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LOVE IS THE DEVIL (John Maybury, 1998)
Love is the Devil recounts the turbulent relationship between controversial British artist Francis Bacon and his lover, George Dyer. Their first volatile meeting - when Dyer attempted to burgle Bacon… Read more

Love Song (Bruce Currie, 1998)
Love is a dangerous game to play, but if you're a rat in love with a cat the stakes are even higher. Bearing gifts and a special love song, the rat embarks on his treacherous mission prepared for the… Read more

Lucky People Center was originally an illegal Swedish nightclub in the late 1980s. The collective involved moved into film and music production, and eventually live performance. As a culmination of t… Read more

LULU ON THE BRIDGE (Paul Auster, 1998)
After surviving a near-fatal shooting, jazz saxophonist Izzy Maurer (Harvey Keitel) stumbles across the body of a stranger in tower Manhattan and winds up with the dead man's briefcase. Inside he fin… Read more

MEGACITIES (Michael Glawogger, 1998)
Bombay. Mexico City, Moscow, New York. These four 'megacities' have populations of between eight and 24 million people, numbers unprecedented in human history. Austrian documentary maker Michael Glaw… Read more

MEMORY AND DESIRE (Niki Caro, 1998)
Memory and Desire is a beautifully framed, intimately observed love story. At its core is a mystery surrounding the tragic death of a young husband, Keiji, on his New Zealand honeymoon. He and his wi… Read more

MIDNIGHT (Walter Salles, Daniel Thomas, 1998)
A young man who refuses to spend the turn of the centu­ry behind bars will have to murder his best friend in order to gain his freedom. A young woman, suddenly deserted by her lover, contemplates… Read more

Millennium Bug (Lee Lanier, 1998)
Millennium Bug explores satirical definitions for a decayed millennium. Words such as "jork" are defined as "any variety of genetically tailored meat product" and the accompanying vision shows a zucc… Read more

Mind's Eye (Craig Godhard, 1998)
Mind's Eye revels in its situationst surreality. A roilercoaster journey through a series of locations becomes a crazed ride in a million directions. The laws of physics do not apply to Godhard. Taki… Read more

MISS FAT AND BEAUTIFUL (Tali Shemesh, 1998)
'Fat' and 'beautiful' are definitely two contradictory words in our society, where 'waif/heroin chic' ideals of beauty rule our perceptions. Miss Fat and Beautiful is a story about beauty; about bein… Read more

MODULATIONS (Iara Lee, 1998)
Following her first feature, Synthetic Pleasures (1996), lara Lee's Modulations cements her standing as the cinematic voice for a subculture centred around electronic music. Modulations lays bare a c… Read more

MOLOCH (Alexander Sokurov, 1998)
'Moloch' is the name generally given to a divinity worshipped by various ancient cultures. Although sources differ on the details of Moloch's abominations, this idol is most often connected to the sa… Read more

Money (, 1998)
Bruce Petty's satirical analysis of how money has evolved through the ages. We observe crashes, booms, wars, awesome socialist experiments and the world shattering efforts of the wealthy to make more… Read more

More (Mark Osborne, 1998)
More tells the story of a tired old inventor who struggles through a joyless life in a drab city to invent a bit of meaning and worth. Melancholic, nostalgic and imaginative through model animation, … Read more

Morning (Natasa Prosenc, 1998)
Every morning is the same. The only thing which breaks the monotony of this lonely man's life are his extraordinarily vivid dreams. Through repetition and montage, the filmmaker creates a powerful te… Read more

MR ZHAO (Lu Yue, 1998)
Winner of the Grand Prize at last year's Locarno Film Festival, Mr Zhao relates the romantic entangle­ments of the gentleman of the title. A low-key charmer, Zhao is magnetically attracted to wom… Read more

Multiple Barbie (Joe Gibbons, 1998)
Joe Gibbons, as a whacked-out therapist, attempts to integrate the various personalities of that much loved and reviled doll in this Pixelvison psychodrama. Barbie is positioned under the examining l… Read more

Mutoid Waste Company (Marcus Kanter, 1998)
The Mutoid Waste Company are a group of European performance artists whose spectacular live shows and nomadic lifestyle have made them counterculture celebrities. Originating in the Free Festivals of… Read more

MY NAME IS JOE (Ken Loach, 1998)
This tale of working class characters caught in a down­ward spiral of their own and society's weaknesses could be considered amongst Ken Loach's best work. As befits his reputation, this is a no … Read more

Naked Intent (Chris Begley, 1998)
After having made a narrow escape from a 'hen's night' gathering, male stripper Ralph Little is keen to get his next job out of the way. Fate conspires to send him into the wrong hotel room where mob… Read more

Night Work (Miranda Pennell, 1998)
A highly original film about five characters working in an alienating office seen in a cycle of 24 hours. As the camera travels from managers to a night-shift cleaner, the characters' inner voices ar… Read more

Nocturne (Peggy Ahwesh, 1998)
The final installment of Peggy Ahwesh's loose trilogy on sexuality and violence (The Deadman [1990], The Colour of Love [1994]). Pilfering plot elements from Mario Bava's What! (1963), and appropriat… Read more

NOTHING (Dorota Kedzierzawska, 1998)
"Stunningly photographed and thematically provocative, Nothing examines the tragedy of a young Polish mother with too many children and too few choices... writer/director Dorota Kedzierzawska brings … Read more

OF FREAKS AND MEN (Aleksey Balabanov, 1998)
Turn of the century St Petersburg: two respectable families come under the scrutiny of Johann, a malicious pornographer, and his sinister, grinning accomplice. Johann's discreetly perverse spanking p… Read more

One Day A Man Bought A House (Pjotr Sapegin, 1998)
One day a man bought a house in the city of Kampen. But someone was already living there... ... Read more

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