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The Drover's Wife (Gian Carlo Manara, 1968)
One of Henry Lawson's greatest stories tells of a woman left alone in a two-roomed bush cottage while her husband is away droving—alone with her four children, their dog, and a killer snake und… Read more

The End (Rej Rejayan, 1968)
A chronological arrangement of bits of sequences in a story calls for audience participation to pull the story together into a coherent whole. But oddly enough, each viewer finds a different story. .… Read more

The Face (Herbert kosower, 1968)
The face of womankind is seen through engravings of a woman`s face by Piero Fornasetti. A rapid and multifarious assemblage of photographs demonstrates how' the female face can he simultaneously ... … Read more

The Little Story of a Negligible Tale (Paul Grimault, 1968)
A story by Ambrose (°‘Billcr") Bierce. ... who will be remembered for his ... “Incident at Owl Creek Bridge". A ... starving orphan girl on Christmas ... night. dreaming of goodies, has a tar… Read more

The Locker (Barry Tomblin, 1968)
A comic allegory about a man who wants to know the secrets of a locker. ... Read more

THE MAN WITHOUT A MAP (Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1968)
A detective, engaged to find a missing man. discovers that the people who knew him are untroubled. One young man who might help him is mysteriously killed. The detective loses his job . . . and then … Read more

THE MILKY WAY (Luis Buñuel, 1968)
Buneul continues his confrontation with Catholicism, concerning himself in this film primarily with issues of doctrine and questions of heresy. The surface tone of the film is comic, but below that, … Read more

THE MOVIE ORGY (1968) (Joe Dante, 1968)
“Everything in my subsequent work comes from The Movie Orgy.” - Joe Dante ... Inspired by Susan Sontag's well known essay ‘Notes on Camp', as well as the very successful rerelease of the 1943 s… Read more

The Nail Clippers (Jean-Claude Carrière, 1968)
The fantastic adventures of a couple as they settle into their room in a hotel. ... Special Jury Prize, Cannes 1969 ... Read more

The Pictures That Moved (Alan Anderson, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Red Arrows (John Edwards, Arthur Gibson, 1968)
Formation flying and aerobatics by the famous R.A.F. squadron are rapidly edited and coupled with a pulsating sound track to create an exciting experience. ... Read more

The Revolution (Richard Taylor, 1968)
The pressures to which the government bureaucrat is exposed are really just a nuisance, inter­rupting his routine. ... A biting cartoon with fluid animation, pleasantly pithy in word and wit. ... Read more

The Saints (Bent Barfod, 1968)
When the Saints go marchin' in . . . they do so to a swinging, animated dance of death. ... Read more

A shy young truckie keeps every weekend free from engagements in case he should be lucky enough to meet, at the Saturday night dance, a nice girl who would never let him down. But all of a sudden two… Read more

The Shepherd (Cameron Guess, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Stolen Feast (Peter Refn, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE TALGAI SKULL (Tom Haydon, 1968)
In 1886, in a paddock in Southern Queensland, a fossilised skull was discovered. In 1914, it caused a sensation in scientific circles. But only recently have serious attempts been made to establish i… Read more

THE WHITE ROOM (Metodi Andonov, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

THEN CAME THE LEGEND (Andrei Blaier, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

TWO FACES OF CHINA THE (René Burri, 1968)
In The Two Faces of China, René Burri draws from his extensive travels throughout this vast land to show how Chinese Communism has reconciled - or perhaps not - the traditional pull of family and th… Read more

Two Off the Cuff (Bob Godfrey, 1968)
Two short Bob Godfrey cartoons on the general theme of man's inability to communicate with his fellows. ... In Masks, the hypocrisy of human pretence is illustrated by comically using some well-known… Read more

UN SOIR... UN TRAIN (André Delvaux, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Vision of the Land (Herbert E. Meyer, 1968)
The great Swiss painter Ferdinand Hodler died in 1918. This film examines the development of his work over 47 years with a commentary based wholly on his own writings. ... Read more

Waltz with Karin (Ola Lindahl , 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Water Birds (Patrick Carey, 1968)
A series of lyrical studies of the movements and colours of water birds to music by Debussy. ... Read more

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