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HOLE IN MY HEART, A (Lukas Moodysen, 2004)
Following his debut feature, [Show Me Love], and his acclaimed [Lilya 4-ever], the talented Lukas Moodysson probes further into the dark excesses of human behaviour. Sure to provoke controversy, his … Read more

Hope 95 (Bynke Maiboll, 1996)
"It is idealistic... and therefore cruel" - Doestoevsky, The Insulted and the Injured. ... Shot on super 8 and Betacam and transferred to 35 mm with a ritualistic score and lo-fi sound mix, this unfa… Read more

Horse on Holiday (Astrid Henning-Jensen, 1959)
The land of Hans Anderson's fairy tales is the Denmark you will meet in this film, but it is inspired by a driver in the Copenhagen of today. A milkman takes his horse and milkcart on a holiday trip … Read more

HOTEL OF THE STARS (Jon Bang Carlsen, 1981)
A documentary comedy on extras played by extras: Their dreams and American society is reflected in these dreams. ... The film takes place in "Hotel of the Stars", a hotel in the centre of Hollywood. … Read more

Human Remains (Jay Rosenblatt, 1998)
Raking the ashes of the great dictators of the 20th century, San Francisco filmmaker and former psychotherapist Rosenblatt uncovers the brutal banality of their private fads and foibles, in simulated… Read more

HUNGER (Henning Carlsen, 1966)
Based on the novel by Nobel prize­winner, Knut Hamsen, Hunger is about a penniless young writer in turn-of-the-century Oslo. The film is constructed with disruptive move­ments from reality to… Read more

IL CAPITANO (Jan Troell, 1991)
A tense triple murder tale straight from the Swedish newspaper headlines. ... Renowned Swedish director Jan Troell (Oscar-nominated for The Emigrants) examines the dark dynamic between a couple of ki… Read more

Images (Al Hansen, 1978)
Synopsis not available Read more

IN YOUR HANDS (Annette K. Olesen, 2004)
In Your Hands (Forbrydelser) DenmarkWild rumours are circulating through a Danish womens' prison. When a violent, heroin-addicted convict is cured of her habit overnight, the other inmates speculate … Read more

INTO ETERNITY (Michael Madsen, 2010)
"Jaw dropping... one of the most extraordinary factual films to be shown this year." - Guardian ... Around 150 km northwest of Helsinki, the Finnish government is building a solution to the world's n… Read more

Introduction to Denmark (Henning Nystad, 1960)
Here is a heterogeneous mixture of what constitutes Denmark. The film tells of the country's scenery and industries, its tourist attractions and its culture. ... Read more

ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (Nikolaj Arcel, 2007)
“Utilizes the full power of computer-generated imagery to create nail-biting suspense.” - Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children Life was meant to be boring when 14 year-old … Read more

John and Mia (Christian Bjarke Dyekjær, 2002)
Long-distance truck driver and widower John prepares to relax at home with Christmas beers, a bag of frozen hash and a porno movie.To his horror he discovers his estranged daughter Mia is a porn star… Read more

JOURNALS OF KNUD RASMUSSEN, THE (Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn, 2006)
“We believe happy people should not worry about hidden things. Our spirits are offended if we think too much.” Set in the Arctic Circle, The Journals of Knud Rasmussen poetically explores the f… Read more

Julie (Bent Barfod, 1970)
A ballet film in which live dancers move among cartoon figures. The eternal couple experience dangers, joys, then disappear as they came. ... Read more

Knud (Jorgen Roos, 1966)
An analysis of the spirit and human qualities of Knud Rasmussen, who made a unique contribution to the exploration of the life and myths of the Polar Eskimos. ... 'Bodil' Award, Danish Film Critics; … Read more

LAND OF PLENTY (Morten Arnfred, 1983)
The film describes how the economical, ... social and agricultural problems ... influence a Danish farmer's existence. ... In his struggle to cope with the high ... interest rates, Knud stakes everyt… Read more

Larm/Noise (Trine Vester, 1995)
More than sixty years after the passing of silent films there are theorists who continue to question the relevance of sound to an essentially visual experience. ... Trine Vester s application of ambi… Read more

Lars and Peter (Daniel Borgman, 2009)
Lars just wants his family to be happy, but with his mother gone and his father grieving he feels more alone than ever. ... --- D/S Daniel Borgman P Katja Adomeit WS Katja Adomeit L Danish w/English … Read more

Legato (Henning Bendtsen, 1950)
Two minutes of eye-teasing corrugations. ... Read more

This is a beautifully executed film about life, dreams, homeland, journeys and the told through the letters of a mother in Denmark, as her son travels across the open plains and deser… Read more

MANSLAUGHTER (Per Fly, 2005)
A major domestic box office and critical success, Manslaughter bears the hallmarks that have made recent Danish cinema substantial and constantly challenging. Fifty-two-year-old Carsten (Jesper Chris… Read more

Me As Usual (Martin Zandvliet, 2006)
A sharp look at things that make people feel insignificant, asking where these feelings of inferiority come from.---D/S Martin Zandvliet P Sarita Christensen L Danish w/English subtitles WS Danish Fi… Read more

Meet the Danes (Hagen Hasselbalch, 1963)
A film impressing on the Danes their duties as hosts to foreign tourists visiting Denmark. ... Read more

MELANCHOLIA (Lars von Trier, 2011)
"A mesmerizing, visually gorgeous and often-moving alloy of family drama." - Telegraph ... From Danish agitator Lars von Trier (Antichrist, MIFF 2009) comes a compelling family drama, set against the… Read more

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