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Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia (Sylvia Hamilton, 1993)
A documentary from Canada which looks at the various race relations within a Canadian school. We follow Shingai, Tandi, Shawn and Krists as they describe the experience of being young and black today… Read more

STARK (Nadia Tass, 1993)
You've read the book, now see the film. Pooling the talents of actor/writer Ben Elton (Young Ones, Blackadder) and director Nadia Tass (Malcolm, The Big Steal), this gloriously over-the-top productio… Read more

Street (Michael Dwass, 1993)
A hustling street-serial of energetic, colloquial, time-lapsed views of Manhattan, New York. ... Read more

Swallows of the Night (Barbara Albert, 1993)
A fight ensues in the bathroom of a disco. Two girls taunt their friend. Nobody takes notice. The fight gets out of hand. Why? What does this tell us about personal relationships based on life inexpe… Read more

Table of Love (Beriou, 1993)
The film opens on a grey desert-like landscape with an overlay of yellow grid lines. The final tableau displays a rich design of organic matter and reveals a module of labyrinthian body structures. B… Read more

Telewhore (Spencer Rice, 1993)
Most of us may have what we think are innocent fantasies, but this provocative examination of the sexy voice on the phone goes beyond innocence. Regardless of the extent of your knowledge about phone… Read more

TENTH DANCER (Sally Ingleton, 1993)
Under the genocidal regime of Pol Pot over ninety percent of Cambodia's artists were killed, including most of the classical dancers of the Royal Court Ballet. Only one in ten survived. The Tenth Dan… Read more

THE 28TH INSTANCE OF JUNE 1914, 10:50AM, MCMXCIII (Barbra Politsch, 1993)
The 28th Instance of June 1914, 10:50am, MCMXCIII is an unusual portrait of the lives and art of two quite unusual modern American artists - David McDermott and Peter McGough. ... McDermott and McGou… Read more

The Biz (Darren Walsh, 1993)
We meet an almost surreal set of characters in this animation through the use of live actors with masks painted on their faces which are animated via pixillation. The result is visually hilarious in … Read more

THE BLUE KITE (Tian Zhuangzhuang, 1993)
A rival to Jung Chang's Wild Swans as the most moving and convincing account of the realities of life under Mao's regime, The Blue Kite remains banned and unseen in China. Tian Zhuangzhuang's work ha… Read more

The Darra Dogs (Dennis Tupicoff, 1993)
A collection of warm and haunting memories from the filmmaker's childhood experience with neighbourhood dogs. The artwork is strongly coloured eel and pencil-drawn anima­tion and conveys a sense … Read more

THE DAYS (Wang Xiaoshuai, 1993)
The Chinese film industry keeps producing new surprises, and low budget, independent productions are the latest. Made in black and white for only US $77,000, The Days is 29 year old Wang Xiaoshuai's … Read more

The Door (Josie Keys, 1993)
Families can be difficult. What do you do about a daughter who continually slams her door? One father comes up with a creative solution. ... Read more

THE FORBIDDEN QUEST (Peter Delpeut, 1993)
Breathtaking silent-era footage of polar exploration is exploited to surprising — some have said outrageous — effect in this tall tale of mystery and imagination. However you view this el… Read more

The History of the World Episode 65 (Phil Mulloy, 1993)
Episode 65 is one sample episode of a large number of short animations, planned by Phil Mulloy, to tell the history of the world. The animation style peculiar to the earlier 'cowboys' series is appar… Read more

THE JOURNEY (Christopher Tuckfield, 1993)
For the central character everyday is a journey. Deaf and blind from 13, every day he is on a constant quest for the ultimate sensory experience: travel. ... Read more

THE JOYS OF THE WOMEN (Franco Di Chiera, 1993)
West Australian folk singer Kavisha Massella discovered by chance a choir of Italian Women in Fremantle. ... Read more

THE LAST BOLSHEVIK (Chris Marker, 1993)
The Last Bolshevik opens with the contention that it is not the literal past that hold us in thrall, but the images of that past. ... An intelligent and inspiring filmmaker, Chris Marker (Sans Soleil… Read more

The Living Room (Matthew Brunner, 1993)
A computer animation work, The Living Room, was made by a group of students in the Visualisation Master Of Science Program at Texas A&M University's Visualization Laboratory, as part of a national ex… Read more

The Long Enchantment (Françoise Hartman, 1993)
"The magic of the night crept into the room where Flora slept and dreamed". Sure to delight young imaginations, The Long Enchantment is a spellbinding animated fairy tale, where 'once upon a time' en… Read more

THE LONG SILENCE (Margarethe von Trotta, 1993)
Made in the wake of the recent slayings of Italy's two chief anti-Mafia investigators, this agonisingly tense political thriller has all the powerful intimacy and emotional complexity of German direc… Read more

The Nightwatchman (Joe Wylie, John Robertson, 1993)
After 350,000,000 years, the insects get their lucky break in this animation about a nightwatchman whose blundering puts evolution into overdrive. ... Read more

THE PUPPETMASTER (Hou Hsiao-Hsien, 1993)
Possessed of a unique melancholic but never indulgent or nostalgic vision, and with nine successes over the last decade, Taiwan's Hou Hsiao-Hsien is unquestionably an international great. His 1991 hi… Read more

The Residents Bad Day On The Midway (The Residents, Jim Ludtke , 1993)
... ... Those obscurist avant rockers The Residents have recently been extending their pioneering work in music video in their CD- ROM's. ... ... ... Freak Show takes the form of a trip through the F… Read more

The Screw (Didier Flamand, 1993)
The tale of a man who needs a screw to fix his wood cabinet. His pursuit takes him upon a labyrinthine journey through improbable department stores, right to the top of the screw-making bureaucracy. … Read more

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