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What is Business? (Ilene Segalove, 1983)
A pseudo documentary about growing up, ‘WHAT IS BUSINESS' parodies instructional and educational films. Segalove conducts a series of interview* with a variety of business people and comedy takes o… Read more

WHATEVER (Susan Skoog, 1998)
A New Jersey girl on the verge of adulthood. Anna (Liza Weil) is struggling to realise her dreams in a world where there are no easy solutions or happy endings. It is the early 80s: The Ramones, Iggy… Read more

Where Did You Get That Woman? (Loretta Smith, 1982)
An affectionate portrait of an ageing washroom attendant who thrives on the social stimulation afforded by her job on the periphery of the night scene. Her ironic observations on the behaviour of the… Read more

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN? (M) (Morgan Spurlock, 2008)
“If I've learned anything from big budget action movies it's that complicated global problems are best solved by one lonely guy.” - filmmaker Morgan SpurlockHaving lost the weight from the fast f… Read more

Where Little Demons Dwell (Alex Steyermark, 1985)
Stauffer, a widower lives with his housekeeper of 15 years, a woman both caring and overbearing in her manner. A doctor is brought in to cure a mysterious illness that Srauffer seems to be suffering … Read more

Which Way Is East: Notebooks From Vietnam (Lynne Sachs, Dana Sachs, 1994)
This new film from San Francisco filmmmaker Lynne Sachs is a sensual, rather than factual travelogue around Vietnam. With her sister Dana, who is living and working as a Journalist in Vietnam, Sachs … Read more

WHISPERING PAGES (Alexander Sokurov, 1993)
"The shape of a dark world - in both senses of the word - comes into view in slow pans which are only interrupted by cuts to a new location. We see the facades of dockland buildings, the catacomb-lik… Read more

WHITE LIES BLACK SHEEP (James Spooner, 2007)
“Spooner's style calls to mind the youthful energy of early Spike Lee.” - Hollywood ReporterAt first skinny jeans, the right hairstyle and a liking for Blondie were enough to keep African-America… Read more

Whose Television? (Steve Spangaro, 1994)
Entertaining and informative documentary showing an overview of current forms of public access community television. The emphasis is on participation and the program encourages anyone to get involved. Read more

Why I Got Into TV and Other Stories (Ilene Segalove, 1983)
Five short pieces where TV is the trigger for childhood memorie. These ... are all brought together by Segalove's wry, ‘nothing but the facts' narration. ... Read more

Why'd The Beetle Cross The Road? (Jan Skrentny, 1984)
This "bug's eye" view of the world aims to depict a beetle s epic journey across the beach. His treacherous trip is littered with obstacles: joggers roller skaters dogs children. He survives a close … Read more

Even though broodingly handsome Wilbur is almost irresistible to women, and in fact universally adored, he attempts suicide on such a regular basis that the members of his therapy group vote him out … Read more

WILD FLOWERS (Robert Smith, 1989)
An older woman is preparing the body of a younger woman for burial. For a moment she stares bitterly at the corpse, then slaps it violently across the face. ... The reason for this outburst? All is r… Read more

WILD RIDER LTD. (Franz-Josef Spieker, 1967)
The threadbare quality of the prominent people of our age and the way they are managed is exposed with a wealth of sarcasm in this zany spoof on the promotion racket. The formula for success is extra… Read more

William (Eron Sheean, 2006)
From best MIFF shorts award winning director Eron Sheean (Fish MIFF 05), William tells the story of an indigenous sideshow magician, whom on his taxi ride home, encounters an unwelcome passenger, for… Read more

Wind From The West (Arne Sucksdorff, 1942)
A blend of fact and fantasy, set in the land of the Lapps in northernmost Sweden. In a schoolhouse young Nils sits dreamily longing that lie might go with the older Lapps on their yearly migration to… Read more

Wings of Fire (M. M. Sharma, 1971)
A study of flamingoes, which gather in countless thousands on broad river flats for the mating season. ... Read more

WINTER KEPT US WARM (David Secter, 1964)
This film, set at the North American University of Toronto, was made by a young man who had just graduated, and who managed to capture faithfully the feel of life on the campus. The story examines a … Read more

Wishful Thinking (Jill Scott, 1988)
Wishful Thinking is a five part mini series for television, full of surreal and amusing adventures. It is a stereotypical look at our selves through the digital eyes of two female replicants from Pla… Read more

WITH BURNING PATIENCE (Antonio Skarmeta, 1984)
In the seaside village of Isla Negra (Chile) lives an old and much respected Nobel Prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda. The villagers are poor people who live simply and ordinarily. Pablo is the only li… Read more

Without Fear (Peter Sachs, 1952)
A ... brilliantly executed cartoon emphasizing the importance of freedom and the need for co-operation among European nations in order that people may be strong and prosperous, and free from poverty … Read more

WOMAN IS THE FUTURE OF MAN (Hong Sang-soo, 2004)
Woman is the Future of Man (Yeojaneun Namjaeui Miraeda) South KoreaHong Sang-soo's (Turning Gate, MIFF 2003) latest film arrives direct from its slot in Official Competition at Cannes. Taking its tit… Read more

WOMAN OF WATER (Hidenori Sugimori, 2002)
An accomplished debut feature that boasts the kind of impossibly gorgeous imagery that punctuates the films of Tran Anh Hung (Cydo, Vertical Roy of the Sun). Woman of Water is a meditative, Zen-like … Read more

WOMAN ON THE BEACH (Hong Sang-soo, 2006)
A one-night stand between lovers… What's to come of this fleeting romance? From filmmaker Hong Sangsoo (Woman is the Future of Man, Turning Gate, Tale of Cinema), his most accessible film see… Read more

Wooden Lullaby (Tom De Simone, 1965)
An abstract, but visually powerful study of a child and the influences which surround him. ... Read more

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