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Programme 32

APARAJITO (Satyajit Ray, 1957)
This is the second film of Satyajit Ray's trilogy which began with the remarkable Father Panchali, shown at last year's Festival. At the end of part one, Harihar, his wife Sarbojaya, and their son Ap… Read more

Arcade (Tony Sinden, 1970)
An "underground" type film which exalts and satirises the contemporary fascination with violence. Although Brighton is its location, Arcade is somewhat American in feeling, exploiting American movies… Read more

CHOGOLISA - THE BRIDE'S PEAK (Chonosuke Ise, 1959)
The Himalayas have always attracted mountaineers of those nations interested in climbing, for the colossal peaks at the "Roof of the World", present the ultimate challenge. ... In 1958, the Academic … Read more

Each Day That Comes (Graham Parker, 1966)
The story of a young woman who becomes chained to the static environment of a small town that seldom changes. The camera explores the life of Stella as a child and as a woman, and describes her despe… Read more

END OF THE TRAIL (Donald B. Hyatt, 1967)
This dramatic telescoping of history tells the story of the Plains Indians, starting in 1849 and ending with the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The Indians land was abused by the "whispering wire" of… Read more

FRONTLINE (David Bradbury, 1979)
"Frontline" is about Australian cameraman Neil Davis who survived the Vietnam War for eleven years. It combines his news footage, researched at length from various archives overseas, with interviews … Read more

Genesis 1-27 (Stanton A. Waterman, 1967)
Underwater images are used to create an abstact impression of the Creation. ... Golden Eagle, CINE. ... Read more

Happy Family Planning (Sy Wexler, 1969)
A cartoon film about family planning. ... Read more

Henry G. Smith (I. Dunlop, 1960)
The first of a series dealing with Australian pioneers, this film, by the use of historic documents and apparatus, deals with the life and work of Henry G. Smith (1852-1924), one of our first organic… Read more

This film might have been called Grierson on Grierson on Documentary. The Grand Old Scot of the documentary film, the man who virtually coined the word "documentary" for the idea of making the cinema… Read more

Is Anybody Doing Anything About It? (Donald Crombie, 1967)
The scientific techniques used in forecasting the weather, and the international role of the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia, presented in an entertaining and lighthearted manner. ... Silver Award… Read more

Kew Gardens (William McLeod, 1960)
The film shows many aspects of the horticultural research carried out at Kew Gardens, London. ... Read more

KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOUR (Borislav Sharaliev, 1966)
Although the central character of Knight Without Armour is a child, as we follow his adventures, we also learn much about the adults surrounding him. ... Vanio's world is presented in a collection of… Read more

Land of a Thousand Faces (Baruch Dienar, 1965)
Through a variety of characters a young actress, Rina Ganor, personifies the thousand faces of Israel, with its dynamic rhythm and ever changing mood. ... First Prize, Monaco Tourist Film Festival. ... Read more

Shibam (Walter Jacob, Hanna Weger, 1965)
A fascinating, wordless study of life among the ancient ten-story buildings of a city in Saudi Arabia. ... Prix de Qualité, Frankfurt; Prize, Bergamo Festival; Silver Prize, Cracow Festival. ... Read more

The Builders (Hart Sprager, 1960)
A film depicting the construction of a building in Los Angeles. The story, which starts with the first truck which takes excavated earth from the site and ends with the last worker waxing the new flo… Read more

THE FRUIT OF PARADISE (Vera Chytilová, 1970)
Can one live with the truth? ... Eve in the Garden of Paradise listens to the Serpent. She is about to bite into the fruit of the Tree of Truth. ... In 1970, in the garden of the boarding-house where… Read more

The Heisters (Tobe Hooper, 1965)
A wild satire on an epic production in which the characters, in a series of outrageous adventures, chase around the Cinemascope screen. ... Read more

THE LAST OF THE BLUE DEVILS (Bruce Ricker, 1979)
The film tells the story of the music that came out of Kansas City in the twenties and thirties. Many of the major jazz innovators of the day played in a travelling band called the Oklahoma City Blue… Read more

The Star of Bethlehem (Hermína Tyrlová, 1969)
Hermina Tvrlova, a Czech animator ranking in fame close to Jiri Trnka, uses her favourite material, wool, to tell the Bible story of the Star of Bethlehem. ... Read more

The Timeless Track (Roland Eisenmenger, 1967)
The film investigates the considerable scope offered by the use of magnetic tape in industry, education and entertainment. ... Read more

The Vanishing Coast (John Taylor, 1965)
The unique scenic beauty of the coast of Great Britain is being threatened by the invasion of tourist camps, suburbia and industry. The films shows the first tentative steps that are taken towards sa… Read more

Towards the Sky (Titus Mesaros, 1960)
The camera exploits the opportunities presented during the building of a dam for creating striking visual effects. ... First Prize, Mamaia Festival; Film Society Award, Cork Festival. ... Read more

Victoria Line Report No. 2 (Bob Privett, 1965)
The film explains the modern tunnelling techniques employed in the con­struction of a new line of the London Underground. ... Read more

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