(MIFF 2014)

CymaSonics' Matrix Optimizer was a pioneer in the field of virtual Fulldome acoustics, animation art and software. Matrix Optimizer 2 goes to the next level.

Created with a new type of audiovisually integrated fulldome animation software, this show takes you on a trip through real-time visualisations of virtual-acoustical space animations.

Resulting in highly immersive content, the new Matrix Optimizer demonstrates CymaSonics' spatial sound synthesis and audio animation in a short compilation of six musical acoustic compositions, showing different forms of spatial floating harmonographics, physical and astronomical simulations, as well as real-time wave field visualisations – very near to classical cymatics.

Experience the visionary possibilities of virtual acoustics and 3D audio-animation in an audiovisual fulldome production, enhanced by a multi-channel audio environment. Enjoy!

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