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TOUCH OF EVIL (Orson Welles, 1958)
This print, presented by courtesy of CIC, is the full version of Touch of Evil, which was cut by 15 minutes when released in 1958. ... Special narcotics investigator for the Mexican Ministry of Justi… Read more

Town Without a Name (John Morris, 1958)
Neatly caught in a web of statistics, a small town is used to illustrate the impact of road toll on our nation. ... Read more

Training Players For Chinese Classical Theatre (Chang Chao-pin, Chen Chen-tsai, 1958)
An attractive film about one of the most exquisite ancient arts of the Orient, kept alive by exact teaching methods and unbroken tradition. The students work their way exhaustively to perfection and … Read more

Two Men and a Wardrobe (Jakub Dreyer, 1958)
Two men carrying a large wardrobe emerge from the sea. The adventures of the trio, while looking for food and lodgings, are told in this unusual experimental film, described by its producers as an "e… Read more

Two Men and a Wardrobe (Roman Polanski, 1958)
Synopsis not available Read more

Under Night Streets (Ralph Keene, 1958)
After the last train at night and before the first train in the morning, 800 people are hard at work-making London's Underground fit for travellers. and taking in their stride a broken rail discovere… Read more

VERTIGO (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958)
The film's source was a novel by the French virtuoso team, Boileau and Narcejac.Although the psychological murder mystery had been written with the director in mind, he never intended to retain more … Read more

Waltzing Matilda (G. Isakson, 1958)
An unusual interpretation of the swagman's suicide story, atmospherically staged and sung. ... Read more

Waterloo (E. Bernhard, 1958)
Wellington's headquarters still stand m the peaceful village of Waterloo; Napoleon's army tent, swords, flags are on display in the museum where visitors are shepherded past wax figures, paintings, f… Read more

WHEN PARENTS FORGET (Amilcar Tirado, 1958)
This film, which has participated in the Borgama, Venice and Edinburgh Festivals, is about the inquietude of youth in a rural community lacking recreational facilities. ... Luciano cannot understand … Read more

WHIPFIRE (D. Djayakusuma, 1958)
Djayakusuma's Whipfire, an earthy and stirring drama about peasants opposing an exploitative village head, utilises an East Javanese tradition of staging ceremonial whip fights as its central motif: … Read more

WOLFTRAP (J. Weiss, 1958)
A small town in Moravia is the setting for this psychological drama, based on the novel of the same name by Jarmila Glazarova. A young girl. Jana, is accepted as a ward by her relatives. In the musty… Read more

WORLD OF APU (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
So much has already been written about Pather Panchali and Aparajito that Ray's trilogy was destined for classic status even before the release of the third instalment, and the various influences - R… Read more

WORLD OF APU (Satyajit Ray, 1958)
The third part of the Bengali saga continues the story of Apu, now a young man living in Calcutta and dreaming of a literary career and a positive future. An old friend invites him to a village weddi… Read more

Your House and Mine (Peter McIntyre, 1958)
You can read more about this film in Senses of Cinema. ... Read more

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