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Films Screened In 2011

Once you've created indelible characters, what do you do with them? This seminar focuses on creating a believable and organic character arc which is connected fully both to the character and the stru… Read more

Creating unique and memorable character voices is one of the best ways to get a script noticed and one powerful way to approach dialogue writing is to consider it in terms of genre. If you know what … Read more

WIN WIN (M) (Tom McCarthy, 2011)
"Possesses a sharp wit and a generous spirit... a master class in offbeat comic brilliance." - New York Times ... Paul Giamatti plays Mike Flaherty, a middle-aged lawyer-cum-high school wrestling coa… Read more

Winter Poem (Rok Predin, 2011)
A mischievous spirit torments a soldier lost in the woods, in this visual poem filled with mythology, folklore and magic. ... D/S Rok Predin P Richard Barnett WS Trunk Animation L no dialogue TD digi… Read more

WINTER VACATION (Li Hongqi, 2010)
"Already a poet and novelist, Li Hongqi is also a talented filmmaker, here managing to dot an ultra-minimalist slice of life with speckles of wry deadpan humour." - Time Out London ... The monotony o… Read more

WINTER'S DAUGHTER (Johannes Schmid, 2011)
A touching story about a young girl determined to track down her biological father. ... Eleven-year-old Kattaka is celebrating Christmas with her parents when an unexpected phone call turns her world… Read more

X (Jon Hewitt, 2011)
A jaded call-girl. A fledgling hooker. The night from hell. ... The seedy underbelly of Sydney's red-light district becomes a violently dangerous place in filmmaker Jon Hewitt's X, the much-awaited f… Read more

YOU ARE HERE (Daniel Cockburn, 2010)
"[You Are Here] offers a series of episodes that slide over one another like a palimpsest... That tingle in your frontal lobe means that it's working." - Cinema Scope ... When a reclusive woman (the … Read more

Your House and Mine (Peter McIntyre, 1958)
You can read more about this film in Senses of Cinema. ... Read more

ZEBRAMAN 2: ATTACK ON ZEBRA CITY (Takashi Miike, 2010)
"A serious dash of Miike weirdness... One of the most memorable closing shots ever." - Twitch Film ... In 2004, MIFF favourite Takashi Miike (see 13 Assassins, also in this year's program) directed a… Read more

Zergüt (Natasha Subramaniam, Alisa Lapidus, 2011)
Mouldy, decaying foods long forgotten in the depths of the refrigerator rise up against the fresh ingredients, their skirmishes soon escalating into total war. Foodstuffs morph, march, disintegrate, … Read more

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