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Monument to the Dream (L. T. Iglehart Jr., Charles Guggenheim, 1968)
The city of St. Louis built a memorial to the pioneers who opened up the West. The immense arch was designed by Eero Saarinen, the man whose intervention ensured that Utzon should win the competition… Read more

MUSIC! (Michael Tuchner, 1968)
"Silence." said the bright commentator in a recent commercial short about canned music, "is becoming a very rare commodity." He was referring to swinging Britain, and it would seem that whether they … Read more

My Wife Said That's Enough (Ronald Piggott, 1968)
She called a halt when her husband decided to enlarge the thing in the basement which had occupied him every evening for years. But it made no difference: he continued with his meticulous task, of re… Read more

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (M) (George Romero, 1968)
“Together with Psycho, this is the movie that extracted horror cinema from its mortal embrace with Gothic romanticism.” - John Carpenter ... Inspired by Richard Matheson's classic novel I Am Lege… Read more

NO TEARS FOR ANANSE (Sam Aryeetey, 1968)
Most Ghanaians know 'Anansesem' —the stories of Ananse. In Akan mythology, Kweku Ananse is the younger brother of Nyankopon, the great god of the sky. But Ananse is earthy, with an insatiable g… Read more

The strongest statement yet from the black community. Such is the critical acclaim for this cine-verite documentary shot during one of the biggest peace marches in the United States. A group of black… Read more

Noces de Plumes (Patrick Leoux, 1968)
M. Basu calls his psychiatrist. He has just had An Experience. An ordinary street led him to a ruined church where a wedding was in progress. He has fallen in love with the bride. Then at the cocktai… Read more

North (Josef Reeve, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

One of the Missing (Anthony Scott, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Orson Welles (François Reichenbach, Frédéric Rossif, 1968)
A famous French documentary director has chosen to match his talents with those of a powerful subject who talks on his youth, his formative years, his life and work. Reichenbach on Welles on Welles, … Read more

PANORAMA OF BRAZILIAN CINEMA (Jurandyr Passos Noronha, 1968)
A creatively edited and richly illustrated historical survey of Brazilian cinema from 1898 to the present day. ... Read more

Paradise in the Sun (John Gray, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

PARTNER (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1968)
“An energetic thumb-nosing fossil of 60s fragmentation, cinematic upset, and sub-Marxist yowlings.” - Village Voice ... This rarely seen, unorthodox retelling of Dostoevsky's The Double is Bernar… Read more

Pas de deux (Norman McLaren, 1968)
Two of Canada's leading ballet dancers, Margaret Mercier and Vincent Warren, are clad in white and their pas de deux filmed against a black stage. For his 48th experimental film, Norman McLaren plays… Read more

Pas De Deux (Norman McLaren, 1968)
McLaren employed a multi-image technique to film two ballet performets in this study in the grace of dance. It was filmed against a black backdrop with rear lighting oudining the white-clad dancers. … Read more

Pietas (Margit Ogebratt, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Portrait of Zubin Mehta (Terry Sanders, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

PRISONERS OF FREEDOM (Yona Zarecki, 1968)
The penal system of Israel provides a form of remission for good behaviour which permits prisoners twenty-four hours with their families at intervals to reduce the tension of their long incarceration… Read more

A psychedelic, psychological horror brimming over with swinging 60s style – and just a little nymphomania, necrophilia and fetishism. ... After suffering a mental breakdown, painter Leonar… Read more

Red and White (Keld Helmer-Petersen, 1968)
A short musical improvisation on the Danish national colours, red and white; colours which actually dominate the Danish scene. ... Read more

Remake of Astro Boy (Osamu Tezuka, 1968)
Technically referred to as the Remake Of Astro Boy this series features a karaoke disco version of the theme (true to the Japanese theme but with English words). Many changes are evident in this slic… Read more

Return to the Dreaming (Cecil Holmes, 1968)
An old Aboriginal painter, Yirawalla, returns to his "Dreaming'' in Central Arnhem Land to reveal to his children his and their origins. ... Read more

Run I'm After Me (Julian Gisborne, 1968)
An experimental film about the fantastic adventures of a young man and a girl in conflict with evil forces. In the words of the director: "The basic concept behind this film is of a quantitative natu… Read more

Sérénade (Piotr Kamler, 1968)
Haydn's famous serenade is freely illustrated. ... Read more

Shower Proof (Fred Drummond, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

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