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Films In 1967

A prize-winning entry in Expo 67's 50-second Man and His World competition from Italy's leading animator (Life in a Box, the Mr. Rossi cartoons). ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
A film that attempts to shatter the conventional view of family love. ... Prix, Oberhausen; Prize, Lugano. ... Read more
Like Bresson's earlier Diary of a Country Priest, this film is based on a novel by Bernanos, but this time the book has been freely adapted. It is the story of an utterly despised and rejected person: a fourteen-year-old semi-literate girl who is nothing but a drudge in an impoverished alcoholic ... Read more
During a routine day in the life of an adolescent girl, the film explores the changes wrought in her by puberty. We see her at school, on the streets, al home; we witness her conflicts with adults, watch her in the solitude of her room. ... Her confusion, her first infatuation, her revolts and ... Read more
A lyrical impression of the training of a girl gymnast. ... Read more
Portrait from life of Lord Thomson of Fleet, born 1894 Roy Thomson of Toronto, but now a financier with operations on a world scale. ... Center of the Thomson empire is London, England. Much of the film was made there, though it follows its subject to Scotland for a visit to a village school, to ... Read more
The triangle is the basis of this diverting ballet of changing geometrical patterns. ... Prize, Teheran Festival. ... Read more
Zaninovic's egoist takes on the universe! ... Read more
Cive Williams, an Aboriginie, who lives with his family in a Sydney suburb today, remembers how he coped with most of the problems of his people: lack of education, substandard housing, apathy and drink. ... Bronze Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more
In this hand-made scratched on film, the visuals range and rearrange on the screen in many combinations. ... Best Canadian Short, Montreal Festival. ... Read more
An impressionistic view of contemporary British culture ranging from sculptors and painters to theatre and ballet, and even including sequences on jewellery and fast cars. ... Gold Medal, Barcelona; Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh; Diploma, Columbia; British Film Academy Award. ... Read more
Images of a few simple geometric forms arranged and counter-arranged in various sequences. ... Read more
This is a sensual study of a young man, Arnold Cleever, who goes into retreat when a photo in a newspaper convinces him that he is a wanted SS officer. In his paranoid state, his relationship with his relatives deteriorates, while he develops a love-hate affair with his mistress. ... Adriaan ... Read more
A poetic nightmare in which the dreamer attempts to make some kind of pattern out of disturbing and violent images. ... Read more
Walker (Lee Marvin) and his colleagues plan a cash robbery on the former prisoner island of Alcatraz but he is double-crossed by his colleague, Mai, who shoots him and leaves him for dead. Walker, the vengeful loner, decides to retrieve the money he believes he was cheated out of, leading to a ... Read more
An impression of the changing image of the railway in the twentieth century. ... Read more
An impressionistic presentation of Mahabaleshwar, a quiet little hill station, during and after the monsoon rains. ... Read more
The film conveys the blessings and curses of rain to mankind. ... Read more
At the end of the 18th century, the eldest son of Sasahara, a court official, is compelled by Lord Matsudaira to marry the Lord's former mistress. Sasahara is displeased, but agrees when the boy is impressed by the girl's beauty, and when the first child is born, he loves it as if it were his own ... Read more
American society in flash and freeze. A film editor with dash and wheeze. Bizarre. ... Read more
An observation of a six-year-old who builds fantastic sand structures— and of his elders! ... Read more
Saul Bass is a film maker and designer who extended the art of the film to its listing of credits with his work on Carmen Jones. This innovation was followed soon after, by his distinctive 'arm' symbol for the film The Man With the Golden Arm. ... The problem of long credits for already long films ... Read more
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