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TWIST (Jacob Tierney, 2004)
Twist CanadaJust as Gus Van Sant successfully transposed Henry IV from 14th century England to 1990s Portland in My Own Private Idaho, talented newcomer Jacob Tierney brilliantly relocates Charles Di… Read more

In this film, Truffaut turned to a love story by the author of "Jules et Jim", about a triangle again, but this time of two English girls and a Frenchman whom they nickname "The Continent". ... Claud… Read more

UNCHARTED RIVER (Wu Tianming, 1983)
In the years following the downfall of the Gang of Four, a recurrent theme in Chinese cinema has been the hardships faced by the people during the Cultural Revolution. Uncharted River is more success… Read more

Uno, Dos Eso Es (Miriam Talavira, )
An insight into the training methods used for the sport of boxing. ... Read more

UNTAMA GIRU (Go Takamine, 1990)
Five years ago, when Go Takamine made his first feature, Paradise View, the world was not quite ready for the "New Okinawan Cinema". Now Untama Giru leaves us no choice but to lie back and take an in… Read more

Up on the Roof (Jacqueline Turnure, 1997)
Mike is having a lousy day, however his apple-pie good nature seems to see him through each successive turn for the worse. He goes up to the rooftop of his apartment building to clear his head and fo… Read more

“I know what women want... they want to be beautiful.” - Valentino Garavani ... Valentino Garavani - known simply as Valentino - is one of haute couture's longest-standing icons, having dressed e… Read more

Visions (Garine Torossian, 1992)
A film within a film, shot on Super 8 attached to 16mm leader. A ruthless dismantling of thriller conventions — a gun, a threatened woman, shrieking music — which explores the body in mot… Read more

Volatile Memory (Gretchen Bender, Sandra Tait, 1988)
A woman's nervous system has been replaced by computer microchips in an operation performed in her childhood. The experiment begins to malfunction. She will die unless her programming is adjusted. A … Read more

VOLCANO (Haroun Tazieff, 1959)
Known for years as the world's one volcanologist, Haroun Tazieff, a Belgian scientific explorer, has brought back in this unique film the findings of his investigations of 28 volcanoes in Japan, Java… Read more

VOLCANO HIGH (Kim Tae-kyun, 2002)
In an indefinite time, alienated from past, future and present, a veiled school exists - training students in a combination of martial arts and supernatural expertise. After being expelled from eight… Read more

Walkshort (William Toefper, 1988)
From New Zealand duo The Front Lawn, an original and entertaining short that is not so much a narrative film as a film about narrative and narration. Composed simply of a chain of encounters in the s… Read more

... ... Directors Tom Marksbury and Tom Thur­man fell under the spell of Warren Oates at a young age after seeing him in The Wild Bunch and made this film partly in an endeav­our to explain t… Read more

WE ARE TOGETHER (Paul Taylor, 2006)
Filmed over three years, this remarkable story sees a group of children use soaring music to overcome hardship and loss. Life has not been easy for 12 year-old Slindile and her friends at the Agape… Read more

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC (Ondi Timoner, 2009)
An intensely immersive portrait of a dot com visionary you've probably never heard of. ... In the 90s internet guru Josh Harris saw the future of technology and turned the online landscape into his o… Read more

Six years after the monumental Satantango. Bela Tarr returns with Werckmeister Harmonies, a film bearing the unmistakable trademark of the Hungarian master seen by some as the only true successor to … Read more

WHEN PARENTS FORGET (Amilcar Tirado, 1958)
This film, which has participated in the Borgama, Venice and Edinburgh Festivals, is about the inquietude of youth in a rural community lacking recreational facilities. ... Luciano cannot understand … Read more

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Eric Thompson, 1964)
Dramatising the folk ballad of the same name, this film offers a simple plea for peace. ... Golden Eagle Award, Cine. ... Read more

Wild Wings (Patrick Carey, John Taylor, 1965)
With many fascinating shots of rare species of wildfowl, this colour film documents the twin duties - observation and protection - of the Wildfowl Trust in Gloucestershire. ... First Prize, Vancouver… Read more

Wings of Shadow (Ph Robert, JC Thibaut, 1994)
Beautifully crafted futuristic film noir, Bladerunner in a nutshell. Interned in a psychiatric hospital, Marcus takes his nurse as hostage in order to confront the mysterious 'force' that neutralised… Read more

WITNESSES, THE (André Téchiné, 2007)
“By paying very careful attention to what people say, we're able to hear what affects not only the individual, but also the whole culture.” - filmmaker André Téchiné It's the summer of 1984 an… Read more

Woman Before The Mirror (Marisol Trujillo, 1983)
Rosaria Suarez, a ballerina with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, discusses the effects of motherhood on her work in the ballet company. ... Read more

WOMAN IN THE DUNES (Hiroshi Teshigawa, 1964)
Woman in the Dunes is the second film of Hiroshi Teshigawara. It tells of a teacher, an amateur entomologist, who is on holiday, and led by villagers to stay overnight in a house which is at the bott… Read more

WRECKING CREW, THE (Denny Tedesco, 2008)
“People will finally understand what it was like to be in the trenches of Rock and Roll… [this film is] the closest thing to being there.” - Hal Blaine, drummer for The Wrecking Crew ... Y… Read more

Yoshiwara The Pleasure Quarter (Uchida Tomu, )
A glorious, dynamic melodrama written by Mizoguchi collaborator Yoda Yoshikata, [Yoshiwara: The Pleasure Quarter] ranks among Uchida's finest films. ... A successful textile industrialist from the pr… Read more

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