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TERMINUS LOVE (G. Tressler, 1958)
When a twenty-one year old factory worker &ndash: and reputed lady-killer &ndash: gambles with love, he is liable to lose his heart as well as learn about life. Set in post-war Berlin, Terminus Love … Read more

The Christmas Visitor (John Halas, 1958)
A cartoon film which belongs wholly to the spirit of a child's Christmas. Having entered in traditional fashion by the chimney and filled the children's stockings, Father Christmas rests his weary sh… Read more

THE CREATION OF THE WORLD (Edvard Hofman, 1958)
Based on the drawings of the famous French cartoonist. Jean Effel, the film tells the story of the first part of Genesis amusingly and with invention. Effel's gallic wit is carefully preserved and fu… Read more

The Cyclist (Henning Carlsen, 1958)
The multi-festival prize winner is an imaginatively scripted and photographed film directed at children. A lively tale told by a bicycle, it shows what can be done with a road safety propaganda film. ... Read more

THE GODDESS (John Cromwell, 1958)
Paddy Chayefsky's reputation has been built on the loving and detailed exploration of small-scale objects, the discovery of the significance of the commonplace. In The Goddess, he is working on an al… Read more

The Golden Age of Flemish Art (Paul Haesaerts, 1958)
In his first colour film. Paul Haesearts, who is well known for his art films, especially for Rubens and A Visit to Picasso, explores the meanings, beauties and quaint anecdotal material hidden in th… Read more

THE HORSE'S MOUTH (Ronald Neame, 1958)
In the first film he has scripted for himself, Alec Guinness chose to adapt for the screen this seemingly impossible novel, "The Horse's Mouth'" by Joyce Cary. The story purports to be written by Gul… Read more

Shot in black and white, set in Badacsony, where volcanic rocks overlook the waters of Lake Balaton, this is the story of simple people of wild ungovernable passions. Coming home from a prisoner-of-w… Read more

THE HUNTERS (John Marshall, Robert Gardner, 1958)
This savage and beautiful documentary concerns the Kung Bushmen who scratch a living from the pitiless Kalahari Desert. In one sense the film is already a historical document; The Hunters tells a pri… Read more

THE IRON FLOWER (Janos Hersko, 1958)
It is Budapest in the early thirties. A strange, solitary young man, Istvan Peterssen, living in one of the older suburbs, is without work. He wants no concessions from life, and will not accept alms… Read more

The Knot in the Handkerchief (Hermína Týrlová, 1958)
An animated puppet film whose "hero" is the obiect in the title. On returning home, a small boy finds his handkerchief with a knot in it which is to remind him of a job. He stuffs the handkerchief in… Read more

THE LINE UP (Don Siegel, 1958)
"Psycho-killers Julian and Dancer (Keith and Wallach), are hired to recover a heroin haul. Among their professional touches is noting down their victim's last words ("Why be greedy?"). But they can b… Read more

The Little Island (Richard Williams, 1958)
Three men land on a tiny, deserted island. One believes in Trught, one in Goodness and one in Beauty. For several days they are content to sit in the sun and get brown. Then each indulges in a long p… Read more

The Living Stone (J. Feeney, 1958)
During one hard winter. Milliaksi. the Eskimo. carved a stone image of Miniachuk. the goddess of the sea, who controls the seals. The magic works, and the summer brings seals, food and joy to the peo… Read more

THE MUSIC ROOM (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
This film was made between the second and third parts of the Apu trilogy. Where the trilogy shows the gradual breaking up of the simple traditional family life and religion, and their replacement by … Read more

The Outsider (J. D. Pollet, 1958)
A shy boy feels lost in the night clubs of Paris. ... Read more

The Power Makers (L. Robinson, 1958)
Portrays the vast brown coal undertaking at Yallourn, the heart of Victoria's Electric Power System, and the thousands of workers going about their jobs during a normal day-time shift. ... Read more

The Seven Arts (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1958)
A cartoon review of the evolution of ideas. Man invents the seven arts - drawing and sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature, dance, music, and cinema. ... Read more

The Travel Game (T. Thompson, 1958)
The universal game of guessing travellers' intentions and destinations is here played on the Harwich-Hook of Holland Continental route. By the lime Denmark. Holland. Germany and Switzerland are reach… Read more

The Urgent Queue (Jamie Uys, 1958)
This film is the story of the migration of a Bantu family to Port Elizabeth in search of work. The film tells an intensely human story, with highlights of drama and humour typical of the lives of mil… Read more

The Vision of William Blake (Guy Brenton, 1958)
The main intention of this film is not to examine the artistic achievement of William Blake, but to illustrate, by a comprehensive use of his books and pictures, the story of a spiritual journey, the… Read more

The Wilderness of Zin (F. Steinhardt, 1958)
The dramatic story of the archeological exploration of the Negev desert, tracing a road of discoveries from biblical days to the time of Byzantium. ... Read more

The World of Microbes (Tetsuro Onuma, Masami Sugiyama, 1958)
A unique record of a seventy-hour struggle between tubercle bacilli and white blood corpuscles, taken in time -lapse motion under an electron microscope at 12,000 magnification. ... Read more

Theodore Roosevelt (, 1958)
A dramatic portrayal of Theodore Roosevelt's political career, based on photographs, drawings, painting and engravings, original newsreel sequences and cartoons of famous artists of the day. ... Read more

This Land Australia (M. Otton, 1958)
Australia's cities and towns, its industries, its pastimes and the lives of its people. ... Read more

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