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The Other Side (Herman Wuyts, 1965)
Wilhout commentary, this powerful comment on conformity shows a human chain passing by. Those who break it are shot. ... Read more

The Perception of Life (June Goodfield, Peter Whitehead, 1964)
A study of the evolution of microbiology, emphasising the interdependence of theory and observation. ... Read more

The Perfection of Matter (June Goodfield, Peter Whitehead, 1964)
The study of alchemy is shown as an extension of Greek philosophy and the precursor of moder science. ... Read more

The Practical Princess (Sam Weiss, 1980)
When Princess Bedelia was born, the fairies gave her three gifts: beauty, grace and common sense. Her father thinks beautiful princesses don't need common sense, but Bedelia makes good use of her bra… Read more

THE PRINCIPLES OF LUST (Penny Woolcock, 2002)
Paul surfers from writer's block and has become increasingly restless with his life. When he meets charismatic risk-taker Billy in a bizarre road accident, the two share a few drinks at a local pub. … Read more

The Promise (Norman Walker, 1952)
The story opens with the funeral of Mr. Townsend, a social worker. His successor attempts to find the motivating influence of his life, set in modern England. His mind flashes back to Biblical times … Read more

THE QUEST OF JIMMY PIKE (John Tristram, I. James Wilson, 1989)
Art, life, myth and landscape are skillfully blended in this fine film portrait of Aboriginal artist Jimmy Pike. Using a journey as narrative device and metaphor, the film takes us into the West Aust… Read more

The Salesman and Other Adventures (Hannah Weyer, 1994)
An atmospheric tale about a travelling salesman traversing the American countryside portrayed in five independent episodes, five stops during a day on the road. ... Read more

The Secret Path (Kurt Weiler, 1957)
Karl often leaves his sisters and steals away to lay traps for birds. One day a wild boar pushes him into a pit but he is rescued by the aid of a clever rook. ... Read more

THE SET UP (Robert Wise, 1949)
Director Robert Wise's ninth feature in five years, after a lengthy apprenticeship in the editing department, The Set Up was also his last at RKO. ... The film started life as a poem by Joseph Mancur… Read more

THE SOURCE (Chuck Workman, 1998)
Chuck Workman's exemplary enquiry into the Beats takes a longer view than the typical canonisation of goatees, jazz and reefer that bogs down too many similar projects. The director places his work i… Read more

THE STATE OF THINGS (Wim Wenders, 1983)
"Portugal, in February 1981." A Young German film director, Fritz, and his team from Hollywood are working on a science fiction film, a remake of Allan Dwan's' 'The Most Dangerous Man". ... For a set… Read more

The Stolen Nose (Kurt Weiler, 1956)
A puppet film. Three children make a snowman whose nose is stolen during the night but the children discover the thieves. ... Read more

THE STORE (Frederick Wiseman, 1983)
Frederick Wiseman's latest work in an extraordinary succession of fifteen documentaries on the American way of life turns its pitiless glare away from institutional "casualties peace" to concentrate … Read more

The Summer We Moved To Elm Street (Patricia Watson, 1966)
The discoveries and disappointments a nine-year-old girl experiences in one summer. ... Read more

THE TARGET SHOOTS FIRST (Christopher Wilcher, 1999)
It is the early 90s and Nirvana has shaken the music world. A new marketing niche has been created upon which corporation suits cannot hang a label Music company Columbia House scrambles to find youn… Read more

THE THIEF OF BAGDAD (Raoul Walsh, 1924)
Early in the 1920s, German historical films (Passion, Anne Boleyn) greatly impressed movie fans and movie producers alike with their lavishness of scene and production. Douglas Fairbanks, by now one … Read more

The Third Front (Peter Wyeth, 1978)
Erwin Piscator's work as a producer/director in the Berlin of the 20's moved theatre away from the confines of domestic drama to the play of forces in world politics. ... To equip the stage for this … Read more

The Valley of the Yarra (Ron Maslyn Williams, 1956)
Originally made in 35 mm Ferrania colour as a general release film. In the 1950s Film Australia made a surprising number of colour films. The 1956 production report, which lists all films in any stag… Read more

The Walls Come Tumbling Down (Michael Rubbo, Pierre Lasry, William Weintraub, 1976)
In the face of modern techniques, whales face extinction. The film gives an account of the current debate about whaling, and the efforts of the Canadian-sponsored Project Jonah to stop the slaughter. ... Read more

The Way Things Go (Peter Fischli, David Weiss, 1987)
Inside a warehouse a precarious structure 70-100 feet long constructed from various items is set into motion via a chain reaction So begins a story about cause and effect, mechanism and art, improbab… Read more

The Web (Lucinda Clutterbuck, Sarah Watt, 1993)
A compilation of 6 x 5 minute pieces (collec­tively known as The Web) showing the damage man has done to threatened wildlife species and what he can do to repair some of that damage. Animators/di… Read more

The Web - Bandicoot (Sarah Watt, 1993)
An animated day in the life of that misunderstood maverick, the Bandicoot! This short forms just one episode from the recently completed series, The Web, a six-part collection focusing on rare and th… Read more

THE WEDDING (Andrzej Wajda, 1972)
Andrzej Wajda, who earlier made Ashes and Diamonds, has turned for his latest film to a Polish play by Stanislaw Wyspianski. The Wedding reconstructs a marriage which in fact took place in 1900 at th… Read more

THE WEST (Geoff Weary, 1986)
The West attempts to produce a conjunction of images, anecdotes scenarios, historico-social information and sounds culled from two contrasting urban spaces. The synthesis of these two spaces - certai… Read more

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