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Films Screened In 1989

STORIES FROM CUSCATLAN (Peter Chappell, 1989)
... ... The horror of El Salvador is often expressed in numbers of dead, tortured or disappeared which cannot easily be translated into the fates of individuals. Stories From Cuscatlan gives us a gli… Read more

... ... Like Burden Of Dreams, Les Blank's documentary about the production of Werner Herzog"s epic Fitzcarraldo, Strangers In A Strange Land is a film about a film in the making. Forty years ago, sc… Read more

STRANGERS IN PARADISE (Tom Zubrycki, Gil Scrine, 1989)
... ... ParadIse in Australia 1988, in multicoloured and multicultural party mood. The strangers are 12 passengets from a Qantas flight into paradise. They've come from America and Britain to explore… Read more

Suburban Encounters (Jo Bell, 1989)
... ... Jesus Christ, suburban Melbourne and bum marks beside the Yarra River are related. Furthermore, we have been visited by Martians and there are some amongst us who will one day rise up, leadin… Read more

Sun, Moon and Feather (Bob Rosen, Jane Zipp, 1989)
Three sisters, whose father was an American Indian, who lived their lives in down town New York and converted to Judaism are sure to present their life stories with an air of theatricality. And that … Read more

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (Todd Haynes, 1987)
As the above listing suggests, there's so much going on in Superstar's 43 minutes that it's difficult to know where to start a description. Suffice to say this is one of the most original films you'r… Read more

TABATABA (Raymond Rajaonarivelo, 1988)
... ... Tabataba is a film debut; not only for forty-year-old director Raymond Rajaonarivelo, but for his country, Madagascar. In his first feature film, Rajaonarivelo deals with the 1947 Insurrectio… Read more

THE BAT WHISPERS (Roland West, 1930)
Made at a time when stodgy stage adaptions were the rule, The Bat Whispers is every bit a movie of great pictorial inventiveness. There are scenes which hark back Do the bravura gestures of silent me… Read more

... ... The four little children of Fred G. Sullivan, aka 'Adirondack Fred', do not want to starve. And they don't want to be sold to the gypsies either. They say as much, several times, during the c… Read more

The Big End (David Caesar, 1989)
Don is a suburban hero who only wants to fix the big end on his Holden and take his girlfriend up North, but his dreams are upset by his pragmatism. He progressively loses everything, decides to sell… Read more

THE BIG HEAT (Fritz Lang, 1953)
... ... Sydney Boehm's solid, hard-nosed script might have been made into a routine cops-and-robbers thriller, but the director, Fritz Lang, gave it a formalised style. The movie is all a piece; it's… Read more

Life can get really boring if all you do is stand and wait for someone to come along and give you something to do. That's how it is for the things in a summer house in the country, who have been wait… Read more

The Brooch Pin and the Sinful Clasp (Joanna Woodward, 1989)
Breaking all the rules and employing almost every animation technique available from plasticine models to paper cut-outs, director Woodward has devised both a Gothic and witty film. ... Jumbling live… Read more

The Cat Often Comes Back in the Morning (Naoto Yamakawa, 1987)
A segment from the portmanteau film Fantastic Collection. Raymond Chandler writ small more wittily than anything since Gumshoe. Yamakawa won the MFF Grand Prix in 1987 for his short Attack On a Baker… Read more

The Children of Wax: A Folktale From Zimbabwe (Kathleen Houston, 1987)
An enchanting tale from Africa about five children made of wax They are industrious, loving, and they feel no pain But because they are wax, they can only go outside in the cool of darkness One child… Read more

THE CITADEL (Mohamed Chouikh, 1988)
... ... In the rugged little Algerian village of El Kalaa, life is divided into male and female society. The men have as many wives as they can afford; the women have as many babies as they can, and … Read more

THE DEBT (Miguel Pereira, 1987)
... ... The very day the Argentine Armed Forces invaded the Falklands, Miguel Pereira graduated from the London Film School. 'I left England amid cries of war and a chauvinistic atmosphere and arrive… Read more

The Five Minute Films (Mike Leigh, 1975)
Made early in Leigh's career at the BBC, but not screened until the 1982 Mike Leigh Retrospective on BBC-2, this is a series of 5 short vignettes, each five minutes in length, each designed to captur… Read more

The Gordian Knot (Ira Zarijatnins, 1988)
The not so funny topic of sexual harassment is attacked in a humorous fashion by this short cut-out animation from Germany. A woman is unsuccessful in defending herself from molestation by men until … Read more

The Great Rubber Man (Sauli Rantamacki, 1988)
The conqueror is back to fight the good fight. 'Loving is caring', says the Great Rubber Man. ... Read more

The Jack Welsh Sound Test (Jack Welsh, 1930)
An early sound-on-fiim experiment by Jack Welsh of Dunedin. ... Edwin Coubray was the first New Zealander to achieve sound-on-film talkies. His sound gear was sold to Jack Welsh and James Gault, who … Read more

THE KISS OF DEATH (Mike Leigh, 1977)
This tale of young love focuses on the romantic ebb of love in the life of a rather shambling undertaker's assistant. ... Read more

The Last Supper (Joseph Donghia, 1988)
An Italian family after a funeral Indifference, machismo and repressed sexuality lead to an unravelling of dreams which holds the key to an old woman's death A psychological detective story. - (CK) ... Read more

The Long Way Around (Martin Jones, Graham Young, 1989)
A Tati-esque study of a new office block, populated by three security guards, two business persons and the maintenance man Another from the BFl's 'New Directors' programme. ... Read more

The Lounge Bar (Don McGlashen, Harry Sinclair, 1988)
A lonely bar. A girl, A country and western singer in the comer. Who needs anything more to relive the violent past? A post-modern black comedy. ... Read more

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