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Strange Birds (Jirí Toman, 1965)
A black and white look at a large and a small bird who become involved in some zany, allegorical adventures. ... International Critics' Award, Annecy Festival. ... Read more

STREET KIDS (Rob Scott, Leigh Tilson, 1982)
Street Kids is the result of Leigh Tilson and Rob Scott having moved into a sleazy boarding house in St. Kilda, spending several months on the streets, befriending the homeless youngsters and gaining… Read more

Suicide Box (Bureau of Inverse Technology, 1996)
There is an exhilarating horrible immediacy about the Bureau of inverse Technology's Suicide Box. Formed in Melbourne in 1992, incorporated in Delaware, USA in 1997, but now based in cities across th… Read more

Sunlight Seeping In (John C. Taylor, 1996)
A curious performance is enacted by two marionettes and animated ob|ects within an artificial empty world, which is running out of time. The performance collapses while the puppeteer continues to rew… Read more

SURROGATE WOMAN (Im Kwon Taek, 1987)
Director Im Kwon Taek has again created a moving portrait of a Korean woman, this time in historical circumstances. ... Set in the Yi Dynasty (14th Century) Im is obviously suggesting and attempting … Read more

Tales of the Street Corner (Osamu Tezuka, 1962)
Tezuka's work can loosely be divided into three distinct modes of production: his manga—where he could elaborate his ideas with total control, his TV series and manga derived features-which oft… Read more

Tanghi Argentini (Guido Thys, 2006)
Despite the faceless and cold atmosphere at his work place, an office clerk tries to make his colleagues happy. Instead of the classical cliché Christmas gifts, he wants to give his colleagues somet… Read more

TANO DA MORIRE (Roberta Torre, 1997)
Tano da Morire is insane! It's hilarious, it's black and it's thoroughly lush. How else to describe a self-confessed 'Mafia Gangsta Rap Musical'? Somewhere between the satire of Mel Brooks, the reali… Read more

Tasmania, Scenic Isle (J. H. Taylor, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Tennis Elbow (John Thomson, 1982)
A hilarious student film, in which a tennis match provides the vehicle for countless visual gags. ... Read more

TERMINUS LOVE (G. Tressler, 1958)
When a twenty-one year old factory worker &ndash: and reputed lady-killer &ndash: gambles with love, he is liable to lose his heart as well as learn about life. Set in post-war Berlin, Terminus Love … Read more

TETSUO 2: THE BODY HAMMER (Shinya Tsukamoto, 1991)
... ... Shinya Tsukamoto's original Tetsuo: The Iron Man, was a hyper-energized account of a young man who suddenly discovers that his body parts have been replaced with sharp metal blades. Little se… Read more

That Burning Question (Alan Taylor, 1990)
In this stylish deadpan comedy a teenage couple, led by an eager friend who fancies himself as a news photographer, ride the subway to the outskirts of New York City to get an exclusive story on a ma… Read more

Handel specifically arranged his oratorio as a triptych of three major sections, Part One dealing with the Prophecy and Christ's Nativity , Part Two the Passion, culminating in the ‘Hallelujah Chor… Read more

The Bearding of the President (Rip Torn, 1974)
An outrageous satirical broadside in which President Nixon interacts with speeches, plays, and killings on television, and with his own ego and guilt. Rip Torn, playing the part of Nixon, combines im… Read more

THE BEST OF TIMES (Chang Tso-chi, 2002)
Wei and Jei are neighbours and best friends. The two 19-year-olds each live with their widowed fathers and annoying siblings in the suburbs of Taipei. However they couldn't be less alike in character… Read more

THE BIG STEAL (Nadia Tass, 1990)
WHAT BETTER WAY to close the festival than with a sneak preview of a new Melbourne-produced comedy? Nadia Tass and David Parker follow Malcolm and Rikhj and Pete with The Big Steal, a wickedly funny … Read more

THE BOOTS (Mohammad Ali Talebi, 1992)
... ... Little Samaneh lives with her mother in a one-room apartment and frequently must accom­pany her to her job in a garment factory, where she acts like the wilful pre-schooler she is. Moth&s… Read more

The Boyana Master (Hr. Topusanov, 1961)
The famous frescoes of the Bovana Church near Sofia were painted by an anonymous artist of the 13th century, who broke with medieval stereotypes and produced real­istic images long before Giotto. ... Read more

This is the first television biography of ... San Francisco's most famous and enigmatic mystery writer. It combines ... original research, interviews, literary ... criticism, and dramatic readings of… Read more

The Central Meridian (Jay Teitzell, 1984)
Two films are intercut — one, a colour documentary in which an artist introduces us to his latest work in a major museum; the other, a B&W narrative about the person who might inhabit such an e… Read more

THE CIRCLE (António da Cunha Telles, 1969)
A young Portuguese woman has problems with her marriage, and leaves her husband after being beaten for infidelity. She becomes the mistress of an American airline worker, who puts her up in an apartm… Read more

The Consultation (Radovan Tadic, 1985)
Short comedy. A young mother visits a strange psychoanalyst about a problem of incest and racial intolerance. Very funny. ... Read more

The Darra Dogs (Dennis Tupicoff, 1993)
A collection of warm and haunting memories from the filmmaker's childhood experience with neighbourhood dogs. The artwork is strongly coloured eel and pencil-drawn anima­tion and conveys a sense … Read more

According to the history books, Napoleon Bonaparte died in 1821 in exile on the island of St Helena. Director Alan Taylor maintains that it was an imposter who croaked and that the real Napoleon was … Read more

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