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SILHOUETTES (Costis Zoes, 1967)
This is the story of a divorce, and of the events that led up to it. In her small house, a young woman is spending her last hours with her little boy, before his father claims him for custody. Both s… Read more

Soliloquy (Stephen Dwoskin, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

Sonny (Hank Nadler, 1967)
One morning, a negro boy walks out of New York's Harlem, into fear... ... Read more

SONS AND DAUGHTERS (Jerry Stoll, 1967)
Sons and Daughters is a feature length documentary film about youth and controversy. Set in the San Francisco Bay Area during the International Days of Protest, October 15-16. 1965, it records 36 hou… Read more

SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR (Dussan Makaveiev, 1967)
Man, McLuhan says somewhere or other, becomes the reproductive organ of the technological world. So what, in such a world, becomes of his reproductive organ? This Love Affair (one of several alternat… Read more

TALES OF MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION (Roger Vadim, Louis Malle, Federico Fellini, 1967)
The episodes of this porte-manteau film are based on three stories by Edgar Alan Poe. ... Read more

TEN THOUSAND SUNS (Ferenc Kósa, 1967)
During the last thirty years, the life of the Hungarian peasantry underwent many changes: From the times of unemployment to the land distribution in 1945, and then, the organisation of the collective… Read more

Ten Ties and a Heart (Henning Ørnbak, 1967)
The influence of mass media on the young. A girl tries to live as her magazines tell her she should. ... Award, Cork Festival; Diploma, Oberhausen Festival; Prize, Helsinki Festival. ... Read more

The Applicant (Daniel Kleinman, 1967)
A student-made comedy about a young man seeking a job in New York. But he can't cope with the interviews. ... Read more

The Bairds of Barrow Street (Don Luftig, 1967)
The design, creation and performance of puppets for a professional show at the Baird Puppet Theatre. ... Read more

The Box (Fred Wolf, 1967)
Out of a rainy night comes a little man with a most interesting guest . . . almost as interesting as the box that he carries with him. ... Read more

The Burning (Stephen Frears, 1967)
A white South African, her grandson and Cape coloured servants live out a rigidly conventional life in which Black Africa has no part. When signs of uprising filter into their enclosed world, they ca… Read more

The Chair (George Dunning, 1967)
Two aspects of linguistics are demonstrated in this Elm. The first is a series of spontaneous effects intended to make a good impression without actually saying anything. The second shows words used … Read more

The Changing Rains (Clark Worswick, 1967)
The different values and the quiet pace of living in an Indian village—a dignified rhythm of life long lost to western man. ... Read more

THE COMMISSAR (Alexander Askoldov, 1967)
"Just over twenty years ago, Alexander Askoldov was preparing to take his film Komissar to the 1967 San Francisco Film Festival when his work was banned and the trip cancelled Last week Askoldov, 50,… Read more

The Cooper's Craft (Arthur L. Smith, 1967)
The ancient art of barrel making is re-created by a master craftsman. ... Golden Eagle, CINE; EFLA Blue Ribbon Award. ... Read more

The Cruise (John Hubley, 1967)
A group of passengers on a pleasure cruise have placed their trust in a multi-faced helmsman and chief steward. A lottery gives the winners an opportunity to play their tune on a magnificent juke box… Read more

The Empty Quarter (Richard Taylor, 1967)
This is a reconstruction of the journey of Wilfred Thesiger, the last of Britain's great desert explorers. For five years he shared the life of the Bedu of Southern Arabia, living and travelling in t… Read more

Birgit Nilsson sings Brunnhilde. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Gunther. The orchestra is the Vienna Philharmonic, the conductor Covent Garden's Georg Solli. The music is, of course, Wagner's. The ev… Read more

THE HECKLERS (Joseph Strick, 1967)
A picture of politicians under pressure, shot during the 1966 elections in Britain. The camera goes to meetings up and down the land, with an eye on angry audience excitement. The result, dramaticall… Read more

The House That Ananda Built (Fali Bilimoria, 1967)
This study of a typical Oriya family shows the life of a small landowner whose grown children have left the village, and who now live on different levels of the social scale. ... Read more

The Indian Speaks (Marcel Carrière, 1967)
The Indians who speak in this film express no injury, no common com­plaint, but reveal some of the dimensions of the general cultural deprivation of Indians. ... It is the consciousness of an Ind… Read more

The Islanders (Cecil Holmes, 1967)
An impression of life in the Torres Strait Islands. ... Read more

The Making of Life (Nat Greenblatt, 1967)
A film about the production resources of Life magazine. ... Read more

The Mind-Benders (Lee R. Bobker, 1967)
A historical survey of hallucinogens followed by a candid investigation of modern users of the drugs with medical opinions for and against. The hallucinogenic experience is re-created, and the camera… Read more

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