenthal, 2008)
The meaning of life is cheap. ... $9.99 has the beauty of meticulous claymation, nourished by the sustenance of a master storyteller. Tatia Rosenthal has taken a who's who of Australian voice talent … Read more

...In A Few Words... (George Ray, 1990)
A child tries to string meaningful phrases together. A young man finds no string to tie. A film where the cast of extras have remained long after the lead roles have left. ... Read more

17th Century Art Treasures of the Vienna Collection (Joe Schaeffer, William P. Riethof, 1950)
Famous paintings in the Hapsburg Collection are shown, including works of Teniers, Veronese, Rubens, Vermeer, Velasquez, Rembrandt and Tintoretto. The film shows detailed close-ups of many paintings. ... Read more

1812 (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1973)
The composition by Tchaikovsky commemorates the war fought against Napoleon. The film attempts, with the possibilities provided by the animated genre, to unite the period synthesis of the works of To… Read more

2 Figures Against (Alain Le Razer, 1994)
Somewhere on earth in a corner darkened by war two figures struggle to survive. Before all, duties are met. But the pull of life and the mag­netism of bodies sweep the two characters into a dance… Read more

3 DAYS TO FOREVER (Riri Riza, 2006)
"Holds up Indonesia like a jewel to the light, examining it for its beauty and flaws, and its mostly non-judgemental eye recalls the less paranoid moments of Easy Rider and its snapshots of 60s Ameri… Read more

4 ELEMENTS (Jiska Rickels, 2006)
“Four places on earth where fellowship and trust are of existential importance.” - filmmaker Jiska Rickels Following up her award-winning documentary short Days Under, Jiska Rickels completes a … Read more

6IXTYNIN9 (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2004)
6ixtynin9 (Ruang Talok 69) Thailand ... Pen-ek Ratanaruang's second feature is a macabre black comedy that highlights his talents as a filmmaker who can successfully mix genres. Leaving both critics … Read more

6IXTYNIN9 (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 1999)
After losing her job due to downsizing, Tum despairs until a noodle carton chock full of cash is wrongly delivered to her door (a simple but superb visual gag explained in the title). When a pair of … Read more

8 x 8 (Hans Richter, 1957)
It all starts around a maple tree in Connecti¬cut, moved to a Paris studio &ndash: to a rooftop in Zurich, to a palazzo in Venice &ndash: to a villa in the South of France &ndash: to a swimming p… Read more

A BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD (Shi Runjiu, 1998)
Bao Gun is a simple country boy whose dreams come true. He wins a contest in his small town, the prize being a deluxe apartment in a sumptuous, new Shanghai high-rise. Armed only with a single suitca… Read more

A Carder (Kantilal Rathod, 1968)
Pinjara is a carder in a Bombay cotton factory producing and renovating mattresses. Carding is a skill centuries old, but it can now be done by machine. Pinjara's livelihood is threatened and, in con… Read more

A City Called Copenhagen (Jorgen Roos, 1960)
An amusing and clever twist to the usual travel documentary. The Danish capital is seen with a happy irreverence. Tourist attractions are mentioned, but with whimsical irony, and the film presents an… Read more

A Film For My Son (Ida K. P. Ruzsits, 1984)
A Hungarian emigree who has lived in many countries. including Australia, made this personal experimental documentary incorporating Hungarian folksongs a lullaby she used to sing to her children, and… Read more

A Gentle Creature (Marc James Roels, 2009)
With papers signed, the tax advantages agreed upon and procedures put in place, a young couple begin a confronting and disturbing ritual. ... --- ... D/S Marc James Roels P Eurydice Gysel, Koen Morti… Read more

A GIRLFRIEND FOR DAVID (Orlando Rojas, 1985)
Una Novia Para David captures the situation of a young kid who leaves his village in 1966 to go to the University of Havana with a typical Cuban graffiti style, fast pacing, lots af music (Beatles an… Read more

A Light Waltz (George Rosenberg, 1978)
The manufacture of lights set to the music of Strauss. ... Read more

A New Book (Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1976)
The adventures of the owners of a new book, shown on nine screens simultaneously ... Read more

A PECK ON THE CHEEK (Mani Ratnam, 2002)
Madhaven and Dileep have just gone through an arranged marnage, and life for the two Sri Lankan youths is wonderful, as they begin to fall in love. Their post-marital bliss is shattered, however; by … Read more

A Perm (Lee Ran-hee, 2009)
If you marry a Korean man you must become a Korean woman, and that starts with a perm. ... --- D/S LEE Ran-hee P UM Tae-shick WS Indiestory Inc L Korean w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2009 --- D/S L… Read more

A PHOENIX TOO FREQUENT (George Roman, 1971)
This film version of Christopher Fry's verse drama was produced by the Stockton and District YMCA, to enable young professional artists and film technicians to work on an experimental project. ... Th… Read more

A Potter's World - Bernard Leach (John Read, 1961)
A film about the life and work of Bernard Leach, now in his seventies, who makes his own pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall. Leach, an artist-philosopher who is keenly aware of the deep relationship betwe… Read more

A Sculptor's Landscape (John Read, 1958)
A film which shows the work of Henry Moore, from his drawings to his sculptures, with particular reference to his latest and most important work, the reclining figure for the UNESCO Headquarters in P… Read more

A WIVE'S TALE (Sophie Bissonnette, Martin Duckworth, Joyce Rock, 1980)
Sudbury is the site of the world's largest nickel deposit, and 160,000 people live in this city whose life is determined by the rhythm of the world nickel market and one company, Inco. Inco Metals Co… Read more

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