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VASERMIL (Mushon Salmona, 2007)
“A courageous representation of a conflicted human reality, full of pain, hatred and ethnic tensions.” - Jerusalem Film Festival Jury ... Growing up on the tough streets of Be'er Sheva in souther… Read more

WALK ON WATER (Eytan Fox, 2004)
Walk on Water (Lalecet al Hamaim) IsraelEyal is a successful intelligence officer working for Mossad, the Israeli secret service. After eliminating an Hamas leader, his next assignment is to track do… Read more

WALL (Simone Bitton, 2004)
Wall (Mur) France/IsraelWall arrives direct from its place in Director's Fortnight at Cannes this year.'an eye-opener about the true dimensions'both physical and mental'of the barrier being built to … Read more

WALTZ WITH BASHIR (MA15+) (Ari Folman, 2008)
We may forget the past, but the past won't forget us.Director Art Folman's animated documentary was surprisingly passed over for a prize in this year's Cannes competition; for many viewers the audaci… Read more

WASTED (Nurit Kedar, 2007)
In Southern Lebanon, beneath a crumbling crusader fortress, Beaufort Castle marks a spot that has seen hundreds of years of conflict. Beaufort was held by Israel from the early 80s with the last Is… Read more

We Shall Never Die (E. Gross, Y. Gross, 1960)
Faith in the survival of the Jewish people is expressed wilh the use of a few candles and a telling soundtrack in this brief symbolic film. ... Read more

WHAT A WONDERFUL PLACE (Eyal Halfon, 2005)
Reminiscent of Robert Altman's elaborate ensemble cast pieces, What a Wonderful Place deftly weaves multiple story threads into an intricate tapestry, depicting the lives of marginalised immigrants l… Read more

Yael-san (Irit Sharvit, Merav Nahoum, 2002)
A touching doco about an Israeli woman's Buddhist way of life, her Buddhist priest partner and her struggle to preserve her Jewish identity. ... Read more

YOSSI & JAGGER (Eytan Fox, 2002)
Yossi and Jagger are officers in the Israeli army, serving mandatory army service, stationed on a remote military base on the border with Lebanon. The two men are lovers, hiding their affair from the… Read more

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