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Films Screened In 1989

I, An Actress (George Kuchar, 1977)
A cruel but hilarious document of Kuchar 'directing' a student actress in a monstrously melodramatic scene. Kuchar's own 'performance' talent is supreme as he forces the actress into the extreme hyst… Read more

In 22 Sycamore Street (Ronny Reinhard, 1988)
With the sudden death of Sharon, Jim loses his wife and Maya loses her mother. This bleak tale of bereavement and drug dependency features a striking visual style with dramatic use of lighting and fr… Read more

IN A LONELY PLACE (Nicholas Ray, 1950)
... ... The place is Hollywood, lonely for scriptwriter Dixon Steele (Bogart) who is suspected of murdering a young woman, until girl-next-door Laurel Gray (Grahame) supplies him with a false alibi. … Read more

Introducing E. V. B. Sampson (, 1954)
The Independent Country party candidate for Wollondilly has a few words to the Australian public. ... Read more

Jackass Johnny (Alex Busby, David Coole, 1988)
Peripatetic travelogue, quasi documentary, a discourse on transience. Jackass Johnny crosses the boundaries of the banal and sentimental in pursuit of the Canadian psyche Timelapse sequences tum to i… Read more

Jade (Jonathan Hourigan, 1988)
An impoverished post-graduate student discovers the means whereby she can become financially independent, please her lover and impress her supervisor. This moral tale of a young woman's education unf… Read more

JEANNE'S HOUSE (Magali Clemént, )
... ... Former actress Magali Clement's first film as director is a carefully observed picture of the interrelations between a family of women, and the men they surround themselves with. ... ... ... … Read more

Jour de Chasse (Jacques Mitsch, 1988)
One day Marcel and Leon, sixty-year-old twins, decided to go shooting in the woods It js to be a very special day. ... Read more

KEEP YOUR RIGHT UP (Jean-Luc Godard, 1987)
... ... Godard's latest cinematic adventure r is as playful as his last few films, alt shown at previous Melbourne Film. Festivals. Bound to infuriate audiences expecting a conventional, classic 'God… Read more

Kingdom of Crabs (Glen Carruthers, Jan Aldenhoven, 1988)
... ... Christmas Island, a speck in the Indian Ocean, is an Australian Territory which was not invaded by humans until 100 years ago. For most of that time, it was attacked by phosphate mining compa… Read more

Kitchen Sink (Alison McLean, 1989)
Far from the social realist domestic drama, this film is a wicked and witty shocker and teaser. With a mere 14 minutes of black and white footage, a New Zealander demonstrates how to hook and rivet a… Read more

L'Escalier Chimérique (Daniel Guyonnet, 1987)
A familiar thing such as a staircase can become nightmarish when its steps mysteriously give way under the feet of whoever ventures to mount it. ... Read more

L'Eternelle (Patrick Mimouni, 1988)
The story of Daniel Desire, a clerk in a factory in the port town of Seyne-Sur-Mere. Married, with a young child, Daniel Desire' lives a simple, honest life and is liked by his fellow-workers. ... Th… Read more

L'Etreinte (Joelle Bouvier, Régis Obadia, )
An erotic dance. An act of love. A bodily confrontation. ... From Raul Ruiz's Maison de la Culture at Le Havre. ... Read more

LA LECTRICE (Michel Deville, 1988)
A stylish frothy 'light read' of a film, La Lectrice recounts the adventures of a young woman who rents her services as a professional reader to to bourgeois clients ill-disposed to doing their own p… Read more

Lalala Human Sex duo #1 (Bernar Herbert, 1987)
Can a reversal of traditional sex roles lay beneath the sea'? Can ballet metge with new-wave? A pristine, monochrome subterranean dance fantasy. - (CK) ... Read more

Le Manoir du Diable (George Méliès, 1896)
Made in the winter of 1896, and regarded as one of the 'films disparus' of Melies. The only surviving copy was recently discovered in Christchurch and preserved by the New Zealand Film Archive. The f… Read more

Legault’s Place (Susanne Angel, 1967)
The humorous story of how the progress eludes an old man who has chosen to live in peace in his homely, old cabin in the woods. Directed by Susanne Angel. ... Read more

LET'S GET LOST (Bruce Weber, 1988)
Everyone asks me why I made a film about Chet Baker. Why a film about about 'love and fascination' and jazz? It all started many years ago when I first meet Nan. After one bottle of wine during our f… Read more

Life at Ma's (Stewart Carter, 1988)
Ma runs a hamburger stall outside Melbourne's Flinders Street Station. Life at Ma's uses cinema verite with a personal touch from the filmmaker to depict one night at the hamburger stall. ... The cam… Read more

... ... This first feature from Tony Buba, Pennsylvania's filmic poet laureate, is a delightful, unconventional, autobiographical tour de force. ... ... ... Called 'the Faulkner of Allegheny County t… Read more

Lines Vertical/Lines Horizontal (Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart, 1960)
An abstract film by McLaren and Evelyn Lambart in which a sheaf of lines gyrates, groups and re-groups in harmony to music. The musical accompaniment to Lines Vertical was composed and played by Maur… Read more

Lonely Boy (Roman Kroitor, Wolf Koenig, 1962)
Wolf Koenig and Roman Kroitor's documentary on singer Paul Anka is a remarkable study of pop-star adulation and a seminal work in this now commonplace field. ... Read more

Looking for Langston (Isaac Julien, 1989)
The life and wotk of Langston Hughes during the renaissance of jazz and blues in Harlem in the 1930s and 40s ... The poetry of Essex Hemphill, Bruce Nugent and Langston Hughes is featured with jazz a… Read more

Love at First Sight (Pavel Koutský, 1987)
A man tries to woo a woman. He holds a monologue, a lovesick tirade, he threatens, flatters and brags. But his efforts are in vain — the lady does not yield to him. He tries the same monologue … Read more

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