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THREE IN ONE (C. Holmes, 1956)
A trio of short stories linked by the common theme of 'mate-ship' - helping a friend in need, linked by introductory comment by John McCallum. The parts of the film are as follows: ... Joe Wilson's M… Read more

THREE IN ONE (Cecil Holmes, 1956)
Three short stories - Lawson, Hardy ... and Peterson: A portmanteau film using ... the device of “mateship” to look at ... three periods in the development of ... Australian society. ... The firs… Read more

THREE SUNS (Richard Holbert, 2004)
Three Suns (Tre Solar) SwedenSweden in the 1300s and plague stalks the land. The Crusades are in full swing and many of the healthy men are across the sea engaged in ferocious battles. Ships arrive e… Read more

THREE TIMES (Hou Hsiao-hsien, 2005)
Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien is certainly one of the greatest living filmmakers - and this new masterpiece acts as undeniable proof. It tells three love stories set in different eras; The vigne… Read more

THREE TO GO - Judy (Brian Hannant, 1970)
Judy is leaving her home in a large country town to work in the city, and the film covers the last few weeks prior to her departure. ... Read more

THREE TO GO - Toula (Oliver Howes, 1970)
Toula, a Greek girl, tries to live like her Australian friends, despite opposition from her parents. ... Three To Go received a Silver Award, Australian Film Awards 1970 ... Read more

Through the Eyes of a Painter (M. F. Hussain, 1967)
An experimental film in which the well-known painter, M. F. Hussain, gives his cinematic impressions of a few places he visited in Rajasthan. ... Read more

Emerging from Sydney's northern beaches in the 60's as sidewalk surfing and advancing to the urban anarchy of today, the underground evolution of Australian skating has been one ot most fascinating p… Read more

TIME AND TIDE (Tsui Hark, 2000)
Two men abseil down the side of a highnse firing machine guns at one another like Banshnikovs possessed by the spirit of Clint Eastwood. No one but no one does action cinema like Tsui Hark. Returning… Read more

TIME OF THE WOLF (Michael Haneke, 2003)
This searing new film from Michael Haneke (The Piano Teacher, MIFF 2001, Funny Games, MIFF 1998), starring Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher), arrives straight from Official Selection at Cannes thi… Read more

Timeless Temiars (Zain bin Hussein, 1956)
Made in Northern Perak in Malaya, the film depicts the life of the aborigines of the Temiar tribe. We see what a civilised life they lead when left to live in their own environment and how they make … Read more

Tino (Tahvo Hirvonen, 1994)
Tino is a thirty-year old punk fire-eater and cow­hand, with an anarchist's opposition to the way things are. Almost toothless, scarred, tattooed and mohawked, he looks tike and appears to be, ev… Read more

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (John Hillcoat, 1996)
... ... The romantic melodrama is not a common genre in Australian cinema, but then John Hillcoat is not your average Australian filmmaker, as evidenced by his first feature, the internationally accl… Read more

TO SLEEP SO AS TO DREAM (Kaizo Hayashi, 1986)
A low budget, 16mm, black and white debut feature that indicates not only an interesting new talent but also an extraordinary love and feeling for the silent cinema. The picture is shot like a Japane… Read more

TOKYO SKIN (Yukinari Hanawa, 1996)
Three strangers to Tokyo try to make sense of life, and maybe even love, in the city in this slick but substantial film set in and around back alleys, trains stations and jazzy nightclubs. ... Zhou (… Read more

TOWN BLOODY HALL (Donn Alan Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus, 1979)
Film record of an historic debate on women's liberation that took place at New York City's Town Hall in 1971. The participants Norman Mailer, author of "Prisoner of Sex"; Germaine Greer, author of Th… Read more

Trafficopter (Barrie Howells, 1972)
A documentary on a radio station's guide in Montreal, who, from his helicopter, advises commuters on how to get to or from their work with the least delay. ... Read more

TRAPS (John Hughes, 1985)
Jude Campbell, a public radio reporter based in Melbourne, follows events in Australian political life from March 1983 (when Bob Hawke became Prime Minister), to December 1984 when Labor was re-elect… Read more

Troy (Daniel Haywood, 2005)
Troy Davies is an intense and passionate person; an anarchist with a vibrant and colourful life as a man, a woman, performer, musician, owner of a fashion label, a prostitute, and a person living wit… Read more

True Story of Sawney Beane, The (Elizabeth Hobbs, 2005)
Sawney Beane may have been the vilest criminal in the kingdom of King James VI but his mother was still there for him in his hour of need.---D/S Elizabeth Hobbs P/WS Red Kite Animations/National film… Read more

TRUST (Hal Hartley, 1990)
After The Unbelievable Truth became one of the sleeper hits of last year, director Hal Hartley is back with another biting, provocative comedy of suburban middle America. With Trust Hal Hartley asses… Read more

Tschak Tschak (Manfred Hulverscheidt, 1985)
In his requiem for a friend Hulverscheidt uses the image and sound material from a broadcast about the funeral ceremony for the ... newspaper magnate Springer, in the Berlin Memorial Church. This ...… Read more

TUVALU (Veit Helmer, 1999)
Hypnotically beautiful, Tuvalu is a surreal, original work with strong ties to Grimm's fairy tales. Marooned in a dilapidated swimming pool, Anton is forced to keep up the illusion to his blind fathe… Read more

TV Buster (Anita Assal, John Hudson, 1987)
A TV set possessed by the devil provokes a drama in a couples home ... Read more

TV Fighter (Camera Plane) (David Hall, 1977)
Synopsis not available Read more

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