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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 2 (Frederick Wiseman, 2003)
For the past 35 years, Frederick Wiseman has meticulously documented a unique and penetrating view of American social relations and the institutions that try to mediate them. In Domestic Violence, al… Read more

door to the sun, the (Yousry Nasrallah, 2003)
[The Door to the Sun] is an epic history struck through with suffering, hope and love. This powerful film, screened at Cannes last year, is adapted from a novel by Elias Khoury. ... Told with daring … Read more

EAGLEHAWK (, 2003)
Eaglehawk is a unique project commissioned for performances exclusive to the 2003 Melbourne international Film Festival. The event serves as a cinematic and performance precursor to a feature film sc… Read more

Fast Film (Virgil Widrich, 2003)
Fast Film is a chase through film-chases. Using print-outs of found-footage frames, which are then folded and animated, it is an extraordinarily stimulating trip through the history of action films. … Read more

FEAR X (Nicolas Winding Refn, 2003)
John Turturro is Harry Cam, a security guard in mid-west Amenca, whose wfe has been killed at the mall in which he works. Harry becomes obsessed wrth revenge, poring over endless surveillance camera … Read more

Flat (Sebastian Danta, 2003)
A journey into the soul of a building shows life to be anything but flat. ... Read more

Fog Eyes (Hamish Koci, 2003)
A young girl arrives at a hospital to have her fogged-up eyes fixed. But a simple operation becomes complicated when Sister Enid introduces her to the healing powers of God and the wicked coma patien… Read more

Fortunate Son (Greg Wilcox, 2003)
Fortunate Son was stolen by an advert from the 60s peace movement. Wilcox has stolen it back. Responding to the ad's patriotic misreading of the Creedence ditty, this film returns the song to its roo… Read more

Most people have seen a great deal of Frank Frazetta's work on numerous novel and album covers and movie posters without ever knowing the artist's name. Although exploited and underpaid for most of h… Read more

FROZEN (Juliet McKoen, 2003)
Kate (Shirley Henderson) is unable to grieve for her missing sister, who two years earlier disappeared without trace. In her search for answers, Kate - a fish-factory worker in the astonishingly beau… Read more

GOLDEN LEMONS (Jörg Siepmann, 2003)
An on-the-road rockumentary documenting a tour that packaged German punk/new wave act the Golden Lemons, schizophrenic/autistic cult-rocker Wesley Willis and acid rap act Grand Buffet. Fourteen days … Read more

GOZU (Miike Takashi, 2003)
This Cannes Directors' Fortnight selection relates the story of Ozaki, a senior Japanese gangster whose increasingly peculiar behaviour is beginning to worry his Yakuza superiors. When Ozaki interrup… Read more

Harvie Krumpet (Adam Elliot, 2003)
"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. And then there are others... " ... MIFF is proud to present the Australian premiere of Harvie Krumpet, Adam Elli… Read more

Hello (Jonathan Nix, 2003)
In a digital world, can analogue find true love? It is the wise old gramophone who has the answers for a lovesick loner. ... Read more

HIRED ASSASSINS (Helen Burrow, 2003)
Helen Barrow's penetrating documentary takes us behind the scenes at the offices of Australia's leading newspapers and into the studios of the country's leading political cartoonists. Combining fly o… Read more

HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES (Rob Zombie, 2003)
Director Rob Zombie (of classic trash thrashers White Zombie) directs and provides the soundtrack for this wonderfully insane gore fest. With a plot mixing ill-fated brain experiments, creepy clowns … Read more

Ranging from the classic, rarely seen films of the Golden Age of Korean cinema of the 50s, to the invigorating work emerging at the moment, this new documentary is a concise examination of female rep… Read more

INTERSTELLA 5555 (Kazuhisa Takenouchi, 2003)
Parisian electro-duo Daft Punk combine with legendary Japanese animator Leiji Matsumoto (Albator) in this hour-long visual and aural extravaganza. Its simple plot—four musicians from another ga… Read more

JONNY VANG (Jens Lien, 2003)
Selected for Berlin and Seattle Film Festivals and awarded at two more, Jonny Vang is a skewed black comedy about a small town loser with ambitions to make it in the high flying world of ... worm far… Read more

Lakeside Murder Case (Aoyama Shinji, 2003)
[Lakeside Murder Case], directed by Aoyama Shinji ([Eureka], MIFF 00), is a dark, multilayered psychodrama wrapped around a murder mystery. Probing the ills of the Japanese education system and the a… Read more

LIVE FOREVER (John Dower, 2003)
Pompous pop stars, arrogant artists, cynical critics and ... the Gallagher brothers, all have their say in this wonderfully hyperactive and deliciously funny account of the short-lived and over-hyped… Read more

LONG GONE (Jack Cahill, David Eberhardt, 2003)
Intertwining stories of six tramps who hop freight trains to travel across America, Long Gone presents a portrait of contemporary 'hobos' struggling to overcome their pasts, haunting war memories, su… Read more

MOLLY AND MOBARAK (Tom Zubrycki, 2003)
Tom Zubrycki's documentary The Diplomat (MIFF 2000) focused on the struggle for independence in East Timor and its impact both politically and personally. In Molly and Mobarak, Zubrycki turns his kno… Read more

Mother Tongue (Susan (Kim) Danta, 2003)
A man receives an audio-cassette from his family overseas. Their voices measure the real and imaginary distances between them. This enchanting piece uses actual audio-cassettes from the animator's ch… Read more

NAKED WORLD (Arlene Donnelly Nelson, 2003)
Come and see yourself naked on the big screen! It's not often that MIFF can make such an outrageous offer, in fact this is the first, and we are anticipating, the only time we ever will. Photographer… Read more

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