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Films Screened In 1954

Historic Death Valley (, 1952)
The locale of many “Westerns”, Death Valley is here shown as it is today - a National Park with fine roads and tourist facilities, but still an awe-inspiring and fantastically coloured natural od… Read more

Houen Zo (Herman Van Der Horst, 1953)
Impressions, without commentary, of the city of Rotterdam, which was devastated in 1910. The city is a living organism whose heart was torn away by the brute force of war. Among the ruins a new life … Read more

Images Medievales (William Novik, 1950)
An intimate picture of life in the Middle ... Ages as recorded in detailed miniatures of ... illuminated manuscripts of the 14th and ... 15th centuries found in the Bibliotheque ... Nationale in Pari… Read more

In Harbour (Joan Bounty, 1953)
This is a film of great beauty. It makes no startling discoveries, it tells no facts. But here, skilfully blended with deep understanding and exquisitely photographed, are a series of small incidents… Read more

In Nature's Garden (, )
Time &ndash: lapse photographic techniques and close &ndash: up photography have been used in this film to study the life cycles and habits of a number of insects to be found in the Harden of a subur… Read more

Instruments And The Orchestra (Muir Mathieson, 1946)
No synopsis available ... Read more

JOUR DE FETE (Jacques Tati, 1949)
The narrative of "Jour de Fete" is as thin as is conceivable. There would be none at all were it not for the postman, Jacques Tati. He is the film. Six feet five inches in his stockinged feet, dark, … Read more

Knifecraft (, 1950)
Illustrates the proper care and handling of a pocket knife, using as an example the carving of a Katcina Doll lamp. Shows initial preparations, the whittling down of material to rough dimensions, car… Read more

Life of Maurice d'Utrillo (Andre Deroual, William Magnin, 1950)
This film aroused considerable controversy when it was first made and material ... alterations and deletions were insisted on ... before it was allowed to he shown. The ... film in its present form i… Read more

Local 100 (, 1950)
story of Local 100, an affiliate of a national union. The sudden dismissal of an employee makes others realise their lack of job security. By collective bargaining, the employees obtain a contract pr… Read more

Magnetism (, 1950)
Traces the discovery of magnetic properties from natural lodestone to the researches of Oersted and Faraday leading to the theory of lines of force and the magnetic field. Explains paramagnetism and … Read more

MAN OF ARAN (Robert J. Flaherty, 1934)
"Man of Aran" comes closer than "Nan-ook of the North" or "Moana" to the life we know or our forebears knew, to our racial past. . . . The nameless man of Aran is separated from us only by the genera… Read more

MARTIN LUTHER (Irving Pichel, 1953)
Perhaps the most curious American film successes of 1953 was that of “Martin Luther”, the first church-sponsored film ever to be profitable shown on commercial circuits. The elements which give t… Read more

Melody In Music (, )
Members of a youthful orchestra discover how variations in note arrangement, lyrics, different musical instruments, note length and time all affect the melody. The children are encouraged to create t… Read more

Mon Ami Pierre (Paula Neurisse, Louis Félix, 1951)
The film takes its tone and its subject from the oft-repeated chorus of the song of “My good friend, Peter, skipper of the ‘Franc-Tireur', spends two days at sea for one night at home, then twent… Read more

Moving Spirit (Bob Privett, 1953)
An amusing cartoon about the history of the motor car: the stationary steam engine is followed by the steam locomotive, the gas engine, and the internal combustion engine; car design is then traced f… Read more

New Uses For Seaweed (, 1952)
Originally produced for use on television, this film shows some of the unusual uses of alginic acid compounds derived from seaweed. Applications of alginate compounds in the foods tit If and textile … Read more

On Closer Inspection (Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes, 1953)
The second film by the young artists whose first production, "Animated Genesis", delighted Festival audiences last year. "Animated Genesis" not only received a British Film Academy Special Award lor … Read more

Optical Gauging (, )
A discussion of the advantages of optical gauging in industry with numerous examples of the type of equipment required and its use. ... Read more

Pension For Veterans (, 1953)
A film with a special plea &ndash: a pension for aged waterside workers. Produced by a group of actors and artists, unnamed in the film, this production is obviously the work of people who have studi… Read more

People Along The Mississippi (Gordon Weisenborn, 1952)
The adventures of a toy boat, released at the source of the Mississippi River are used to show the work of the people living along the course of the river and the heritages that these people have bro… Read more

Plow That Broke The Plains (Pare Lorentz, 1936)
The Plow was the first to use the film medium to bring alive a national subject on a sponsored basis, in the same way as had been done earlier in Britain, As a first film, it had many of the faults w… Read more

Pony Club (, 1952)
Shows the remarkable organisation of a pony club in a N.S.W. pastoral district where the young members have regular meets and go oft on long weekends in search of fun and adventure in the bush. ... Read more

Based on original research by Adrian dc Potier. This composite film traces the history of powered (light from 1903 to its Golden Jubilee in 1953. The film is concerned primarily with Britain's part i… Read more

Project 074 (Peter de Normanville, 1953)
The standard method of measuring engine wear is to weigh a piston ring before and alter a long period of running. A far less laborious procedure makes use of a radioactive piston ring; radiating part… Read more

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