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The Mathematician (Stan Haywood, 1976)
A computer-animated film about a mathematician who makes an important discovery. ... Read more

THE MINISKIRTED DYNAMO (Rivka Hartman, 1996)
... ... In this captivating, perplexing portrait of mother, Dora Bialestock, filmmaker Rivi Hartman explores the wildly contradictory nature of this well known Melbourne figure Several inches less th… Read more

THE MURDERER OF PEDRALBES (Gonzalo Herralde, 1978)
One morning in 1974, the butchered bodies of an upperclass couple were found in the bedroom of their house in Barcelona. Jose Luis Cerveto, their one-time chauffeur and butler, when questioned next d… Read more

The Nurses' Story (T. Holliday, 1962)
Story of a girl who found her vocation in nursing. Kodak Silver Medallion for best Black and White photography. ... Read more

The Occupied Sky (Henri Herre, 1984)
A bleak vision of the future where Big Brother watches one s every action Video cameras methodically scan the exterior of an apartment building while an expressionless voice records the actions of in… Read more

Antonio Bolivar (Richard Dreyfuss) has spent most of his life as a recluse living deep within the Amazonian jungle and passing his days reading pulp romances. His tentative affair with the young Jose… Read more

THE OUTCAST (Gray Hofmeyr, 1984)
Made for television, "The Outcast" is another variant of the (white) South African genre of passionate family conflict and ... test of masculine prowess played against a background of natural beauty.… Read more

THE PIANO TEACHER (Michael Haneke, 2001)
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize, Best Actor and Best Actress. Cannes 2001.Michael Haneke's The Piano Teacher is an audacious film. That it remains as effective as it does, can be attributed to Isabell… Read more

The Poet's Eye (Gordon Hales, 1964)
A tribute to Shakespeare made in connection with the quater-centenary celebrations. Extracts spoken from Shakespeare's work are blended with visuals of scenes in Britain today to capture the essence … Read more

The Priestess/The Storekeeper (Solrun Hoaas, 1983)
The island of Hatoma has suffered a severe depopulation following the second world war. At one time there had been ... five priestesses, who as a group had a position of strength in community affairs… Read more

THE PUPPETMASTER (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 1993)
Possessed of a unique melancholic but never indulgent or nostalgic vision, and with nine successes over the last decade, Taiwan's Hou Hsiao-Hsien is unquestionably an international great. His 1991 hi… Read more

The Question (John Halas, 1967)
The ideological confusion that sets in when one tries to answer fundamental questions in life. ... Read more

The Real Bridget Jones (Rupert Howe, 2001)
A series of candid, funny documentaries about four British women who only have one thing in common - their name A wanderer a policewoman, a cookbook writer and a saleswoman share their thoughts on me… Read more

THE REEF (John Heyer, 1978)
The Story of the Great Barrier Reef from man's ancient awareness of it to his realisation that its beauty, dangers and diversity make it a world wonder of great value to mankind. (An excerpt of 10 mi… Read more

THE REEF (John Heyer, 1977)
This is the story of the Great Barrier Reef, from man's ancient awareness of it, to his realisation that it is a major world wonder of great value to mankind. ... Beautiful, dangerous and diverse, th… Read more

The Rival World (Bert Haanstra, 1955)
The Rival World is the terrifying all powerful Kingdom of the insect. To half the men who die, death is brought by insects; of all the food we sow, insects take one third. The only way to halt the de… Read more

THE ROBBER (Benjamin Heisenberg, 2009)
The real-life tale of a man driven to extremes in pursuit of the ultimate adrenaline high. ... Based on real events and adapted from Martin Prinz's novel, this film tells the story of a man committed… Read more

The Robots Are Coming (Hilary Henson, 1979)
... ... A look at what part robots play in the world today (as of 1979) and what research into robot technology is likely to produce in the future. Present day robots are used in industry to perform … Read more

THE RUMYANTSEV CASE (I. Heifits, 1955)
In December, 1954, "Sovietskaya Kultura" published a now famous article by Michael Romm, one of the Soviet Union's most prominent film producers. After discussing plans for the increase of production… Read more

THE SAND CASTLE (Jerome Hill, 1960)
The Sand Castle is the story of an afternoon of a small boy who is left on the beach with his sister. He wanders about and picks up stray objects — a seashell evokes an unconscious response and… Read more

The Sand Castle (Co Hoedeman, 1977)
Sand creatures build themselves a fabulous castle Then, the wind starts to blow. ... Grand Prix, Annecy ... Read more

THE SECRET (Ann Hui, 1979)
Hong Kong is well represented at the 1980 festival, and one of its three features is a debut film by a young former TV director, Ann Hui. She demonstrates here the new stylistic and technical awarene… Read more

THE SILENT HOUSE (Gustavo Hern√°ndez, 2010)
An exercise in tension, The Silent House is a horror movie in real time - filmed in a single take on a digital camera. ... Laura and her father visit a friend in the middle of nowhere. He leaves them… Read more

The Smell that Killed Him (Mark Hanlin, 2001)
A tantalising smell draws an old man from his deathbed. Overcoming severe obstacles, he finally reaches the source of the smell - the smell that kills him. (Not screen­ing in odourama) ... Read more

The Sniffing Bear (Co Hoedman, 1992)
Made in collaboration with native inmates at La Macaza Penitentiary near L'Annonciazion, Quebec, this film tells the story of a bear who is addicted to drugs, and his friends the owl and the seal who… Read more

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