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The International Sweethearts of Rhythm: America's Greatest All Girl Band (Greta Schiller, Andrea Weiss, 1986)
The International Sweethearts of Rhythm was a multi-racial. all women's jazz band that toured the US in the 1940s. The film places the International Sweethearts in an historical context and explores … Read more

The Jack Welsh Sound Test (Jack Welsh, 1930)
An early sound-on-fiim experiment by Jack Welsh of Dunedin. ... Edwin Coubray was the first New Zealander to achieve sound-on-film talkies. His sound gear was sold to Jack Welsh and James Gault, who … Read more

THE JIMMY SHOW (Frank Whaley, 2001)
Jimmy is the kind of schmuck who might have stepped off a Coen Brothers set: disillusioned and resentful of his mortal coil. He works as a grocery store clerk alongside stoner co-worker Ray (a lively… Read more

THE JOURNEY (Peter Watkins, 1986)
I don't think we can ever say that we are informed rather that we are formed. ... Interviewee in The Journey ... Peter Watkins new film The Journey, the highlight of the International Forum at this y… Read more

THE KILLER (John Woo, 1989)
THE KILLER is a prime example of the type of filmmaking at which the Hong Kong film industry is most adept. With clear nods at the gamut of film genres from the thriller to the melodrama, writer and … Read more

THE KILLER CONDOM (Martin Walz, 1996)
New York. A condom holds the city hostage. The body count is rising as this living, squirming, and worst of all biting - right off! - rubber, grips the city in prophylactic panic. When Inspector Luig… Read more

THE KILLER INSIDE ME (Michael Winterbottom, 2004)
Prolific filmmaker Michael Winterbottom returns with a chilling portrait of a small town psychopath. ... In 1950s small-town USA, Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford (Casey Affleck) is a well-bred and respectabl… Read more

THE LAST DAYS OF DOLWYN (Emlyn Williams, 1949)
Drama set in the little village of Dolwyn in North Wales in 1892. Rob, embittered as a result of being driven from the village as a boy for stealing, returns full of vindictive triumph to arrange on … Read more

THE LAST LETTER (Frederick Wiseman, 2002)
Legendary documentanan Frederick Wiseman directs Comedie-Francaise doyenne Cathenne Sarnie in her forceful, award-winning stage performance of Life and Fate, a recreation of a Russian Jewish doctor's… Read more

The Legend of John Henry (Sam Weiss, 1974)
This is the story of John Henry, a black American folk hero. In the Big Ben Tunnel, he pitted his strength in competition with the new-fangled steam drill, driving the steel bit into rock with his hu… Read more

The Lion in the Doorway (Prabhubodha John Walker, 1983)
Bush roads-(emus cross suddenly before the footlights) - Pierrot's driving relationships are wrong. The new bush or the old bush? (A cowboy Icarus spinning tiny in a comer of the sky, with a roll you… Read more

The Little Island (Richard Williams, 1958)
Three men land on a tiny, deserted island. One believes in Trught, one in Goodness and one in Beauty. For several days they are content to sit in the sun and get brown. Then each indulges in a long p… Read more

The Log Driver's Waltz (John Weldon, 1979)
A short cartoon dedicated to the graceful and artistic Canadian log driver. ... Read more

The Longhouse People (Allan Wargon, 1951)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Lump (John Weldon, 1991)
A tale of epic proportions depicting romance, revolution and sordid activity in political back rooms. An essay on the relationship between good books, popularity and power. ... Read more

The Making of Dolphin Glide (Scott Welsh, 2002)
Screening with Dolphin Glide is The Makng of Dolphin Glide, a privileged look behind the scenes, at the methods and means employed by Greenough as he captures his amazing footage. ... Read more

THE MAN I LOVE (Raoul Walsh, 1946)
... ... Known for his intuitive direction and sheer physical artistry in the realm of action cinema, Raoul Walsh's forays into other genres were largely undervalued. A magnificent and moody |azz infu… Read more

THE MAN ON THE ROOF (Bo Widerberg, 1976)
Swedish director Bo Widerberg filmed this police thriller from a novel, 'The Abominable Man', following his film for children, Stubby An earlier film version of a Sjoewall-Wahloo novel, 'The Laughing… Read more

"Wim Wenders' new pic is almost a compendium of the director's lifetime themes and obsessions - American trash culture, a fascination with what's cool on the music scene and a story in which lost sou… Read more

THE MOST DESIRED MAN (Sonke Wortmann, 1994)
... ... Based on Ralf Koenig's cult comic books, The Most Desired Man quickly became Germany highest grossing film upon its release last year director Sonke Wortmann shattering the nation stereotype … Read more

The Mule (Alex Wolfe, 1995)
In a well crafted and compact piece of filmmaking. The Mule takes a slice out of a drug runner's most crucial and stressful moment as he passes from one side of the Mexican border to another. Rich in… Read more

The Musical Chairs (Marc Tobias Winterhagen, 2002)
Macabre and absurd, The Musical Chairs unravels like a tale from the Brothers Grimm. Stranded in an undisclosed and desolate location, five children and a toxic clown engage in a truly unsettling gam… Read more

The Nights Belong to the Novelist (Christina Wilcox, 1986)
A daylight docu-drama about the West Australian novelist Elizabeth Jolley. who had careers as a nurse, door-to-door salesperson (failed) and real estate salesperson (also failed) The fabric of Jolley… Read more

THE NORTHERNERS (Alex van Warmedam, 1992)
Populated by tragi-comic figures plagued with suppressed feelings of lust and a singular Calvinist-Catholic morality, The Northerners is a witty and original comedy reminiscent of a style and vision … Read more

The Numbers Start With the River (Donald Wrye, 1972)
An impressionistic depiction of life in a small American town. ... Read more

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