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THE BOY ACROSS THE STREET (Josef Shalhin, 1966)
David, a boy of twelve, was born under an unlucky star. His mother deserted him, and his father, a new immigrant from Morocco, cannot adapt himself to the new surroundings. ... David gets into troubl… Read more

The Burning of a Thousand Suns (Pierre Kast, 1966)
A science fiction film concerned with the adventures of an inter-galactic traveller. ... Gold Medal for science fiction film ... Trieste; Special Jury Prize, Rio de Janeiro. ... Read more

The Collection (Cliff Roberts, 1966)
What happens when you illustrate the high-powered advertising blurb for a chain food store with great paintings . . .\ ... First Prize, Chicago; Chris Award, Columbus; Golden Gate Award, San Francisc… Read more

THE DANCE OF THE HERON (Fons Rademakers, 1966)
This work, made by one of the leading Dutch directors whose films, The Spitting Image and The Knife, have previously been seen at Melbourne Festivals, is an uncompromising study of a thwarted relatio… Read more

THE DEAD AND THE ALIVE (Kangchon Lee, 1966)
On the eve of the retreat of the United Nation forces from Seoul in January 1951, following a successful Communist attack, a high army official, Colonel Lee, is shot at. The assailant turns out to be… Read more

THE FACE OF ANOTHER (Hiroshi Teshigawara, 1966)
On the surface, the film is about a man whose face is destroyed in a factory explosion, and who is given a new and life-like mask by a doctor. To the accompaniment of a subplot of doom-laden referenc… Read more

The Family of Man (Wladyslaw Slesicki, 1966)
Inspired by the famous exhibition of photographs, "The Family of Man", the camera records the life of a peasant family during a working day. ... Read more

The Festival (K. B. Schmaltz, Karl Schedereit, 1966)
Each year, more and more starlets wear less and less on the beaches; each year the American navy sends ten warships. . . This film takes an acid look at the Cannes Festival. ... Read more

The Fly (Aleksander Marks, Vladimir Jutriša, 1966)
A parable on man coming to grips with the cosmic universe, The Fly is Zagreb's most successful cartoon. The soundtrack is important in building an atmosphere of confusion and terror. ... Read more

The Fly Swatter (Vernon Sundfors, 1966)
A drawn-on-film film about the state one can get into while determined to swat that ******* fly. ... Read more

The Foot and the Ball (Uri Zohar, 1966)
A humorous view of Saturday football league games in Israel. ... Read more

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY (Sergio Leone, 1966)
The final instalment of the Eastwood - Man With No Name trilogy takes place against a realistic reconstruction of the American Civil War as the 'Good' (a taciturn Clint Eastwood), the Bad' (reptilian… Read more

The High-Tension Line Mounters (Dumitru Done, 1966)
The beauty of human effort as men ride the wires, sweeping along the skylines to the horizon. ... Read more

The Last Mohican (Paul Leaf, 1966)
Alan Arkin as a pretzel seller trapped by a sociology student. ... Read more

The Little Chaos (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1966)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Miereveld, a married lawyer, who teaches a special subject in a girls' school, cherishes a passionate but idealistic love for one of his pupils, the beautiful Fran Veenman. His feelings towards her r… Read more

The hero of the film, Vive, is an adolescent dissatisfied with his comfortable existence after graduating from high school. He and his friend, Romache, are led to revolt. For Vive, this initially tak… Read more

THE PRIVATE RIGHT (Michael Papas, 1966)
The film opens with a sustained battle between guerillas and British troops in Cyprus during the emergency of the late fifties. A young Eoka rebel leader is captured, thrown into a prison cell and to… Read more

The Rise of Parnassus Needy (Richard Taylor, 1966)
To illustrate the wide range of functions a bank plays in the economy, this cartoon tells the story of a poet who, setting up business to sell words for all occasions, meets with phenomenal success. ... Read more

THE ROUND-UP (Miklós Jancsó, 1966)
The action of the film takes place in the years after the collapse of the 1848 Revolution against the Hapsburgs. Its anti-heroes are a group of impoverished Hungarian peasants who, after defeat, cont… Read more

The Scissors and the Little Boy (Hristo Topouzanov, 1966)
An inspired pair of scissors dances around scraps of paper of all colours and produces a new, gay world. ... First Prize, Teheran Festival. ... Read more

The Seal (Branko Celovic, 1966)
A satire on the bureaucratic aspects of modern administration. ... Read more

THE SEASONS OF OUR LOVE (Florestano Vancini, 1966)
Vittorio Borghi, a 40-year-old reporter and ex-communist, now works for an independent newspaper. He has lost all the idealism of his youth and the world seems to be falling apart around him. He goes… Read more

The Story of a Concerto (H. J. Hossfeld, 1966)
Within the framework of a rehearsal of the Brahms piano concerto in D minor, with Julius Katchen and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, unfolds the life of Brahms and the history of this concerto. ..… Read more

The Summer We Moved To Elm Street (Patricia Watson, 1966)
The discoveries and disappointments a nine-year-old girl experiences in one summer. ... Read more

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