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COOL AND CRAZY (Knut Erik Jensen, 2001)
Facing the ferocious Barent Sea—with a practically uninterrupted view of the North Pole—lies the small fishing village of Berlevag, made famous by the Oscar-winning film Babette's Feast (… Read more

CORPORATION, THE (Mark Achbar, 2004)
The Corporation CanadaThe CEO of Interface, a massive global manufacturing conglomerate, thinks this planet can support life for 30 to 50 more years and then it's lights out! Mark Achbar (Manufacturi… Read more

COVE, THE (Louie Psihoyos, 2009)
“I'd be surprised if [this] doesn't wind up being nominated in next year's best documentary feature Oscar race.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Filmmaker Louie Psihoyos, Richard O'Barry (former on-set … Read more

COWBOY AND MARIA IN TOWN (Les McLaren, Annie Stiven, 1991)
Cowboy is a reformed rascal - an urban bandit come clean. His self-styled rock 'n' roll act on street corners earns him just enough money to get by. With his Chuck Berry style and white suit he attra… Read more

COWBOYS IN PARADISE (Amit Virmani, 2009)
The unassuming film that inflamed an internet controversy and raised the ire of Indonesian authorities. ... After meeting a 12-year-old Indonesian boy who announced “When I grow up, I want to sex-s… Read more

CRAZY ENGLISH (Zhang Yuan, 1999)
"What is the most concrete way to love your country?... To love your country is to study English well!... Crazy English! Crazy life! Crazy work! Crazy study! Crazy everyday! I want to be crazy! I lov… Read more

CRAZY HORSE (Frederick Wiseman, 2011)
Slip backstage at the world's most famous nude dance revue. ... Founded in 1951, Paris's legendary Crazy Horse cabaret is a fixture of the city's nightlife. Famous for its elaborate nude dance specta… Read more

McWilliams' ground-breaking documentary is a kind of x-ray into the creative mind of Canada's late animation pioneer, who passed away in 1987. ... Norman McLaren's influence on cinema cannot be overe… Read more

CRUMB (Terry Zwigoff, 1994)
... ... Offensively pornographic, objectionably misogynist, or "the Breughel of the twenti­eth century"?, David Lynch presents a tour de force of film portraiture, an alternately hilarious and di… Read more

CURRENT EVENTS (Ralph Arlyck, 1989)
This is an expressive, reflective film that strings together seemingly dislocated stories and events in a provocative, and personalised treatment of the media and its impact on human rights. Arlyck c… Read more

CUTIE AND THE BOXER (Zachary Heinzerling, 2013)
Winner of the Directing Award: US Documentary at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. ... Octogenarian alcoholic Ushio Shinohara is an action artist who punches paint onto canvasses with boxing gloves. H… Read more

CYBERPUNK (Marianne Trench, 1990)
Part of the world's population is already 'post-human" - so muses expatriate American writer William Gibson on the impact of his science fiction series which began with the 1982 Neuromancer and spawn… Read more

DAMNED IN THE U.S.A. (Paul Yule, 1991)
... ... This ambitious British documentary takes an unusual and refined look at the most recent and controversial cases of censorship in the United States. A number of senators are seen on their crus… Read more

DARKER SIDE OF BLACK (Isaac Julien, 1993)
Gangsta chic, violence and nihilism, the hard edge of Rap and Ragga increasingly dominates the image of black popular culture. Director Isaac Julian (Looking For Langston, Young Soul Rebels) and the … Read more

DARKON (Andrew Neel & Luke Meyer, 2006)
Darkon was the winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary, SXSW. ... Each weekend, on the sweeping soccer fields of Baltimore, they gather. An epic war is taking place and at stake are the ric… Read more

DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE (Hubert Sauper, 2004)
With virtuoso skill and devastating insight, [Darwin's Nightmare] accumulates the myriad human aspects of a compelling story to create a comprehensive, harrowing look at the human costs of the exploi… Read more

DE GUERRE LASSES (Laurent Bécue-Renard, 2003)
Sedma, Jasmina, Senada: three young village women. During the war in Bosnia in the mid-90s, their world fell apart. Their husbands disappeared, along with dozens of men from their families. Their hou… Read more

DEAD ON: THE LIFE AND CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO (work in progress) (Rusty Nails, 2008)
"Sometimes I think people expect me to walk in with fangs and a cape, I think they expect me to be some kind of raving lunatic." - George A. Romero ... One of the most important voices of independent… Read more

DEADLY CURRENTS (Simcha Jacobovici, 1991)
... ... The Intifada, Israel's occupied territories. This is a world of Israeli soldiers, Palestini­an child-warriors and CNN news crews, with politicians and rabble rousers on both sides. ... ... Read more

DEATH AND TAXES (Jeffrey F. Jackson, 1993)
America's Most Wanted. The target of one of the most intensive manhunts in FBI history was shot to death in suspicious circumstances, his body mutilated and burnt beyond recognition. What crime had d… Read more

DEATHBOWL TO DOWNTOWN (Coan Nichols & Rick Charnoski, 2008)
A visceral 30-year history of New York City's skateboarding street culture, as it kick-flipped its way from marginalisation to acceptance. ... Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski (Fruit of the Vine, MIFF… Read more

DEEP WATER (Louise Osmond & Jerry Rothwell, 2006)
Deep Water plumbs the fascinating depths of the first round-the-world solo yacht race, charting the determination, deceit and delusions of the participants. With his marine electronics business aili… Read more

DEFAMATION (Yoav Shamir, 2009)
“Explores intelligently the very touchy topic of anti-Semitism.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Having elicited charges of anti-Semitism from critics of his previous films, Yoav Shamir (Flipping Out, M… Read more

Delving beneath a church cover-up far more insidious than that depicted in Dan Brown's fanciful Da Vinci Code, Amy Berg tells of the long-standing conspiracy within the Catholic Church to protect kno… Read more

DEREK (Isaac Julien, 2008)
A memorial, homage and exploration of the late and great Derek Jarman, maverick of the British film scene. ... Breaking down barriers in Thatcher's conformist England with his predominantly queer, le… Read more

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